Central denies stealing or losing any golden piece of its vaults


The Central Bank of Iraq denied on Sunday the theft or loss of any gold pieces from its coffers at any time.

In a statement received by Al-Sabah, the bank said that "some social networking sites traded pictures and filaments of gold bars and slaughtered as stolen from the central bank coffers during the presence of coalition forces after April 9, 2003."

"At the same time as the bank confirms that no gold pieces are stolen or lost from its vaults at any time, it indicates that the gold bullion was purchased after the events of 2003 and deposited in its vaults or in international depositories of international institutions with the highest levels of safety"

"Noting that" the government deposited before 2003 quantities of the assassins and holdings of the Iraqi Museum, including the treasure of Nimrod, which is priceless, and is stored in its safes in accordance with the best standards of precious metal storage.