Project {integration} .. a meeting point between partners


Analyzes the legal, regulatory, institutional and economic
One of the characteristics of the government of Abbadi is that it works with an open horizon through visions, projects and strategic plans that are not cut off, but will be narrowed by the communities benefiting from them in the future.

These projects include Takamul, also known as the USAID-supported Good Governance and Performance Improvement Project, which aims to improve the capacity of the central and local government to deliver basic services and better respond to the needs of public citizens by supporting economic reform initiatives Led by Iraq and training on public financial management, as well as increased participation of civil society organizations in monitoring the work of governments.

The efforts of the Takamol project provide information, encouragement and opportunities for the government to agree on the policy reforms required to make local governments more powerful, efficient, professional and independent in the electricity, water, public health, primary, secondary, primary and sanitation sectors.

Consultations and fact-finding between the federal and provincial governments can lead to research, policy, analysis, and other diagnostic work.
The Takamol project analyzes the policy, legal, regulatory, institutional, economic and political context that affects these sectors and provides the governorates and central ministries (planning and finance) with substantial technical assistance (training and advisers).

These studies can be followed by structured meetings and forums, for sharing analyzes, assessing and sharing good practices and highlighting specific issues .

"The Tamkam project revealed very important issues and needs. The central government has an interest in solving the problems that arise in the provinces. Local governments also have an interest in solving these problems," he said. Partnership between the two parties can lead to a substantive dialogue resulted and will result in effective measures and basic service projects for citizens in the provinces. "

Development assistance undoubtedly strengthens the capacities of different institutions, increases their performance capabilities and gives them the necessary competencies to play their active and productive role, which casts a positive shadow on the services provided to citizens to achieve social satisfaction.

The training provided by the US Agency for International Training and training for the Iraqi side is proof of this and is continuing this support and training and its latest activities.

The workshop was held recently in Erbil aimed at agreeing on coordination mechanisms between local governments and the federal government regarding local revenues, The preparation of local budgets, both operational and investment, in addition to improving the method of financial reporting in the local.

The workshop was attended by Dr. Turhan Mufti, head of the Secretariat of the Supreme Coordination Committee between the governorates, Wasit Governor Mahmoud Al-Mulla Talal, Deputy Governor of Baghdad Jassim Al-Bukhati and Directors-General of the Ministries of Finance and Planning and the Federal Financial Control Bureau.

The workshop was dedicated to discussing ways to boost revenues for local governments and budgets between them and the federal government.

It was also emphasized to continue the decentralization approach and support local governments in order to streamline the administrative and technical procedures of the separate districts in light of the project and rehabilitation of cadres.

And provide them with the necessary expertise in financial, administrative and technical affairs for the purpose of providing the best services to all citizens in all governorates. "

The "Takamol" project provided a good opportunity for stakeholders within and outside the central government to present the issues that lack a unified government constituency.

This workshop enabled all parties to reach a broader perspective on the relationship between the central government and the governorates, In this context, the Governor of Wasit said, "As a result of the transfer of powers, the revenues of Wasit province increased significantly.

In 2016 revenues were 7 billion, and in this year reached 21 billion dinars. "

The Takamol project is a continuation of USAID’s "Tawaboot" and "Progress" projects, which have been allocated a value of US $ 160 million disbursed over a five-year period that does not focus on the reconstruction file but is designed by the United States Agency for International Development

In order to strengthen the administration of the provinces in terms of providing better services for citizens, and will implement this project in all areas in need of assistance and not only liberated from the Dahesh.