Fees and prices


Hussein Thagb
All the countries of the world have taken great interest in the commercial process to achieve economic benefits in the forefront of maintaining the stability of the markets and their various offers, to prevent any imbalance that may affect the reality of prices and extend its effects to the family economy and affect the levels of demand in those markets and away from all forms of confusion.

There are centers and sensors that are economic entities whose mission is to sense the markets and to determine the levels of prices and their stability and the need for these markets of materials. The results of this activity are transferred to the relevant state institutions to formulate the appropriate trade policy of the country through public-
private cooperation.

Organizing the reality of the business process is very important, and there must be a high degree of coordination in order to overcome all the challenges that affect the flow and supply of goods to local markets and maintain a
fixed price level .

The coordination between the public sector and the public institutions concerned leads to the adoption of appropriate decisions that make commercial operations carried out smoothly.

Here, we can benefit from international experiences in this field and apply them locally to keep our markets away from any future shocks that distort the reality of prices and affect the family economy.

The sudden decisions without coordination, especially those that are related to the imposition of additional fees, how the forms should be implemented after studying the matter accurately and in all aspects and to determine the extent of the effects on the local market is the victim of the citizen, which will weigh any new ratio because the last episode of The business process series which bear any
price addition .

In Iraq, the local market depends almost entirely on regional and international markets, which necessitates us to work to regulate the reality of business activity in the country, and there should be high coordination between chambers of commerce and institutions concerned with the introduction of goods to the market without any problems affecting the reality of

The issuance of new amounts on the entry of goods through the border crossings must be before a period of time and that does not bear the effects on the level of prices in the markets, and here must be the parties concerned enough responsibility and does not bear any decisions affecting the living standard of the Iraqi family with limited income.