Specialists: the need to balance the import and local production


rely on national production to reduce imports and provide funds for construction and reconstruction is one of the requirements of the next economic phase of Iraq, as finding a balance between the import and national production represents the most successful ways to implement the law of protection of products No. 11 of 2010, especially that the industrial sector in general began to regain He gradually recovered.

According to those concerned with economic affairs, all ministries in their sectors are responsible for putting an end to the indiscriminate importation and dumping of goods in Iraq, although some factories of the Ministry of Industry are witnessing their production equipment, but they are capable of filling part of the requirements of the local market.

Competition importer
The academic economist d. Issam Mohammed that "the Vegetable Oil Company, for example, produces different types of detergents of good specifications and quality, but it is witnessing strong competition from their imported counterparts, which necessitates addressing this phenomenon, which would support the national industry,"

calling for the need to balance the import with production which would provide a lot of money needed for Iraq reconstruction and the reconstruction of the cities affected by terrorism. "

the private sector laboratories capable of producing some goods that are imported now , but these factories face a real problem of electric power , which represents a hub of the competition not represented Cart between them and the importer.

For her part , said economic researcher Lubna Al Shammari: " The market is starting to see the emergence of national food products , particularly those appearing , but this is not the level of ambition, because it does not meet the needs of the public ‘s thirst for national production."

She pointed out that the private sector companies enjoy a good reputation because their production holds a privilege for international companies known in various fields and disciplines. .

A source in the import department of the General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services explained earlier to the "morning" the difficulty of providing a study of materials that can be produced locally rather than imported, stressing that "the success of this study depends on the ministries and sectors concerned to provide the company accurate studies on the need and absorption market Of the materials falling within its competence for the purpose of balancing national production and
importation. "

He pointed out that "coordination between the company and the Ministry of Agriculture in the field of food and agricultural imports as the sectoral body responsible for that, indicating that it has statistics on local production and also has an agricultural calendar to prevent the import of some materials produced locally."

He pointed out that "this coordination has resulted in self-sufficiency of some seasonal agricultural crops, which is reflected positively on the national economy in general, calling on other sectoral ministries to follow the Ministry of Agriculture in this direction to promote stability in the local market and to find a stable and stable budget to know the needs of the market and what can be produced locally And to compensate for the shortage of imports. "
In 2016,

the Public Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services issued a list of banned items for consumer protection, while an economist called for expanding this list to include all materials that could be manufactured and produced domestically, limiting the flow of money to unnecessary imports.

He called the academic economist d. Majid al-Bidhani to expand the list to include all that can be produced inside Iraq, which is the supreme economic interest of the country.

And the need to expand the list of articles prohibited to import according to the controls and studies carried out by a specialized team of the relevant sectoral ministries to determine what can actually be produced and what is difficult or can not be produced is compensated by the imported standard.

He pointed out that the economy of Iraq suffered greatly from the waste of money on the import of luxury, which requires speeding the review of this file to reduce the exit of funds, indicating the importance of directing productive investments in the sectors of industry and agriculture because the market absorbs their production and also are able to achieve a large proportion of self-sufficiency .