Newspaper: the Iraqi Parliament plan cancel election results


Baghdad/Iraq News Network-new Arab newspaper "revealed in a report on Tuesday that the House would not only decisions taken by Monday, the independent High Electoral Commission, but will take further actions, and the new Arab newspaper" parliamentary source weskth Insider as saying that "the House will not merely resolution adopted Monday to cancel a vote abroad, re counting manually in 10 percent of the ballot boxes,"

he continues to a series of measures related to the electoral process, "adding that" if proven forgery count and recounts the Parliament has the right to annul the results and schedule new elections, "indicating that Parliament’s action would impair directly the new members of Parliament who are awaiting ratification winning officially by the Electoral Commission and the Federal Court, it will not be easy as there are investigative committees on The integrity of the electoral process.

"this might enter the country into a constitutional crisis if the current Parliament session ends, and the new Parliament proceedings incompletion," adding that "the conflict over the legislature represents a dangerous precedent that might affect the political process paralyzed.

" Iraqi Parliament held Extraordinary session Monday where sound decision re counting manually, and cancel a vote abroad and displaced by faking evidence as justified, and kept its open to resume later.