Iraq agrees to the arrival of international experts to document the crimes of "urging"

The United Nations envoy for law enforcement and civilian protection, David Marshall, announced on Thursday the approval of the Iraqi government to send a team of international experts to Iraq to investigate the crimes of "urging."

"Majid al-Araji, president of the Baghdad Federal Court of Appeal, received David Marshall, the United Nations envoy for law enforcement and civilian protection, UNAMI, as part of the international team to investigate" crimes "committed in Iraq, a statement from the Supreme Judicial Council said.

"The Iraqi judiciary welcomes any assistance provided by the United Nations in combating the organization of the terrorist organization by knowing the nationalities of its elements and their ties with the countries that support them after Iraq suffered from terrorism for 15 years," Araji said.

"The UN Security Council will send an investigative team in Iraq to document the crimes committed by the terrorist organization and consider them as war crimes and genocide," the statement said, adding that "the Iraqi government has agreed to the arrival of the team, which will consist of international experts Iraqi experts, Iraqi judges and prosecutors ".