Call for economic development that takes into account local privacy


Baghdad / Emad Al-Amara
A number of economic and service activities in Iraq have become a burden on the public budget and draining resources, according to a specialist, to re-examine economic activity and services in a way that leads to economic development by optimizing economic resources and diversifying the contribution economic sectors in the gross domestic product, taking into account local specificities of the country ‘s
academic economist , d.

"The processing of electric power in Iraq, as a service sector in general, has been declining since 1990 and became almost devastating after 2003, prompting the private sector through private generators to fill part of the tasks of the public sector in providing energy to citizens."

"If we look at this situation, we will find an automatic privatization of this sector without the intervention of the government.

This situation could have been directed towards organized privatization with economic and legal frameworks," Moussa said in an interview with Al Sabah. Activity and the persistence of spending very huge sums last privatization of this sector, "adding that" recently there have been modest attempts to implement privatization in the field of electricity in terms of the collection of wages.

" Administrative pricing Moussa added that " the dominance of the public sector on the electricity sector does not prevent the cancellation of administrative pricing of units consumed and bring economic pricing commensurate with the value of the service provided, and think about trends in privatization through management contracts with the private and foreign sector," he said . "

The transport sector
explained that "the transport sector, land, sea and air, has also witnessed in previous years a collapse in its infrastructure, but the private sector was able to carry out the activity of land transport, local and external people and goods with merit."

"Transport by railways has not been privatized even though it is a successful and successful project, especially if the dry canal between the Gulf states and Europe is implemented," he
said, adding that privatization of maritime transport, which hit its infrastructure at that time,

"The telecommunications and postal sector has also suffered damage, but the private sector has taken over this service activity almost entirely, despite the prevention of monopoly and the availability of competition and the provision of sophisticated services that satisfy the need for such activity as is happening in other countries.

" Feasibility and Reform
Moussa stressed that "there is no economic feasibility of spending large sums to revive these activities or develop them, which highlights the need for private sector local and foreign investment in these activities and remains the role of the State in the management of air and sea ports and the main stations of rail," explaining that " the foreign private sector at this stage that requires the acquisition of expertise
and technology ".

hdd that" economic reform , the adoption of privatization as part of the solution has become an urgent necessity, as it is possible to benefit from stabilization policies and structural adjustment to achieve economic reform, provided that adapt those programs Insulting the reality and the circumstances of Iraq. "