Financial inclusion is a priority


Why does the Association of Banks give exceptional attention to the financial inclusion program?
The Financial Inclusion Program has become one of the most important programs since it enjoys great interest on the global, regional and Arab levels, and its members are an Arab week to celebrate the financial coverage adopted by the Union of Arab Banks and implemented by our association through the broadest activities provided by our private banks.

And financial inclusion as a contemporary and new concept in Iraq, which occupies an important area of ​​interest of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association because of its significant impact in the revitalization of financial investment and the adaptation of financial services towards achieving development programs at a stage where Iraq is ready to promote economic reality.

The expansion of financial services in a manner that contributes to covering the largest number of regions in the country will have a positive impact on the medium term. It is perhaps one of the most prominent means of implementing small, medium and micro loans.

These loans will play an important role in creating jobs for the unemployed, Income-generating work as a fundamental objective of the program of financial inclusion in achieving the factors of economic growth.

Therefore, we find that the Central Bank of Iraq, for its part, focuses in most of its programs, directions and decisions on the need to support programs of financial inclusion.

In addition, the Association aims to promote and implement this program through several means, including the establishment of specialized training courses by international and local experts,

and the involvement of most of its banking staff, and to inform the employees about the objectives and benefits of financial coverage and ways of implementing the program and its stages.

Perhaps the best investment for capital is to diversify and develop its uses through the establishment of income-generating projects and the unemployed in particular and to include a large segment of society and thus achieve the goals of contributing to reduce the level of unemployment and the poverty line in the country.
I would like to emphasize that the ultimate aim of all of our activities is to target human capital as the basis for the creation of real capital, thus achieving the main objectives of the Association in achieving the economic feasibility of each activity.

In conclusion, we are confident of the success of the financial inclusion programs by supporting and supporting our banks for all the initiatives and orientations of the Association.

This is the answer to our first question, why does the Association of Banks give special attention to the program of financial inclusion? For this reason, our journalistic column "Financial inclusion"