Abadi: We would not have won terrorism without our fight against corruption


Interpol recognizes Baghdad , a senior {accused of corruption »
Baghdad / Al- Sabah
called on the Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, a revolution to protect public money and the achievement of social justice, stressing that the government will not hesitate before opening any file corruption, while pointing out that part of" our responsibility to support UNHCR And to ensure that elections are fair. "

Abadi said in a speech at the opening of the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the Arab Network for the Promotion of Integrity and the Fight against Corruption, "We have not been able to win a call for our fight against corruption," pointing out that "there is a relationship between the corrupt and terrorism and that we restore our country and our land and our citizens emphasize our determination to protect public money and our responsibility to protect it Each of
its location. "

"We will not hesitate to open any file of corruption, whether the defendant is this person and then the corrupt know very well the seriousness of the work we do and the seriousness of them," he said, adding that "the lack of fair distribution of wealth is corruption and It is permissible for the few to take possession of wealth at the expense of the general public. "

"We need a revolution to protect public money and achieve social justice and we can not fight corruption through traditional methods," he said, calling for "a radical approach to fighting corruption."

Abadi said that "it is not fair to reduce the steps we have taken to reduce the size of corruption, there are thousands of files of investigation opened in large cases and have been referred to many of the accused for investigation and integrity and issued a different judicial verdicts,"

stressing "the need to cooperate citizens and bear all The responsibility of citizens in the detection of corruption and reporting on it and the assistance of investigative committees and to strengthen the confidence of citizens in the regulatory
and investigative bodies .

"We must improve the methods of combating corruption and spreading the values ​​of integrity and transparency that contribute to providing security and tranquility to societies," said the head of the Integrity Commission, Hassan al-Yasiri, in his speech at the conference, which began in Baghdad on Sunday. Aligning all efforts in the fight against corruption as I have lined up in the fight against terrorism. "

"Integrity is a culture and behavior before it is a legal approach," Yasiri said, pointing out that "the search for legal mechanisms to combat corruption is necessary."

"The world is also suffering from the problem of growing phenomenon of terrorism, it also suffers from the growing phenomenon of corruption," said Yasiri, warning that "the two are now dangerous risks that embrace the world’s countries without exception."

"The experience has shown that terrorism provides fertile ground for corruption, and that they are two sides of one coin," he said. "Corruption has turned from financial and administrative corruption to social corruption involving some segments of

"In a meeting with a number of satellite channels and media outlets, Abadi said that" the government is working to create an atmosphere for Iraq to become a good environment for investment, "noting that" oil imports alone do not meet the need
"The government is working to limit the weapons to the state," he said, adding that "this would achieve security stability
in the country."

On the prohibition of international flights on airports in Kurdistan, Abadi said "we stopped international aviation in Kurdistan because it is a federal matter "The
prime minister replied that he did not" meet with the commission separately, but the cabinet met twice with them because it is the responsibility of the Council of Ministers to protect the electoral process and provide the security environment And logistical support because it does not exist Something 100 percent independent,

"adding that" part of our responsibility to support the Commission and ensure that the elections are fair, and we seek for that, and follow the procedures of the Commission and there is an improvement in the procedures as we follow. "

Baghdad received from Interpol, the former secretary-general of the Ministry of Defense in the interim government Ziad al-Qattan, while the Office of the Prime Minister that he was accused of arms deals in which the corruption of millions of

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office received the "morning", a copy of it, "It is a continuation of the campaign of corrupt pursuers announced by the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi and efforts and follow-up diligent files of corruption that wasted the money of Iraq has been followed one of the biggest accused of corruption called (Ziad Qattan) Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense in the transitional government and the arrest and brought hidden to Iraq to hold him accountable for the cases accused.

"It is not the first time that a senior official outside Iraq has been arrested and accused of corruption since the start of the anti-corruption campaign," said the statement.

"Anyone accused of corruption will not be immune from prosecution, regardless of the duration of corruption." .

The statement pointed out that "Ziad al-Qattan is accused of arms deals in which millions of dollars of corruption and follow-up in the country in which he resides in cooperation with Interpol and is currently in the hands of the Iraqi security services, where he will receive a fair penalty,"

pointing out at the same time that " Files of corruption and great efforts and there are many files that have reached advanced stages in the search and will contribute significantly in the prosecution of the corrupt and capture them. "