Tomorrow .. Parliament completes the last reading of the budget


A member of the parliamentary legal committee Kamel al-Zaidi, that the House of Representatives will complete the second reading of the budget during the session on Sunday, pointing out that it will be put to the vote after four days, at a time when the MP for the coalition of the rule of law Jassem al-Bayati vote on the budget in the session Tomorrow because of the absence of deputies and boycotting some of them for meetings.

Zaidi said in a press statement on Friday: "The next session of the House of Representatives scheduled to be held (on Sunday) will witness the completion of the second reading of the budget law for the year 2018," noting that "the budget will be presented to the vote four days after the completion of the second reading."

Zaidi added that "the dialogue will continue with all parties that have observations on the budget law," while refusing at the same time, "some resort to me arms and jump over the laws to pass their demands," as he put it.

For his part, the MP for a coalition of state law Jassim al-Bayati: "The House of Representatives as a result of absences, which reach more than 130 deputies, has become paralyzed and incapacitated before the adoption of important laws," adding that the Presidency of the parliament is required to clarify the reasons for those absences, and the heaviest sanctions against absentees ", Ruling out" passing the budget in the next session as a result of the provinces and absences. "

In turn, called MP Fardous Al-Awadi, the House of Representatives to vote on the budget without paying attention to the demands of the Kurdistan region, said Al-Awadi in a statement received by "morning": "The style of consensus on the budget will satisfy the parties and political blocs and does not satisfy the Iraqi people,

as it is unreasonable to delay Pass the budget so far in order to satisfy the provincial government, "adding that" the House of Representatives to work in accordance with the legal framework and to vote on the budget without wasting more time that began to go unjustifiably,

"noting that" the failure to pass the budget after Two months of its fiscal year is a major failure in the work of the Security Council B. "