Parliamentary call to pass the budget by "majority"


.. Liked parliamentary bloc of advocacy, Monday, passing the general budget for the year 2018 by a majority, without the presence of Kurdish blocs.

The MP for the cluster Rasul Abu Hasna for "the eye of Iraq News," that "the Kurdish blocs is the main obstacle to the inclusion of the budget of 2018 on the agenda of the parliament, which fail every session," noting that "may pass the federal budget by majority if the Kurds continue to boycott sessions Parliament, and this majority is available. "

Abu Hasna added that "the budget can not be kept without approval, especially as this has a lot of negative factors on the Iraqi economic situation, and this is the House of Representatives seeks to approve the budget quickly."

It is noteworthy that the draft budget law is still stalled under the dome of Parliament, despite his arrival in the Council in late November, and revolves around major differences on them, which is the most prominent in the rights of oil producing provinces (petrodollar) and the Kurdistan region, as well as the reconstruction of liberated areas.