Budget and the proposal to amend the election law lead the parliament session


BAGHDAD / Al-Sabah / Shaima Rashid
At the time announced by the House of Representatives, Niazi Amaragoglu, that the agenda of today’s session includes reading and voting on a number of laws, including the budget bill, the Iraqi National Alliance intends to mobilize its deputies to overcome the problem of incomplete quorum parliamentary sessions And pass the laws stalled, and while the National Coalition expressed opposition to passing the budget by majority,

indicating that the opening of direct dialogues between the government and the region on the one hand and between the oil-producing provinces on the other is the only way to reach an agreement satisfactory to all parties, , Majid Shankali, the vote on the budget during today’s session, pointing out that the Kurds will not participate in any meeting where the budget for discussion or vote.

Election Law
"The agenda of today’s session includes the completion of voting on the drafts of six different laws in addition to the vote on the proposal to amend the electoral law, which includes 7 paragraphs," said Oglu, noting that the session may include the budget law and may receive a vote by the majority Absolute "

In turn, the MP for the National Alliance, Zaher Abadi, to witness today’s full quota for the second reading of the draft budget

Abadi explained, in an interview for" morning ", that" is supposed to be a quorum of the day’s full session, especially that the government Sent some amendments that were approved in principle, "noting that" the Amendments include oil – producing provinces and the demands of the gas as well as the demands of the Union forces. "

He added that al – Abadi"
Open sessions and
in the context, said the National Alliance MP, Hilal Sahlani, in a statement received "morning", there was "no clear agreement yet on any of the general budget and proposals to amend the House of Representatives election law and the postponement of provincial elections amendments."

He added Sahlani that "the scandals are still ongoing and the objections list, by some blocks that do not want to proceed with the legislation of the election law or the agreement to resolve the issue of Kirkuk in the local elections, or approve the budget," noting that "blocs of coalition forces and Kurdish parties publicly require their attendance of meetings In return for meeting its demands in the election law and the general budget. "

Sahlani said that "the lack of a quorum is pushing the Presidency to keep most of the meetings open under any circumstances to resume as much as possible," pointing out that "

Intensification of meetings
On the other hand, the MP from the National Coalition, Hassan Shuwerd, in a press statement, that "the dialogues between the government and the region faltering over the past months on resolving the differences between them and this delay has negatively affected the delay in approving the budget," calling for "intensification Meetings and dialogues during this period between the government and the region on the one hand and between the government and oil-producing provinces, "on the other hand.

Schuerd said that "calls for the passage of the budget by majority is unacceptable and may lead to more differences in the future," asserting that his coalition "will oppose any idea to pass the budget by a majority." Kurdish insistence on his part, ruled out MP from the Kurdistan Alliance, Majid Shankali, the vote on the budget during the session today for the need to resolve the differences on them, stressing that the Kurdish component will not attend any meeting in which the budget for discussion or vote.

Shankali said, "The morning:" The Kurds will not enter any meeting to discuss the budget if their demands are not met, "noting that" the meeting of Prime Minister Haider Abadi with the Kurdish deputies came out by agreement on the formation of a committee of members of the Kurdish finance to meet a government technical committee of The Ministry of Finance to discuss the demands of the region in the budget, "He said Shankali that" did not get until this day any meeting between the two sides. "

In response to the Kurdistan Alliance’s attempt to internationalize the issue of the budget, the spokesman for the coalition of the coalition of state law, MP Khaled al-Asadi, "Morning," that "the budget law will be submitted to the vote after only The end of the reviews on them, "ruling out" the success of the Kurds efforts to internationalize the issue of the budget. "

"Asadi said that" the law of the general budget is still under discussion and review within the corridors of the House of Representatives, "noting that" the legislation of laws subject to the House of Representatives only, and no one can exceed the powers of the parliament specified by the Constitution. "