A meeting is expected for the three presidencies this week to discuss the budget


The House of Representatives ended the reading of the two laws
Baghdad / Sabah / Omar Abdul Latif
The three presidencies have set a meeting date for this week to discuss three files, most notably the budget this year, as well as the results of the Kuwait Conference and the relationship between the Center and the region.

And while the House of Representatives resumed on Thursday, Headed by Salim al-Jubouri, during which he concluded the first reading of the laws of the Iraqi Programmers and Traffic Syndicate, the MP of the faction of parliamentary wisdom, Hassan Khalati, expected that everyone would eventually reach an agreement to pass the budget within the minimum level of consensus.

The legal adviser to the President of the Republic, Amir Kanani, in an interview for "morning": "The meeting of the three presidencies will be presented in the most important issues on the domestic political scene in addition to what they see the personalities of the meeting," explaining that "the Speaker of the House Salim al-Jubouri recommended the inclusion of discussion budget General of this year within the schedule of the meeting of the three presidencies. "

"The other file, which will be discussed by the meeting of the three presidencies, is the relationship between the center and the region to seek solutions to issues that are still stuck, such as airports, borders, salaries, etc., as well as discuss the developments in the political process related to the elections and review the most important events and highlight the results of (Kuwait International Conference) Reconstruction of Iraq. "

In the meantime, the statement of the Information Service of the House of Representatives, received by "morning", that the Council ended, at the beginning of its meeting, "the first reading of the proposed law of the Iraqi Programmers Association submitted by the committees of civil society and legal institutions, which came to attention to the segment of programmers to upgrade their level and support and development of this segment Defend their rights and keep abreast of technological developments. "

The Council completed the first reading of the draft traffic law submitted by the Security and Defense Committee for the purpose of regulating vehicle traffic rules, determining the parties responsible for registering them, determining conditions of safety and security, Violation and economic reality and identify those who have the power to impose the fine. "

On the other hand, Jubouri announced, according to the statement, "a meeting of the Presidency of the Council, which was discussed requests for interrogations provided and included on a daily basis within the meetings of the Council in the event of a quorum."

It was then decided to resume the session Saturday at 11 am.
And on the budget this year, the MP for the stream of wisdom parliamentary, Hassan Khalati, in a press statement, "The political districts of the sessions of voting on the budget may work to delay the adoption, but the outcome will not impede the passage, and everyone has the conviction and desire to pass the budget so as not to repeat the experience of the year 2014, "noting that" not pass it will weaken Iraq in the global economic spaces, which we do not want, especially in light of this difficult stage. "

He added that the budget has completed the first reading and was started in the second, so the provinces or differences that took place during the next stages will have a negative impact, but must pass the budget, "expected that" everyone reaches an agreement to pass the budget within the minimum limits of consensus. "