Localization of migratory funds


Thamer Hymes
Migratory money differs from the smuggler with the legal separation that separates them, since the migrant money is due to the expelling environment. The money that is smuggled is for reasons unrelated to the expelling or attractive environment.

Capital, especially cash, has little interest in
settling and investing for national considerations in comparison with the agricultural or industrial capital.

In light of the victory over the
"dacha" and the direct fight against corruption, the door is
more open to limit the migration of Iraqi funds abroad in the form of deposits in banks or so-called currency leasing.

According to my information, the profits reached 20 percent on the amount (depositor / lessor) according to mechanisms and conditions very attractive in those countries because of stability, which made these countries in their golden age compared to before.

However, the government’s domestic borrowing
with its bonds amounted to 70 percent of the total outstanding debt.

This does not mean that savings and investments abroad are
low, some of which came from the cash strapped by the Iraqis, which accounted for more than 70 percent of the total cash mass.

It is necessary to provide financial security and raise the interest rate and Murabaha for the benefit of the customer and neighboring countries should provide Iraq with a precise disclosure of the money transferred to our citizens that these countries are commercially exploited, which calls for bargaining on that and not exempt from the customs of certain goods to promote the country’s exported goods as happened with Jordan The policy of dumping or loss of the country is enhanced by undue amounts in the face of the urgent need for liquidity.

Providing the financial position of Iraqis from the host country is important to know how to deal with it; where the host countries turn away from its sources, reflecting negatively on the nature of the relationship between Iraq and its neighbors.

Either means that tempt the Iraqi money endemic
in the neighboring countries to return will be the activation of government property economically to be a suitable field for investment,
and is officially announced to determine the values ​​that express the realism and
not just formative auctions and the most appropriate here

The return money deposited in the official government banks shall be a first step, provided that the prices are special and by law if the buyers or investors make a better contribution from private companies and with
encouraging rates .