Specialized financing

6/19/2017 0:00

Haider Kadhim al-Baghdadi
When the national economy needs a comprehensive pause to correct its tracks and incorrigible and make it go the direction that makes his line chart is moving towards achieving economic viability in all production and service sectors, this requires that we are close to successful international experiences.

Successful economies need a number of ingredients for the intervention of sustainable development stage through major projects , small and medium – sized and other require plans for the court to reach the development goals that change the shape of the economy and make it active on the regional and international levels, especially when attributed to the availability of the ingredients for success from the wealth of natural and human.

When we talk about an active developing economy , we need funding for the implementation of inter projects in all productive and service sectors, and here must think about how to organize this joint and we have an effective beginning behave correct paths, which requires planning on a high degree of accuracy.

Finance is the most important axes of the beginning of the road of development sought by Iraq as a country rich in abundant possession of various resources, which makes us work towards the benefit of successful global trade financing, which managed to create an effective economy.

Here we prefer to have a finance specialist system, because the volume of work in Iraq , a large and up to wide levels and can not be one hand , and adopts the financing process.

We are in Iraq ‘s dire need for specialized banks would be responsible for the relevant sector specific funding As long as a country is heading to construction and reconstruction must be a minimum specialist bank in this joint is important tasked with financing and provide advanced products for all operating in Iraq investment companies that need modern banking capabilities because trading figures will be a great deal on it with these figures.

Thus , as in other sectors, requiring the need to establish a commercial and real estate banks and other actors in the industry and agriculture and be competent has a hand financing one continues with and complements financing things as easy, and in this regard , many experiences of the world must Nozvha to serve the national economy and through this move Lease can begin development stage acceptable.

We seek to invest we stand up to reality and dedicate funding channel for each sector through which to interact with the field and channel management to be Altamoalh international specifications in order to achieve our goal of economic biggest that is in harmony with the size of the Iraqi economy.