A call to follow the spending policy of doing productive

6/19/2017 0:00

Baghdad / Emad Emirate
efficient allocation of government resources to strengthen administrative control systems adjusts and reduces operational spending non – productive resources is required by thecurrent phase of the adoption of modern public spending technology to restore public funds distributed better through the return spending measure, and therefore the transfer of funds from public spending is the product to the product of a socio – economic returns that achieves community welfare spending.

Dr. Imad al – Ani said the "morning" that the installation of public spending and itsstructure is important in the reform of public spending does not form the process, explaining that this is when the extent that the public spending level consistent with economic stability, and accordingly, the reform of the financial sector measures include a specific group special policy measures to reform spending.

Ani said the reform for the short term policy includes reducing spending to the gross national product and change its structure by removing subsidies for projects, consumers , and subjected to assessments of economic and financial new standards, in addition to the restructuring of social security and the rationalization of social expenditure programs so that they are in line with developments and changes taking place in the public finance sector on the one hand and the process of economic reform on the other hand , and its goals are to reduce the size of spending any quantitative aspect of spending.

He pointed out that the reform for the medium term requires qualitative changes related to the maintenance and strengthening of basic economic infrastructure and reducing government employment inefficient by following with effective productivity and reliance on skilled labor to achieve this operational policy, along with the integration of the expenses of extra – budgetary government budget, so as to be standardized based on budget on the base more accurately.

He continued reform either for the long term , it is supposed to be the features of the economy, especially the features of economic reform so that more clearly through which contain and then face the inherited problems, spending depends on the government ‘s ability to generate revenues cover expenses and meet the economic and social obligations.

The government expenditures , the main source to provide basic services to satisfy the general needs we desperately need, especially at the present time, as the level of growth is linked to significantly growing , sustained public expenditure , which is an important part of the total spending function, which called for many economists to give a distinct importance to her.

Ani stressed that talking about the subject of reform of expenditure should not be limited in reducing public spending only in quantitative terms , because achieving it down to balance the budget will result in negative socio – economic effects on society, and it must focus reform efforts on the subject of restructuring of public spending First and then work directed towards areas that would achieve economic and social stability II.

He pointed to the important question is repeated from time to time in the economic center that he Is being targeted operational spending or investment spending in the reform process expenses? Here we say that the experiences of many countries suggest targeting each, but the share of investment spending in the limit of expansion was the biggest for several reasons , it may be the most important of the existence of the obligations of the government has to be done for social reasons and humanitarian, he may be political ,

such as expenditures ruling in the general budget of expenses particularly ration, also cut operating spending in many cases lead to hurting the poor castes like reduced support in health, education , social security and this is contrary to the general trend towards reducing poverty and unemployment rates.