Newspapers focused on the foil smuggling more than a billion dollars by the son of one of the politicians

13/01/2015 10:36

BAGHDAD / Source News / .
. issued in Baghdad newspapers focused on Tuesday morning, the thirteenth of January, on the issue of the budget and the date of approval, and talked about some of foil smuggling operation more than a billion dollars by the son of one of the politicians.

On the subject of the budget, newspaper / Zora / issued by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, said he did not specify a date for final approval and that there are still observations by some parliamentary blocs them.

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Rehab grace, according to / Zora / "The ongoing work of the Finance Committee, which is trying to integrate the views of the House of Representatives and offers from all concerned the budget," pointing to the existence of a political vision not to delay the budget.

She added: "There are many differences to the root of the budget, will not be as desired by the House of Representatives, including the calculation of the price of a barrel of oil in accordance with the $ 60, and the share of the Kurdistan region",

confirming that it was controversial issues did not expect that the Finance Committee juggle their work in the case turned a blind eye to all these notes.

As quoted MP Habib Terminal as saying: "There is to reduce the budget deficit mechanisms, including national savings and reduce expenses and deputations, as well as borrowing from banks."

For her part, MP Najiba Najib: "The return of the budget to the government, it will be a great damage", calling for action to cover the deficit.

On the subject of job categories covered by savings, newspaper / statement / said that the announcement of these categories will be announced within a week.

It quoted the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and the House of Representatives Ahmed al-Jubouri: "The prime advisers in government, will submit a report within a week it will determine the categories covered by the Career savings."

He said al-Jubouri: "The owners of special grades and officials are covered by the savings. May not be the inclusion of the interior and defense ministries and the Supreme Judicial savings, because Iraq is leading on behalf of the world’s war against terrorism. These institutions need financial support to carry out its functions."

He said: "The decline in oil behind him superpowers and one of the Gulf countries," noting that the purpose of it is to hit the economy of other countries, and that Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, affected by the economic war. "

On the same subject, newspaper / morning / quoted deputy state law Abbas al-Bayati, saying: "There is a positive consensus to pass the budget, but most important is that certain deductions include everyone without exception conditions."

Al-Bayati said: "The budget must be fair and equitable to all the Iraqi people and groups, and not affect retirees and employees, social subsidy salaries, with the presence of functional degrees even by a set amount,"

he said, adding that there are other demands made by the mini-committee is a paper written to the Finance Committee in For conducting the required transfers.

He said: "We can not cancel the grades in the budget, but we must make transfers in grades from one place to another, meaning that the grades security services remain because of the security situation,

which is going through the country, as there are certain circles, such as education, higher education can not Cancel the grades. "

And between al-Bayati: "Everyone respects the agreement with the province, but the cut made in the budget must include all Iraq not be a burden on the area and not another, and wealth should be distributed fairly," he said, adding that the agreement must be fair and equitable as well.

The newspaper / Constitution / foil has talked about the process of transfer and money
laundering millions of dollars by using a private jet to the son of one of the politicians ..

The newspaper quoted a senior political source, unnamed, said the three ministers
discovered the washing process and the transfer of the funds are managed directly by the politician’s son.

They informed the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi information available to them.

The source said, according to the paper: "The secret committee tasked competent Abadi follow-up events related to that plane, foiled the smuggling of more than one billion and 200 million Dolar.

.oan Prime Minister is preventing a very senior official’s son from entering the Green Zone because of the manipulation of government contracts and its role in the bad command and control the work of the ministries decades and embezzling more than $ 3 billion. "

He added: "The ministerial committee again, aimed at exposing the corrupt, revealed the involvement of the Minister had worked in the previous government legal breaches in the appointment of some of his relatives and the involvement of one of his advisers scandal immoral," noting:

"the minister used his position to set his relatives positions mission outside legal contexts,
investor vacuum government before the formation of the new government and that he.

has appointed one of his brothers seventh degree two years ago to move after the departure of his brother from the ministry to second-class position of assistant general manager and moved to work in the House of Representatives. "