August 6, 2014

This information is concerning IQD that has been submitted. Although Landa does not work in this particular area, an allocation of some Q of intake has been provided, and we have submitted to the end-buyer.

All dinar submissions are going under contract this week now that the TRN is live commercially (not publicly). Submitters may expect telephone calls through the weekend, and contracts.

TTMs and other forms of engagement and settlement are the province by and between the seller and buyer, and these arrangements are discussed between them only for obvious security reasons.

The delay to contract stage was simply due to the timing of the TRN, and sellers are requested to continue being patient as this massive effort gets underway, and begins to produce the warranted results.




 August 6, 2014

We have been apprised further today that numerous commodity, bond and other transactions have gone to a high level of activity as a result of the TRN, and massive amounts in transaction funds have exchanged.

This activity bodes well for the Reconstruction Projects in the USA and indeed the rest of the world. Landa takes its corporate hat off and salutes the engineers of this and other events that have just transpired to the benefit of our Humanity.

As previously stated elsewhere, the massive effort by the Chinese Family and the agencies, treasuries, special forces, intelligence communities, armed forces and China, USA, and other governments has been extreme, stressful, and fraught with issues, and collectively they have all brought forth this magnificent result.

The trade platforms have all been cashed up for the various trades, and released credit lines have been activated for these transactions. All this activity is meant to generate very large returns for the Projects and economic development of countries. We can all expect great changes in all geographic regions as the Project side gets underway.

Land Project funds have increased in size, and we will be able to administer larger infrastructure Projects than previously imagined.

Timing to Project start has of course shifted to middle of August, and we are in the middle of our own infrastructure preparations for this event.

Thank You