News of Badr to join the National Coalition

Agency eighth dayJuly 29, 2014    BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

A source close to within a block of Badr Badr bloc, headed by Hadi al-Amiri pulled out of the coalition of state law.

The source said the reason for the withdrawal is due to the insistence of a coalition of state law on their adherence not to provide a substitute for Nuri al-Maliki and in compliance with something good reference, which is now calling for day and night, the change indicated that the number of seats in the national coalition is 65 seats through the two blocs Almnazavitin beneath Liberals won 34 seats, and the citizen with 31 seats, while a coalition of law, which claimed the first place, the number of seats to 95 seats, which includes four parliamentary blocs, including the Badr 22 seat in the law and the Dawa Party, and independents 70 seats.

The addition of mass Badr will raise the number of seats in the coalition in the parliament to 87 seats from non Seats Reform Movement, virtue, and who inevitably will join the national coalition, and this will prepare the biggest bloc, which will bear the formation of the next government without reference to the coalition of law.

“And the mass of Badr representative has confirmed Earlier it was ready to support any candidate backed by state law, is al-Maliki, saying that Iraq does not represent a particular person and that Prime Minister Nuri al.

XXXX:   Loxy:   National Alliance breakdown after this change:

Anti-Maliki part of NA: Sadr/Liberal 34 + Hakim/Citizen 31 + Ameri/Badr 22 = 87 seats

Pro-Maliki part of NA: SoL now only has 95-22 = 73 seats

Let’s put this thing to a vote, and be done with this Maliki once and for all!

XX: That’s 160 seats… where’s the rest of them?  Isn’t there a total of 178?

XXXX:  Loxy said, on DA, the rest are small blocs or independents, and there is no accounting for them yet. Either way, the good guys only need three of those 18 votes to get to 50% plus 1 vote now.

I think they’ll find a way. We’ve already seen indications Jaafari’s Reform Movement, Sharistani’s group, and even Dawa, are leaving SoL, so it’s probably a non-issue. I’d say Maliki probably doesn’t have more than 20-30 votes left in the National Alliance

Blue Duck:   Looks like Tlar wrote this article because of the wording, Political suicide!  :lol:

Liberals and the citizen: Maliki’s coalition will not dare to leave the political suicide of the National Alliance

  National Alliance    7/29/2014 two fifty-seven p.m.   Long-Presse / Karbala

Promised Ktlta Liberals and the citizen, said Tuesday that a coalition of state law “would not venture” out of the National Alliance because it is a “political suicide”, while threatened alliance with the forces of other National to form a government in the event of this happening, affirmed its commitment to the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority to form government acceptable to the national.

The MP said the bloc citizen, Habib Terminal, in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The components of the National Alliance in the previous parliamentary session is the same as in the current session means that it is still the largest bloc, according to the Federal Court’s interpretation,

” pointing out that “a coalition of state law, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a part of the National Alliance will be the largest of it except in the event of his departure and chose to wait for the issuance of that court a new resolution on the largest parliamentary bloc. “

Terminal promised, that “out of a coalition of state law, the National Alliance is a political suicide,” adding that “Maliki’s coalition would dare such adventure.”

MP for the mass of the Islamic Supreme Council, headed by Ammar al-Hakim, that “the fragmentation of the National Alliance is a serious negative,” stressing “the need for unity and the National Alliance in the current phase of crisis experienced by the country.”

The Terminal, “The National Alliance requires those who take any position of a sovereign that is the admissibility of its components as well as by other political forces outside to be able to perform its mission successfully and walk the country forward.”

For his part, MP for the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement, Tariq Kikhany, in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The bloc is committed to the National Alliance and going within steps and visions will not be affected by those who intend to split with him,” adding that “the National Alliance, a national vision real leadership State in the next stage. “

Kikhany said, “The National Alliance Sikby the largest parliamentary bloc, if Maliki’s coalition came out of it,” noting that “the coalition then team up with other national powers to form a government and the leadership of the country.”

 The MP for the Liberal bloc, that “the bloc was committed to the guidance of the Supreme Religious Authority and will work on forming a new government acceptable to a broad national as requested.”

 The representative of the Supreme religious authority in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, a student last Friday (the 25th of July 2014 the current), to form a government “empowered to unite the national and ending the threat of partition,” calling on the political parties are all the “non-stick sites and positions and deal flexibly with the internal situation of the country. “

 It is noteworthy that the political process waiting for caution and concern intense resolve the post of prime minister, after having managed the political forces of the completion of the posts of chairman of the parliament and the presidency,

 where he was elected the House of Representatives last Thursday, (the 24th of July present), the Kurdistan Alliance candidate Fuad Masum, the president of the republic after receiving the votes of 211 out of 269 deputies who attended the session, and after that he had squeal of the Presidency of the Parliament, in (15 this month),

 during its third meeting of the fourth session, which was held under the chairmanship of the President of the older, Mehdi al-Hafez, in the presence of 207 deputies, the county National coalition led by Iyad Allawi, where he was elected Salim al-President of the Parliament, succeeding Osama Najafi, and Haider al-Abadi first deputy speaker of parliament, and Mohammad Ali Aram second deputy.

 He also states that the dispute is currently at its peak to determine the largest parliamentary bloc, which will cost required candidate for the presidency of the new government, a coalition between al-Maliki, and the National Alliance, as both insist on being the largest bloc.

 It was a coalition of state law, confirmed on Sunday, (the 27 of July present), the announcement itself the largest bloc in the House of Representatives, does not mean withdrawal from the National Alliance, but the obligation to “constitutional matters,

 ” noting that the coalition is “the backbone and the foundation stone” of the alliance national, was charged with the National Alliance to “the adoption of a non-democratic mechanisms” to choose a candidate for the post of prime minister.

 The National Reform Movement, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, called, on Sunday, a coalition of state law to declare his position clear formally survival as part of the National Alliance, and with the exception of questioning the “largest bloc” goal pass candidate of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki to head the government, stressing that ” National Alliance does not need to announcing the “largest bloc” in written form.

 The political sources confirmed (range), that “a coalition of state law, began” pushing hysterically, “the parliament speaker Salim al, to announced by the largest bloc, to the extent that an altercation between the Speaker of Parliament, and leaders prominent in Maliki’s bloc

 ” indicating that “the behavior of the mass-Maliki confirms it reaches a dead end, because the consensus of leaders of blocs coherent largely on the need for political change, supported by the opinion of the local and international,

to find that the change would open the door for political reforms, which have become a clear requirement to meet the security imbalance terrible in the country, and insurance unit Iraq. “…-%D9%84%D9%86-

Tlar:   Revbo I believe your right.  Originally the SOL was worried as to whether 40 of its members were MP’s they could count on in a vote for Maliki. 

Now it appears it could be more that they are showing signs of defecting.  With Badr, al Jaafari and the DAWA already saying they won’t stand behind anoth Maliki term, there is bound to be another 15-25 more that are silent but unwilling to vote for Maliki. 

It is strictly the leadership of the SOL which includes Maliki that is still pushing, fighting for a third term. 

My best guess is that the whole party will splinter and will pull away from the SOL by Thursday leaving the leadership and Maliki and a few die hards standing alone. 

The die is being cast and Maliki’s foundation is being pried up nail by nail   We should have a nominee and a vote by Thursday.  I think the coalition is taking straw polls as we speak and then once they determine Mahdi or Chalabi, they will declare an overall vote in the NA. 

By then the 95 votes that the SOL have been claiming have, should be around 30-35 loyalists and the coalition 135-145. 

At the point they are ready to vote, it is my belief Maliki and select members of the SOL leadership will abandon ship meaning they will probably split from Iraq for parts unknown. 

They would be stupid to stay once they are sure they have lost control.  tlar   

Aaanth:   i read where maliki is trying to wrangle some sort of MP spot to keep his immunity.  i don’t know how that would happen but in iraq anything is possible.

on a positive note…  i remember back at the beginning of 2011 after 30 days had past and maliki had failed to seat a goi, Allawi going on national television and saying the maliki was stalling and had past the constitutional deadline and that he, allawi, could seat a goi within 48hours. 

i’m not saying that allawi is going to be PM. i’m just saying that it’s encouraging to know that if you have your ducks in a row seating a complete GOI is not a forever and a day thing.

 with all the emergencies all over the country i would look for something similar to happen. 

as Tlar said, these guys already know who they want and have them already lined up.  whoever wins will introduce a complete GOI withina couple of days or maybe even hours!  this is warp speed for iraq~~

KJWayne:   aaanth,That’s the point that scares me. Noone would stand up to Maliki back then to say that he missed the deadline to form the government and Maliki went wright on lying his way to today.

He still does not have a complete government and was not approved by parliament or voted on in Parliament. That is “as I remember it”!  I’m so ready for just this government section of this puzzle to be completed. It will be a step forward…..   also ………

BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

 Said political analyst Ibrahim al-Sumaidaie, the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki that he would be a member of the House of Representatives in the next stage to change my so.

Sumaida’ie said in an interview location social networking (FB), which seen by the agency ((eighth day)) that “the source of the National Alliance, a high-level assured him that al-Maliki would not be in any position of a sovereign and will become a member of the House of Representatives in the next phase.

 He added, that the National Alliance will present its candidate after the holiday immediately and he is not the name of Mr. Maliki.

 The National Alliance announced that the biggest bloc in parliament, the rule of law and denied it was considered the first document Palmzorh. T. (AA)

Jonathan Simmons:    Tlar, thanks for crunching the numbers. So at this point is Badr defection the only one that is official, and for that matter when Dawa and Shakristani officially join them what measures are taken to insure their accountability that they’ll vote pro NA and not pull any Maliki tricks?!

Do they have to sign something? Jabiru called for a secret vote to elect the new POR….a classic move if there ever was. I’m hoping they don’t employ a secret vote for PM.

I would think they’d want to hear those votes out in the open as anyone remotely still sitting on the fence for a Maliki vote would more than likely vote NA upon the throng that will vote that way.

 I’d love to be in Parliament that day and witness the grins that are sure to show up on the members faces, but then I’m also hoping it’ll be televised too. Gotta love what’s going on!!

BlueyesinLevis:     We already have the new PoP.. lining uop the laws… re writing the budget.. appointing new committees… the loyal MP’s are sworn in… we got a new Kurd ***  kickin’ PoR….

 and they are no nonsense get down to business kinda guys…

with Hakim pulling strings behind the scenes….. whover they end up with… ( Chalabi or Mahdi ) we are all anticipating that the selected one has already shown his list of CoM condidates to the coalition…. and it wil be a quick vote…

-then the naming of security and defense Ministers… I can’t believe they dont already have several names ready to pick from….

-I just think we gonna see some rapid activity….. once they knock the Big Oaf off his perch… and he is swaying and reeling now.

And I am no expert.. but those that are… have been seeing a lot of stuff published in the Gazette…. laws we did not know were passed yet…. etc.

Pose and CG have revealled some very encouraging items.