BAGHDAD / Source News / .. MP in the parliamentary Finance Committee Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, on Tuesday, about the decision to distribute the Iraqi deposits in different banks abroad on the purpose of the protection of state funds.

He told Yasiri / Source News / “The Iraqi Central Bank has taken a series of measures recently aimed at protection of Iraqi funds abroad.”

The stakeholders met a week ago with international consultants to develop legal mechanisms and some financial procedures in order to avoid the possibility of booking money by some creditors for doubtful debts in Iraq who are trying to harass using legal means.

“The bank decided to distribute the Iraqi deposits on various banks abroad in order to protect them,” explaining that “deposit funds listed are a sovereign state and can not point to dispose of them at all.”

He added that “the United States to reconsider those funds within a year prior agreement with the Iraqi government.”

The Iraqi government has been taken after consultation with international experts swift measures to protect Iraq’s money abroad, and has also taken a lot of measures in order to protect the money and follow their debts to creditors that have not been settled. Finished