05. 04. 2014 (0:01 pm)
BAGHDAD / long-Presse
Detection news site global economic, Iraq sought to obtain a loan of one billion dollars from the Export-Import Bank U. S. , to finance the purchase of 40 civilian aircraft from Boeing, while between that caused by a delay in adoption of the federal budget and the need to finance several transportation projects, said that Baghdad would form a committee of the Ministries of Transport and Finance and the Central Bank and the airline for the negotiations on the subject with the help of a branch bank Citigroup U. S. in Iraq.
The Web site reported by Bloomberg Bloomberg U. S. economic news, that “the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, banks Rakane, told him in a telephone conversation, in the second of this April, for a committee comprising representatives from the Ministries of Transport and Finance and the Central Bank and Iraqi Airways to negotiate on the issue of financing the purchase of 40 aircraft Boeing. “added Rakane, that” the Commission will use Bank of Citigroup, the U. S. in Iraq, to ​​get the counseling needed on the subject, where will be his call next week, “adding that” Iraq is based on the transaction being a country with a strong economy as the fourth-largest source of oil in the world, and able to finance the bulk of the transaction amount of five billion dollars, according to a list of current prices. ”
He favored the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, that “baptizing Iraq to delay some of the aircraft and make adjustments to the other,” pointing out that there are “a lot of discussion to be held on the deal during a meeting of the Committee. ” Said Rakane, that “the amount of the loan, which will be presented by the Bank of U. S. Export-Import ranges between 1. 5 to 2 billion dollars, to be determined about the final based on the agreed timetable for delivery, “and expressed” cautious optimism about the guarantee to finance the deal. “confirmed the agent that” credit loan export guarantees payments and achieve processing, in order to avoid delay adoption of the budget Federal for the current year, at a time when you need projects of the ministry for about 50 billion dollars to develop the infrastructure of the railways, ports and airports. “and saw the site Bloomberg, that although” Iraq is a country oil rich but that efforts to build its economy after 11 years of the U. S. invasion has marred some failures because of political conflict and sectarian witnessed by the country. “It was Iraqi Airways, announced in March last for the arrival of a third Boeing (800-737), to Baghdad International Airport, out of 40 contracted with the United States, saying it will take delivery of six other planes of that type until the end of the current year. was Iraqi Transport Minister Hadi al-Amiri, had announced in August 2013 for the arrival of the first Boeing aircraft of type (800-737) to the Baghdad International Airport of the 45 aircraft contracted by the Iraqi government on them, indicating The remaining aircraft will arrive at Iraq successively until the year 2016. was the Boeing Company of America, announced last year for the delivery of aircraft, the next generation (800-737) Iraqi Airways, indicating that this aircraft is the first of the 30 aircraft it had requested Company Iraqi Airways during the year 2008, as well as ten aircraft Iraq had contracted by the Boeing Dreamliner.
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