Erbil / Iraq News Network – The Kurdistan Regional Government, from entering the United States, Turkey and Iran in the file of negotiations between Arbil and Baghdad about my oil and the budget.

Said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government Rashid Tahir said in a statement today: that there are mediations of some countries such as the United States, Turkey, Iran and some Iraqi nationalists in order to resolve differences between Arbil and Baghdad about the crisis between the two sides on my oil and the budget. and the results of these mediations Taher said the Kurds with dialogue and negotiations and are ready to resolve their differences, adding that each Mai by the province is in framework of the constitution.

and about the reasons for the delayed salaries of the month of March, attributed Taher matter to the scarcity of the currency few are available in the government coffers, pointing to the region depends on the loans and the financial returns of Interior in securing salaries because Baghdad did not send any money to the region.

pointed out that Baghdad did not send employees’ salaries region three months ago, explaining that Baghdad has sent one billion and 100 million dinars rather than send four trillion and 800 billion dinars to Kurdistan, noting that it has become the city of the Kurdistan Region B 3 trillion and 700 billion dinars. regard to employee complaints of slow distribution of salaries, Tahir said that speed or slow the distribution of salaries depend on the proceeds held by the ministry, adding that the proceeds are that control the distribution of monthly salaries.

pointed out that the ministry adopted in securing monthly salaries on internal loans, investors, traders and owners of capital, denying Mancherth some media outlets of the Kurdistan Region borrow from abroad to deal with its financial crisis.

tumble approval of the draft federal budget for the current year in the Iraqi Council of Representatives as a result of disagreements between the governments of the Kurdistan Region and the Federal on the quantities of oil that the Erbil that is committed to exporting and Ukiewih obtaining revenue. insists Baghdad that the Erbil the export of 400 000 barrels of oil per day via the Iraqi National Oil Company “Sumo” and the filing of its revenue in the Iraqi Development Bank in New York, but the lack of Arbil confirm their ability to export this quantity offered the export of 100 000 barrels only.