MPs and experts laud print a new currency and they consider necessary to protect the national currency

[tlm724] Saleh: that the action is good and will solve half the problem of money in Iraq

[tlm724] , but the solution The root lies in raising the three zeros in the currency.

[tlm724] it does not include the reduction or increase in the volume of currency in the market.

  [tlm724] so he is saying they are keeping the number of notes in cirrculation on par, remaing equal, just replacing the existing worn and torn notes

[tlm724] He stressed: that the printed larger groups make easy payment and replaces packets carry large ones and smaller books instead of dealing the U.S. are treated Iraqi books a good thing, but the strategic solution for the currency is to raise three zeroes.

[tlm724] instead of dealing the U.S.  – getting them off the dollar ! – but the strategic solution for the currency is to raise three zeroes – indeed it is !!

Finance: let the CBI improve the status of the dinar against other currencies

[tlm724] let the CBI improve the status of the dinar against other currencies

[tlm724] yes let them !! please 

[rsp1] Yeah!

[tlm724] al-Bayati said that “the Iraqi dinar is not in its right and true

[tlm724] and the Central Bank of Iraq to take appropriate measures to improve and put it in front of the other currencies

[tlm724] put it in front of the other currencies — only one way to do that ! Add value !!

[tlm724] At a time in which the bank pointed out that the currency will continue to be traded now, stressed that the new currency will help the blind to see the value of these categories

[tlm724] new currency will continue ! Means the currency we have will co-exist 

[tlm724] “the banknotes current will continue trading with the new will not be pulling rolling them now or in the future.”

[tlm724] sweet ! we are golden now we just need to see the increase

Iraq tops the list of the International Monetary Fund about the outlook for high growth

[tlm724] *hallelujah* love seeing this all over the news  Wink   great stuff !

Banks Association invites local banks to open branches abroad

[tlm724] local banks to open branches abroad to support the economic activities in the country

[tlm724] get those banks making money outside of Iraq

Committee confirms the stability of the financial situation of the Iraqi dinar

[tlm724] that the status of the Iraqi dinar in the local market relatively stable at the current stage

[tlm724] that the central bank that manages to improve the status of the dinar against other currencies

[tlm724] saying the CBI needs to keep a tight rein on the spread

[tlm724] difference in exchange rates between the Bank Alrkza and banking companies is normal, indicating that this difference represents a profit margin of these companies

[tlm724] relative stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in the local market to the existence of adequate cover for the Iraqi currency

[tlm724] they keep showing us how they have the currency covered, now show us the “real” value !

Mediation to resolve the crisis of my oil and the balance between the province and Baghdad

[tlm724] , he expects to reach an agreement within a few days to resolve the dispute over oil exports between the federal government and the Kurdistan region

[tlm724] thats the oil minister *hallelujah*

[tlm724] “We are for dialogue and are ready to resolve differences and there is hope solved through dialogue and negotiations,” he said, adding, “all parties to inform that all what the province is in the framework of the constitution.

.” He attributed the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance in the government of the Kurdistan region, the reason for the delayed salaries of the month of March to squeeze in the currency available in the government coffers, noting that “the currency that we have, and a few not enough. Rely on loans and financial returns of Interior in securing salaries because Baghdad did not send any money to the region.

SOC completed 8 new reservoirs soon in conjunction with the expected increase in production

[tlm724] he hoped to resolve differences between the region and the center and begins to export Sumo oil province through next month.

[tlm724] *mission* *slap* them on the back, you can do this !

Trade Bank of Iraq is preparing for the opening of six new branches

[tlm724] Trade Bank of Iraq TBI, their readiness for the opening of six new branches in Baghdad *hallelujah*

[tlm724] indicating that it has a future plan will achieve “a quantum leap” in banking in the region and the world.

[tlm724] *hallelujah* love some quantum leaps   

[tlm724] “the bank seeks to expand financial dealings in various parts of Iraq, especially since the projects recorded tremendous success

[tlm724] “Branches six are ready Legally  –  ready to rock !

[tlm724] “The new branches contribute a distinct role in financial transactions and support small, medium and large, what will reflect positively on the national economy and supports orientations CBI

[tlm724] oh I am loving this ! This is exactly what we wanted to see. This will propel them into the world ! 

[tlm724] achieve a quantum leap in the transactions at the level of the region and the world

[tlm724] the world !

[tlm724] Trade Bank of Iraq entirely owned by the Iraqi government, in July 2003 to facilitate Iraq’s international trade and the reconstruction of the country after the end of the work program of the United Nations oil-for-food

[tlm724] they have their plan and they are moving and shaking out the cob webs, full steam ahead !! *hallelujah*

Keywords criticizes the reality of openness unregulated currency converter out of Iraq

[tlm724] without supervision or controls or control which led to the exodus of tens of millions of dollars from the state treasury a day out without knowing the fate and destination and the legal basis which emerged whereby

[tlm724] no one was watching the shop

[tlm724] the new electronic system will help with the rampant corruptions, put in a stop gap so to speak

[tlm724] it sure won’t happen over nite though

[tlm724] if they can stop some of it that will be a good thing !

The World Bank will open a center for the development of the private sector in Iraq

[tlm724] great to see them repeating what a great achievement this center is, if anyone can help the private sector I would think it will be the World Bank, pulling everything together for Iraq !

IMF: Iraq progresses Middle East countries by GDP

[tlm724] growth expectations during the current year and the year 2015, with a solution of Iraq in the forefront of countries in the Middle East in terms of GDP

[tlm724] well I hope the IMF gets real happy with Iraq and lets them into article 8 soon, in the coming days … lol