BSC:   All the currencies will revalue to a certain degree. Right now, the Kuwaiti Dinar is at $3.55 per $1 (USD). Once the GCR occurs, the Kuwaiti Dinar will have a new value as well.

Once the RV happens, if the Iraqi Dinar initially comes out at $3.71, it will likely jump up to several times that as it is traded, but that will be temporary (it could be days or weeks–nobody can predict that type of thing). The Iraqi Dinar will eventually “settle” as its “normal” rate, and the guys predict that to be within 20 cents or so of the NEW Kuwaiti Dinar rate (post GCR).

Also, do some research on Google to see exactly what happened with the Kuwaiti Dinar when it revalued–it spiked up several fold before it “settled” at its “normal” rate.

Google the topic of the Kuwaiti RV and you will find a great deal of info including “charts” of how it spiked up and down over time. Fascinating stuff. I didn’t save any of it, but it’s there if you dig long enough.