Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 09:44
Baghdad / follow Baghdadi News / agency reported “Bloomberg” on Sunday, citing data from the Bank of International Accounting debt to international bodies and private companies increased from 100 trillion dollars. For comparison, the global GDP of $ 87. 18 trillion in 2013. Based on the data mentioned increased the debt of governments and private institutions increased by 30 trillion dollars since mid-2007 to mid-2013 from 70 to 100 trillion dollars.
Bank officials said that most of the international accounting bonds issued by international bodies which have increased the value of U. S. bonds traded on global markets since late 2007 from 4. 5 trillion to $ 12 trillion dollars.
The volume of trading of investment certificates issued by private companies globally during the period from 21 trillion dollars.
And increased resort to borrowing more after the bankruptcy of Lehman Prazerz American giant in 2008 as work on that interest rate cuts by central banks in order to encourage the growth of economies.
Based on the results of 2013 expressed government bonds reached Russia’s internal debt to 4. 358 trillion rubles (121 billion dollars) while the value of Russian external borrowing of $ 55. 75 billion.
The Bank established the International Court of Auditors, which is based in the Swiss city of Basel in 1930 and aims to provide assistance to central banks in the organization of cooperation between them. This bank also publishes macroeconomic research. End
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