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[daz] they’re gonna do it…..its gonna happen…the rates are great…its gonna be the best thing to ever happen to any of us….its gonna be AWESOME!

[diamondgirl] Ooh, if dreams becoming reality then we are really gonna RV soon as the plane I was in last night in my dreams landed…..

[BetsyC3] does anyone remember the scene in the original “Miracle on 34th Street” when a young Natalie Wood utters these words, “I believe, I believe” and then she saw the house that she asked Santa to bring her? Well, we are waiting for Santa to bring us our wish . . . Just hope it doesn’t wait til Christmas

[LeeEllisMusic] Tony: I am presently hearing as of the last 15min that plan A is still in motion. This is going to be a great weekend, one way or the other.
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[lxxxxxxx] So you didn’t wake up with an RV. How are you feeling today? You should be feeling like a muti-millionaire… That is all I will say.

 [August] Kano: 8:14 AM sorry phone call. ok ..ok…as of right now from my sources they dont see a thing wrong as i been saying for over a week…weds thru weekend… meaning sept 1 is the target date.. thats sun.. so im thinking writing on the wall sat night late..a sept 1 rv.. i dont know the date… no one does i am giving a window.. and our window since weds was gearing up and started the countdown like a shuttle with bad weather with the shuttle they can move it up or move it back but they need that clear window to get it up.. this rv is exact same way…ok enjoy ur weekend and pray..

toolkeeper] well as of 10:15 am Pacific time Thursday, Tony said that we are still a go on the Plan A higher rate. i wonder now, if Plan A is over, and we have shifted to plan B. Just asking.

[redhead1] I am at the point of Plan A – Plan B – Plan Z – let it go and I will deal with it

[square357] I read everyone’s intel a lot of times it might not be wut I want to here but I read it anyway and research it for myself … I respect tony mnt okie already blessed leochin and all that give us that extra peace of the puzzle !! It’s like the movie national treasure you get one clue then another and another then put them all together

[taj] funnyface think about the possibilities, maybe they are waiting for the weekend, during the holiday weekend. they can process far more of us when the banks are closed for regular business

Compassion] I try to remember to fight off the thought that tomorrow we will see this….putting that much energy into my belief will only make me feel a little disappointed, so I remember that this is REAL, that the UN put together a PLAN and we are at the end of that plan. They said that Iraq would revalue it’s currency by 2013…..this is our year! So keep reminding ourselves that this is not something we should have known about…but we do…and LORD willing we will prosper as well as the BIG GUYS! What a SUPERFANTASTIC DAY! :)

[wantingfreedom] Compassion LOL Great post . . Yes, we are blessed – I have a grateful heart, will change my lifes, other’s lives, our community, our country, and our world . . WOW!! LOL

 [sparrow] Compassion I agree.. with that said.. I do want to add this without the dinar and the hope it brings the past fails of plan a b c and d (onto e today hopefully it doesn’t fail) would be past discouraging…

[Compassion] wantingfreedom I can’t imagine how this would NOT change our economics in this country…..should be awesome. (Probably be a million jobs available at least, and many new busineses started) This is awesome.



[Papa Bear] Hope everyone is doing Great today. TGIF. Lets have a Blessed Day

[chefbear96] Papa Bear We are so blessed!! just think of folks who don’t have our dreams!!!

[nolaspice.] Morning everyone! Just doing a drive by to remind everyone that this is the only Friday you get this week! Make sure you make it count!

[tonto1] QOUTE FOR THE DAY !! Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity !! enjoy the day !!

[nolaspice.] It’s Friday. The choice is yours…. Grateful and happy….sad and bitter….

[terrib] redhead11 ur right not a scam… people just dont realize how dynamic this is

 [nolaspice.] It’s not a scam – but it’s not really our party. We got invited thru the kitchen lol. So we can either wait and be happy or wait and be mad. I find that mad puts wrinkles on my face. I prefer to wait happy and with grace! Whooo hoooo

[terrib] we had great intel from all yesterday but i didnt expect it last night

[ivy10] Randy koontz say anytime within the next 10 days. He is very conservative usually. :whoohoo:

[Papa Bear] Folks there is no negative news in Dinar Land so steady your course and prepare for your Fathers gift of abundance as my twin brother in Christ Bluwolf would say

[cashinqueen] Papa Bear do you believe in all the Reno intel??? Reality wake up call (3) “reno” Posted by exogen on August 30, 2013 at 2:19am . 1. All the secret reno intel was 100% not true 2. All the private exchanges at airport hangers was 100% not true 3. All the private aircraft for exchange was 100% not

 [cashinqueen] the reno traffic was for the reno “rodeos”

 [Papa Bear] cashinqueen SDR have been going on for lower levels and our time approaches

[TexasMom] Papa Bear :whoohoo: :whoohoo:




[Studmuffin] Warren Buffett on Gold in this month’s AARP magazine. Gold is a huge favorite of investors who fear almost all other assets, especially paper money. But what motivates most gold purchasers is their belief that the ranks of the fearful will grow. The world’s gold stock is 170,000 metric tons. If all of the gold were melded together, it would form a 68-foot-cube—and fit in a baseball infield. At $1,750 per once – gold’s price as I write this [last year]—its value would be $9.6 trillion. Call this cube pile A. Now crate pile B. For $9.6 trillion, we could buy all U.S. cropland (400 million acres producing $200 billion annually), plus 16 ExxonMobils (the world’s most profitable company, earning more than $40 billion annually). And we’d still have $1 trillion left over. Can you imagine an investor selecting pile A over pile B?

[dkg] I heard on tnt site this morning a rumor that if this doesn’t happen before Sunday 12am Iraq goes back into chapter7 so this has to get done

[dkg] Lets get this done today

 [nano36] dkg I am with you on that , today would be a great day for an RV

coolbreeeze] Good Morning all, I keep hearing, “Todays the day”! My source says Reno & china say Monday, cash out Tuesday, any input, anyone?

[magnum] coolbreeeze They say it will cash out Tuesday They just haven’t figured out in what month lol

[yabba dabba] just had a three way call with shab and M and myself…collect of course…said they would pay me back when it ce….everything is good…breathe and relax aliens are pulling the rv ce button soon…ty roflmao

[yabba dabba] inter galatic federation is beamin st germaine in for the final signature



jdtolle » August 30th, 2013     Think your best

Right now, you have the opportunity to choose your thoughts. And the thoughts you choose will have a direct impact on the life you live.

Your thoughts focus your awareness. The direction of your awareness determines which of life’s possibilities you see, explore, and fulfill.

The things you think about over and over again become crucial components of your reality. Take positive, purposeful, persistent control of your thoughts, and you can point your life in whatever direction you choose.

Your mind has great power. Use that power to bring more meaningful goodness into your life and your world.

Choose not to waste your valuable thoughts on meaningless and negative things. Instead, invest your thoughts each day so that they will lift life higher.

It’s amazing what you can think, and even more amazing where your thoughts can lead. Think of life at its very best, and you’re on your way to making it so.

— Ralph Marston       Wishing All a Safe and Blessed Holiday