Economists, intellectuals and journalists, launching an appeal to ask for acquittal

Saleh appearance: the government close the file of the bank to rescue the economy from the ‘risk’


BAGHDAD – Rubaie birthday

Day is the former deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, and 30 employees, in court for trial on charges of "corruption" and "waste of public money" and "manipulation of the price of the currency," while the face of economists and intellectuals, journalists and writers, appeal to advocate for and claim acquittal.

And accused the government last year, Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and his assistant, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, a large number of Modfa Bank to "deliberately wasting public money" and manipulation ERA Bank and the impact on the price of Aldnyar Iraq and announced warrants catch Shabibi and Saleh during their participation in an international conference outside the country.

And former MP of the Central Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview with "the world" yesterday he was "completely innocent" of the charges against him, describing it as "targeting the central bank and its symbols and its staff and try to Tmder the Iraqi economy."

"I am today not in a position to tell everything you know, so as not to be charged with another because of comments here and there, but I know very well that some political parties are behind the fierce campaign, which affected the central bank."

And added, "I do not deny the existence of corruption endures some of the people in the bank as is the case in all the institutions of the Iraqi state."

He continued, "but we deny the charges manipulation sales of the bank and say," It exceeded the need for the Iraqi economy, "which means that he needs is half the quantities sold, also deny the fluctuation of the exchange rate, which holds the bank despite the presence of external factors hit the economy and market local at the same time."

And between Saleh said that "there is political will try to change the bank officials and the use of others enjoy the loyalty of some of the political blocs at the expense of talent and personalities that have a long tradition in economic work."

He advised in favor of the government to close the file of the Central Bank as soon as possible for "the interests of Iraq and not to risk his economic future", as he put it.

And the appeals that will be presented during the trial, he said, "we will rely on the central bank law, paragraph 23, which gives immunity to the bank’s employees while performing their work, and what happened is a violation of this immunity and beyond the law."

He stressed that "the larger issue of manipulation and wasting public money, and a mistake to think that he knows the dimensions of what happened." "There are internal and external parties involved in the matter and taking advantage of targeting the CBI the reported one day in the diary."

He added that "the biggest proof of my words this is that the government experimented with many of the staff during the past few months and try to change the banking and financial policies but failed and the bank now works according to the mechanisms by which we walked through the years."

In parallel, the face of dozens of economists and Iraqi professionals and intellectuals on trial in favor of the appeal, demanding the "liberation from this legal arbitrariness."

According to the appeal, which received the "world," a copy of it, "after the campaign defamatory, which affected the central bank and the province of the article illegally nor unconstitutional, Dr. Sinan Shabibi, and his deputy, Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh and his arrest, and the arrest of a number of employees and staff of the Central Bank of each was responsible for the acts of executive auction of foreign currency to the Central Bank, now came the role of Deputy Governor appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, after he was released, to appear before the judiciary charges are not clear, and completed this series the absence of Iraqi competencies known for contributing to the formulation of monetary policy in Iraq, which has achieved remarkable stability exchange rate of the dinar After decades of Iraqi collapse."

He said the appeal "as it is known widely, the campaign on the last economic fortresses of professional work in the Iraqi state, the Central Bank of Iraq, with the aim of access to foreign currency reserves former conservative who stood against the use of illegal lending to the government."

He added that "the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh economic seasoned affairs of monetary policy and knows many people also through his meetings with the media, and has worked at the central bank since the seventies, and included in his work there, until he became vice-governor of the past few years, with contributions known in the economic literature Iraqi and others."

"We are Kaguetsadaan and professionals and intellectuals Iraqis, express strong concern, which continued to happen for a few months in targeting the central bank by targeting competencies and cadres professional, including our colleague Dr Mazhar, who stand in solidarity with him, and with Dr. Sinan Shabibi, however Messrs. Hassan Hashem al-Haidari, and Hazem star Ani who ruled unjustly for six months, in addition to the two women Fauzia Kazim Ali and Haifa Peter, of employees Bank who are still in jail for a few months without the right to their release on bail despite the conditions difficult humanitarian. and we demand their immediate release, Heroes and all prosecutions of illegal and unconstitutional against them, and returning all their rights as employees of the Central Bank. "

He Mtalego call to say, "We Kaguetsadaan and professionals and intellectuals Iraqis express once again our solidarity moral complete with a colleague Economic known appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, who is suffering from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases difficult for those in the age, and hold state and its judicial responsibility in the event that any deterioration in health. demand respect for the Central Bank Law issued on March 6, 2004 and applied to the staff of the Central Bank of Iraq and the liberation of this legal arbitrariness, their experience in the case of a lot of the staff respected central banks globally."…%26id22%3D8688

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