[Papa Bear] Calling all Mods Please hold board

[Papa Bear] Would like this to go to recaps immediately please . There is a malicous story out there that is on recaps about me having 2 friends with 100 million Dinar out in Reno that have cashed out. This is very wrong and someone is trying to drag my name through the mud and bring more confusion.

[Papa Bear] Folks those of you that know me know better than that.

[FLPatriot59] FYI… I just let the mod where i got the info know that it’s not true.

[Papa Bear] We have some bad folks involved in this. I would never put something out like this even if it was true which it isnt. It is a complete lie and my integrity is attacked.

 [FLPatriot59] That Mod just corrected the room.

[top_gun] FLPatriot59 ty for letting us know
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[top_gun] Papa Bear thank you very much for coming in to clarify that for the castle


FLPatriot59] The post containing info supposedly from Papa Bear is false, as given to me by another room’s Mod. He has since corrected the record in the past 10 minutes. As always, treat everything as rumor until proven otherwise.

[Mitzi] PapaBear, I hope this makes you feel a little better. I am reading the post that has you so upset and it only mentions your name in passing. It doesn’t say you did anything at all.


[Robertprofessor] Castle friends, I have some good news to share with you!!!! :bananadancers:

[Robertprofessor] Yesterday, I told you about my dad’s banking story at WF. That happened in the Colorado Springs area where one of the bank managers talked openly with my dad about the IQD and VND and that the downtown WF would be the place for him to go.

[Robertprofessor] Okay, a friend of mine in Denver called a few minutes ago with a story that about has me on my knees.

[Robertprofessor] Her brother is a senior VP of one of the downtown WF banks in Denver. He’s been with WF for 40 years. He believes the dinar is a total scam.

 [Robertprofessor] He called their mother about an hour ago with news of a raise he was given today by the senior president of WF for the area. They had breakfast together. The bank president said that he would have a major announcement for all his WF …

[Robertprofessor] … branches on Wednesday morning. He did not reference what it was about, but that it was very big. He spent breakfast talking about the days ahead for WF and how the company will be one of the leading banks in the world.

[dojon] Robertprofessor Is he eating CROW?

[Texastwc] Robertprofessor when is announcement??

[Texastwc] Robertprofessor THAT is awesome!!!!

[WCW] all cards are loaded in iraq all we need is rv rv imo imo imo

[Robertprofessor] This brother of my friend still knows nothing about what is coming. He does not believe in the dinar at all. I got his sister into this investment and she has not convinced him it’s for real. She approached him once and he scoffed. So that was his chance for it.

[Texastwc] Robertprofessor I think a lot of folks will wish they had a chance

[Robertprofessor] So, there it is. Two bank stories from the Front Range of Colorado, two different cities, all completely different people in both stories. Sounds like an rv to me!

Hannah] Robertprofessor I like that bank story …. a lot! Thanks for sharing. And I love that tomorrow is Wednesday!!!

[KajunRedBull] Robertprofessor ….What makes you think this “Announcement” from WF will relate to the rv I only ask because this negative high roller was not told anything by his boss….

sandytob] KajunRedBull can you think of something else the announcement might be about????rofl

[Robertprofessor] KajunRedBull No way to know if the announcement has anything to do with the rv, but nothing like this has happened in the 40 years my friend’s brother has worked for WF.


FLPatriot59] TREAT AS RUMOR: July 16, 2013 @ 5.54 pm….should be live by the time banks close in Hawaii…delay was ISX integration…[Stage2Omega]–This is current as of today.

[FLPatriot59] Whcih, if you think about it, the ISX happened yesterday morning. If there was a glitch then they worked on it yesterday, tested it again today, and voila, we’re good to go. Purely speculation on my part!