] ARMYVET] i just got the hush from WF. they have been intstructed to abide by their corperate confedentiality policy effective immediatly for the next 24 hours until released by HQ. HERE WE GO!!!

[oilerfan] ARMYVET so they have been told to say nothing about the RV for 24 hrs.??? just missed that

[ARMYVET] the times are showing. they are pinging the countries for the showing as we speak

[iwannarv] ARMYVET you are seeing it first hand

[SonoMan23] ARMYVET any idea when that is expected to be completed

[ARMYVET] brother-in-law is. the rates on their watchers pop in then out. its an indication. shows not “internet” but”intranet” activity on the trade systems

[iwannarv] ARMYVET yes ive been told its been doing that for some time now

[ARMYVET] they arent real. its a watcher ticker. kinda a ghost in a sence

[iwannarv] just goes to show everything is ready on our side just waiting for the release from iraq

[bm15vb79] how long have they been doing that for iwannarv
Read More Link on Right

[iwannarv] bm15vb79 oh about 6 or 7 months

[iwannarv] just indicates our systems are ready for it

 [bm15vb79] well thats good, at least we know this is the real deal

[bm15vb79] just dont know when lol

[iwannarv] bm15vb79 well no one does but with all the news out of cbi and finance ministers they are pushing harder than ever

[ARMYVET] lol looking at the hush. if they are to keep quiet, 12 hours is 2am. HUMMM we have heard that witching hour before huh?

[beudful1] ARMYVETwhat state does your brother-in-law work in at WF?

[ARMYVET] houston

[beudful1] Armyvet Cool!

[ARMYVET] WF regional office resolution teams

[beudful1] ARMYVET I’m in CA but that’s really exciting news!

 [wtfsmdh] ARMYVET so hush for 12 hours

[beudful1] wtfsmdh Too hard to hush at this point!

[wtfsmdh] beudful1 to hard for anything right about now

[beudful1] wtfsmdh Exactly my sentiments!

 [ARMYVET] no matter how u look at this, its happening. so to say otherwise is retarded. if not tonight, this week, or this month. its happening this quarter

[beudful1] ARMYVET Thank God, and not a moment too soon when it does appear!

[ARMYVET] so BUTTON PUSHERS stop the junk. we know its happening. the hush is to keep the majority of the population from jumping on the boat and effecting the big pictures

 [ARMYVET] this is what i got this AM. ok so all B S aside. for those that are on the coaster of a daily disappointment. the one thing it was explained to me was that..

 [jimt] r1 v1 SOON

 [Integact1] ARMYVET i appreciate the info, glad you got it this am we are then already into the 24 hr window.

 [ARMYVET] lets say it doesnt show tonight, tomarrow whatever. its not that some gurus are full of it. its that thay are informed the required measures are done. PLEASE remember its a process. so that being said. i can way this as a FACT. and you done hear me say that….

ARMYVET] all a guru is is a person with contacts and ability to research. 90% of their input is an opinion based on a trended fact or observation by an experienced third party. So you cant shoot the messanger. plus if ya take in the the calculated fact if only 10% is true. there is still fact there. and that 10% is still being denied



(WCW) TREAT AS RUMOR: i just got the hush from WF. they have been intstructed to abide by their corperate confadentiality police effective immediatly for the next 24 hours until released by HQ. HERE WE GO!!!!

[WCW] armyvet

[RayT] WCW What is the “Corporate Confidentiality Police”??

 [WCW] RayT must be nda agreement

[WCW] b5blu i sure hope that this is true i m ready to get it over with

 [b5blu] WCW sounds great so far    

 [WCW] well i just wanted to share i thought it sounded good we wait and see


lgtennis] This is a global reset its massive

 [beudful1] lgtennis So is our pres done, and China done…anyone else in the way holding it up or is it a total GO

 [lgtennis] beudful1 go anytime now

[musiclady] lgtennis lgtennis lgtennis yes but also remember the un only gave them one day extention. Which was yesterday, if that be the case they can’t keep holding this without another extention. Think about it.

 [lgtennis] They are waiting on the go

 [lgtennis] musiclady well yes but i bleive that all to be smoke

[beudful1] lgtennis Who is waiting on the go?

[ [lgtennis] beudful1 iraq is waiting on the go

 [beudful1] lgtennis From?

[aussie1] is china the hold up still?

 [lgtennis] CHINA IMF

 [beudful1] lgtennis And what are China and IMF doing?

[lgtennis] They are making sure things are done right

lgtennis] This needs to be done right and the freaking us did nothing to prepare for this

[lgtennis] With alll that said though

 [lgtennis] Bluwolf is right on

beudful1] lgtennis And the real truth is what? Is this happening now? Is this going to go on forever with this stupid global reset?

 [lgtennis] beudful1 happening now

 [lgtennis] But china had to clean up the mess for the us

[lgtennis] Taken 2 freaking years for that to be done

Avery] lgtennis And is the mess cleaned up?

[lgtennis] No they have cleaned it up finally or we wouldnt be here right now


I4U Forum:

[justaguy] I talked to my banker and he said I don’t have to sign an NDA, but I do have to pinkie promise.


7-16-13 FLPatriot59: This just in folks – pls treat as a rumor as everything else until it is CONFIRMED: “they are testing the global reset AS WE SPEAK! If all passes, we should have our global reset between 10pm – 2am EST.”

All of the tail-tell signs of the GCR are in play. Parliament, CBI, all the 3-letter agencies here in the USA are saying the IQD is going to be international. No doubt in anyone’s mind that the IQD will pass Kuwait; high rates quoted ($5-6) are not high.

Maliki has actually said this is to happen and happen now. The articles are over – nothing left to write or report from articles.

Contact at WF today on call earlier today. Banker said his particular WF branch is not handling the CE. Atlanta has a lot. Some locations in NC are. Not every branch will. They are finalizing the last minute steps of the security at the CE locations.

The GCR is complete and has been going thru the system since 8PM last Friday. As of today nothing has changed per the contact. Based on all the info (not-guru info only), the RV is now here.

IMF contacts have told us they are right in line with the other info and they are saying it is happening right now.