[millionday] this is one of the articles that i grabbed as it was posted — let me explain some of what the meaning is for us

    [millionday] Counting academic economic Essam cards use electronic payment as the phenomenon of civilized aims to reduce the use of banknotes. Called told (morning): the need to mainstream work out and expand their use to include paying bills and shopping from the big markets deployed in the province of Baghdad and the rest of the other provinces .

pointing out that there is a desire among some owners of those markets using electronic payment systems as represented by the ease in getting money and traded in this way, as well as it’s healthy and in place in most countries of the world., and expressed the hope that this will be a free service for citizens shoppers and without any commission.

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     [millionday] this is what this means and it is large — the entire country is now hooked to their data system as it is very clear here due to the desire of the market owners to be a part of this and  also the electronic system is not going to be introduced in sections

    [millionday — this will allow for the entire banking and atms ect to be joined in activation due to the fact that they are all combined in the advanced system we have seen developed here and

    [ROBINREDHED] so all at once?

    millionday] the point that they will be able to shop anywhere that has the swipe consumer market system in their store — this minimizes any dictatorship in shopping and also allows electronic loading — now let me touch on that subject

    [millionday] the gov data system in also as a whole — it can not be activated as in just this part or that — this means that the gov benefits will be transferred onto the cards by electronic data system and that my friends means and validates that the banking reform and economic reform system has been approved

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    [millionday] yes this will allow them to use the cards and also will at the same time allow the banking that transfers this money to also have all of their data system in place and active

    [millionday] this is huge to see electronic banking and purchasing power and also gov benefits coming out —    obviously the news we gave you days ago about the banking approval from world bank and the goi and cbi and the imf was validated in this little bitty paragraph      whooop whoooop

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    [Domino] millionday Is it active or “will be soon”

    [millionday] so will the widow pay and the welfare and social security be done before the reinstatement of their dinar rate being real? not in my opinion — and i tell you why

    millionday] the amount of proceeds from the oil profits going to the citizens go to all citizens — this means they can be in the US, Iraq , china ect — so they will be able to access money internationally so in my opinion — this means we are very very close

    [ROBINREDHED] very very?

    sunnyca] millionday so it’s not active yet?

    [IamBlessed] oh yeah!!!!

    [millionday] if you travel and you have social security do you get your card loaded? —- YES

    [purecountry] can you hang on for a sec? Im trying to get down from the ceiling

    [millionday] they seem to be telling the citizens that this is being activated but lets look some more before we try to see how close     [millionday] brb  with more   purecountry smile

    [faith1] any concerns that most people do not use banks,, and retailers are (most ) not set up for card transactions.. will this force the people to utilize the banks / ??

    [millionday] this will be used to up the services that they do get at the banks and familiarize the citizen that has not used them

    [wmawhite] faith1 …..the told us that the larger merchants are set up.   the article

    [Godsalli/Jim] Build it and they will come

    [millionday] this is a goal due to the international banking that is coming in to play and being introduced into iraq — they need for the shares on the stock market to go up and with any business that is only done with more products sold and used so this is a marketing technique      brb with more  huge smile

    [millionday] now here is another one that was brought earlier that i grabbed to explain

    [millionday] wow what a great team we have thanks girls — our mods rock

    [millionday] Honored by the Association of private banks in Iraq, Iraqi Central Bank Governor Dr. Abdul Basit Turki Saeed granting Shield Association during a working breakfast hosted by the Association of Hotel Ishtar. And banquet was attended by a number of members of the House of Representatives and heads of professional bodies and a number of government officials and the general managers of the banks,

government and heads of boards of directors private banks and the staff of the Central Bank and a number of businessmen. gave the President of the Association of private banks in Iraq, Adnan al-Chalabi, a speech welcoming attendees pointing to the role of conservative care and entrusting the Iraqi banking system.

    [millionday] now we have a meeting with all of these people attending — just take a second and read who we are talking about and try to think of why they would be meeting

    [millionday] banquet was attended by a number of members of the House of Representatives and heads of professional bodies and a number of government officials and the general managers of the banks, government and heads of boards of directors private banks and the staff of the Central Bank and a number of businessmen. gave the President of the Association of private banks in Iraq, Adnan al-Chalabi

    [millionday] now let me say before i bring the rest of it    we know by many press releases that the goi and cbi are working together to make this successful and this my friends is a very important meeting that we would love to be at — smile

    [ROBINREDHED] i wasnt invited but i would have attended

    [millionday] >>>>>>> Chalabi stressed that the goals that seeks Association to achieve does not depart from those adopted by the central bank.

In a speech stressed the central bank governor importance of deepening cooperation between the banks and the central bank to achieve the goals that are in the framework of progress and development of the Iraqi economy, and hoped to continue to banks in the correct track towards performance better serve the national interests.

were private banks have responded to the directions of the central bank and its quest to reduce the dollar exchange rate and succeeded in restoring stability.

    [millionday] so this is what we have  – we have a meeting that the goals of the country are discussed and the role of cbi to achieve those goals and how they are all going to work together to achieve economic goals through reform and also to change the rate of the dinar to the USD   restoring stability is huge when you look at those words in what we are waiting for

    [deaconfuzz] millionday this deepening cooperation goes along with the article that said the banks were bringing the dinar rate to 1180    IMO

    [millionday] restoration is what we are waiting for and here is a huge meeting all about that

    [Godsalli/Jim] Think 1180 if you want   

    [deaconfuzz] Godsalli/Jim the article from last week

    [millionday] the banks that were moving the rate to 1180 were trying to get business and bring in customers as they have been instructed – they need to get as many in as they can because of this other thing i have to say    let me address this

    [millionday] last week we brought you at news time a press release and speech by maliki stating that any companies that are trying to get into the isx or merge need to do it now and this is why he said —

 the entry to the world market with their isx will make a greater impact the larger and more loaded it is so hurry hurry and get your selves in there as fast as you can so the isx is as attractive as it can be for the support of the country`s reform and also the confidence of the dinar

    [millionday] now that is not meaning on down the road — he meant — get on board and make history with your country    so imo

    [millionday] the respect and pride of the country currency will bring the dollar off the market even if it matches in country in buying power — the citizens are going to be very prideful of the changes coming in many reforms

    [millionday] infrastructure will bring many jobs and the change in the cost of living is exciting — they will gain pride in the “new Iraq” — as would we

    millionday] so that is the two i saw that were very interesting to me so great job girls in bring them in for news time   brb with more

    [millionday] i would like to add something to what i was explaining about the meeting that occurred


    [millionday] the shield association of private banks should have been explained as i am not sure if everyone understands how exciting that is and what they do     here is what they do here

    [millionday] Home > Customer Service for Personal Banking Customer Service for Personal Banking Answers should be easy to find. Browse our top customer service questions below. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us by the method most convenient for you. Online and Mobile Banking • • • • • • • • • Personal Banking General • • •  • Checking and Savings • • • • • Check Cards• • • • • • • Credit Cards • • • •• • • • • • • Home Mortgage • • • • • • • Home Equity Lines and Loans • • • • • • Auto, Boat, RV Loans, Leases • • • • • • • Student Loans • • Report Account or Card Issues

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    [millionday] how good is that ? do we get a big whooop whooop or what   smile


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    [millionday] so that is the development of all services department

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    [millionday] smile    very nice to see them at that meeting so glad i caught the news that was posted here earlier —    brb

    [millionday] Iraq agreed to extend the mandate of the UN mission in Iraq, “UNAMI” for a period of one year. Has informed the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim, the approval of the Government of Iraq to extend the mandate “UNAMI.”

Said a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry received “morning,” a copy of him on Sunday, said the decision came during a Security Council session last on Iraq to surround the periodic report and the last to Martin Kobler Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of Mission of Nations to help Iraq,

which ended his mission in Iraq. Ambassador in his speech thanked the Government and people of Iraq on the assistance provided by the Mission to Iraq also gave thanks to Martin Kobler, wishing him progress and success in his future work.

    [millionday] and dont miss a word of this

    [millionday] Anticipating Financial Committee member MP/Kurdistan blocs Coalition/Jimmy is capable, the alara the dinar exchange rate and dramatically against the u.s. dollar after the action taken by the Central Bank of Iraq and of the provisions of Chapter VII.

 He said capable (News Agency): that the Central Bank would take new procedures and controls which supports the stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar, which would be a correction of errors that occurred during the past period and the Bank that led to the decline of the dinar.

    [millionday] He added: the departure of Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN contribute significantly to support the dinar exchange rate because it will stimulate trade and economic movement of the country with various countries of the world so it will reflect positively on the dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies.

 The Central Bank announced its intention to adopt new procedures and controls for the sale of hard currency to support and stabilize the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar

    [millionday] so not sure who jimmy is but we like him i am sure but lets talk about this

    [millionday] the comment i made earlier about maliki going to kurdistan and then directly after that barzani is following him to meet in iraq makes sense due to this — we have of course an agreement with kurdistan to activate the new mechanisms and controls to stabilize the rate of the dollar and the dinar which will also effect the rate to all countries which would only happen with a redenomination and a direct result of that action

    [ROBINREDHED] it sure does

    [millionday] and i guess i should not say agreement because they dont have to agree — cbi is in control of that but we have working gov in all areas and the plans to move forward with reforms due to the fact that — the money comes from there — in laymen terms     smile

    [millionday] so that is what we have for you on this great Sunday evening and i have to say — i love it all

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