Once again we at Dinar Recaps needs to reiterate our policies and what we do… We are getting many, many comments and emails complaining, whining and bashing Recaps, Intel Providers, Sites, the Intel, the Universe or whatever they can think of  at the time…

We just RECAP what is being said by Intel Providers, Site Members and sources. We do not write anything. We try to put the News, Opinions and Rumors in an easy to read format so people without much time can stay caught up on this Currency Investment and stay encouraged. If Recaps is slow and has few posts that just means that no one in Dinarland is talking much at the time.

We have been getting so many mean, rude emails and comments asking why we do not post their rude, mean comments and let us ask you this…… Why did many Intel Providers Quit sharing what they know with Dinarland?

Could it be they got sick and tired of being bashed and ridiculed?   We have heard that from several of them who have asked not to be posted anymore.

So we can keep a positive format where Intel Providers feel safe and comfortable sharing their news and Rumors with us…or we could let you snarky bashers have a free for all with all your negativity and name-calling so that there are no more Intel Providers, or news about the IQD/VND…. And we could all just sit and look at each other wondering what the heck is going on…

We at Recaps are investors too (investors long before Recaps), and want to hear everything and make up our own minds what to believe. We know the majority of our readers feel the same way.

So, in closing Recaps would like to suggest that you people spewing venom and negativity at us ….just save yourself the frustration of not getting posted and find something better to do with your time…Bashing and whining will not make the RV come any sooner. Also if you are dissatisfied with Dinar Recaps we will be more than happy to refund EVERY penny what you paid to receive our service.

We are very grateful and appreciate all the Intel Providers and want to thank them for their generosity in sharing their updates with us all.

Thank you for reading Dinar Recaps and we hope that all our dreams come true very soon.

The Dinar Recaps Team