8-10-2013 Kaperoni:    That being said, the good news is he (Maliki) apparently realizes that the dinar must become internationally convertible soon and have some value. I’ll take a float because we all know it should rise fairly quickly. And I stand by the IMF documents that fully support the IMF in their new “target.” which is clearly outlined as “liberalizing the foreign exchange market.”

8-10-2013 Kaperoni:  Article: “The economy: the Iraqi dinar will see an improvement in price against the dollar during the coming period”

The original plan in 2011 and again 2012 was a RV at 1 to $1 or about. It was called a “staging rate” and is well documented in these forums. I would love that to be the plan, but the article…confirms that is not going to happen. Maliki has not budged on his policy and he is not going to give “overnight” value to the dinar.

Kazem Al-Shammari calls for setting a date to reset Iraqi currency

09 Aug 2013

Kazem Al-Shammari, spokesperson of white parliamentary bloc has urged for making an appointment to reset the Iraqi currency.

In a press statement, Al-Shammari stated that the high volume of reserves of Iraq from foreign currency to $ 76 billion in addition to the 30 tons of gold bullion, and out of Iraq from Chapter VII, make it necessary to set a date to reset the Iraqi currency.

He further added that the investment of this reserve big help to raise the value of the Iraqi currency compared to foreign currencies.

It will also help to reduce the price of the essential commodities in the general Iraqi market as most of the Iraqi goods are being exported from the foreign nations.

This will help the common Iraqis who are struggling to but essential commodities with the price rise due to high exchange rate of Iraqi dinar in compare to foreign currency, like the US dollar.

To improve the overall living standards of the common Iraqis, it is very much necessary to reset Iraqi currency, as opined by Al-Shammari.

To some extent, due to low price in the marketplace for the commodities will also eradicate crimes and terrorism issues from the country, as hoped by Al-Shammari!

Updated 09 Aug 2013 | Soruce: Mustakbal | By S.Seal


Shahristani has close to him his intention to resign

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s Press -10 father / August:

confirmed close to the Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani he intends to resign from his position on the background of differences that are affecting larger areas with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

He revealed politician close to Shahristani’s / Iraq Press / day, Saturday, that "Deputy Prime Minister feels frustration and inability to work together with al-Maliki and the gap that occurred with the prime minister grow day after day, and it became difficult for him to perform his work properly and supervision of the file Iraq’s energy to optimize.

A political source said the beginning of the block again that "Shahristani told him of his intention to resign because that would be available to him and his bloc in the upcoming parliamentary elections," he said, adding that he "can publicly declare his innocence of the government’s mistakes."

He was Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki launched an offensive publicly harsh on his deputy, Hussein al-Shahristani accused it provide incomplete information for a file of power while reports said again

that "al-Maliki rejected what he believed was a conspiracy it when told Khalid al-Attiyah member bloc independent members of Congress that al-Shahristani is the alternative the right of the owners at the head of the Iraqi government. "

It is noted that al-Shahristani, who serves as Deputy Prime Minister and oversees the ministries of oil and electricity and heads the ministerial committee on energy has come under attack from political parties

different in terms accuse Kurds of obstructing their contracts with oil companies world while accusing the Sadrists failing to file energy, and became al-Maliki is seen now he was a political aspirant rivaled the post of prime minister


Jassim شنكالي: the need to open branches of foreign banks in Iraq, the fact that the goal of most private banks "brokerage" 10-08-2013 11:05 AM Baghdad (news) ..

A member of the Economic Commission Kurdistan Alliance MP Jassem شنكالي, the banking sector in Iraq is very modest and Ajriqa to the level of other countries, stressing the need to open branches of foreign banks in Iraq.

added شنكالي (of the Agency news): Iraq needs to the opening of branches of foreign banks are known at the level of the world, especially the existence سيلفت view of international banks to Iraq, in addition to that it will enter the heads of big money working on the development of the banking sector and the expansion of investment projects.

said: that more banks Iraqi civil is ‘brokerage’ no more but less and do not have any real policy خاصتا at auction the central bank is to buy the dollar price and sell at another, as well as it’s the primacy interest personal interests of citizens.

said: that private banks do not have the possibility to attract big investors, and thus open foreign banks helps to bring these investors what possessed of sufficient funds to meet the need investment.

consists of the banking system in Iraq from forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by ownership between (7) state banks and (30) Bank of my family, including (7) Islamic banks in addition to (6) of foreign banks


The source of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Talabani talks about the return to Iraq after the feast

Saturday, August 10 / August 2013 16:21 Twilight News /

A source in the party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, on Saturday, the existence of intent to re-Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in the country after the Eid al-Fitr.

The source said in an interview with "Twilight News" that "senior leaders in the party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan talking about intentions and perhaps also preparations for the return of President Jalal Talabani to the country."

The source, who asked not to refer to named to the sensitivity of the issue that "it is likely that this step is done in a maximum period of two weeks shortly after Eid al-Fitr holiday."

The source, who declined to give further details, saying only that "the current health status of Talabani allows moving to the country and the completion of receiving treatment," he said, stressing that "the aircraft will be reduced by Talabani will go immediately to Sulaymaniyah."

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani had suffered a stroke mid-December last year, and since then transfer to a German hospital for treatment.

He called the Supreme Judicial Council on May 13 last Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi take legal action regarding the absence of President Jalal Talabani for his position.

Iraqi law stipulates that in the event of confirmation of physicians similar to the President of the Republic of healing and its ability to carry out its work, it is absent presidential office is not considered free and can, according to the return it to fill the office that replaced during the period of absence his deputy Khudair Alkhozai

.Reports speak quite a few time ago that Talabani’s absence from the political arena leave a clear impact on the general political situation in Iraq, as well as the impact significantly on the internal situation of his party.



Iraq economically declining due to corruption, despite owning 26% of the total global energy

Baghdad / File News:

experts believe that the classification of Iraq ranked 92 globally in the economy according to statistics institute Igtom British due to the lack of solutions to the problems of projects lagging, while stressing a member of the Economic Commission that corruption is behind this decline, despite Iraq’s possession of 26% of the total global energy .

Showed statistics from the Institute for Igtom British, and seen by the "File News", "Iraq solution ranked 92 globally in the economy, as was ranked 125 in business opportunities, as the ability to start a business in Iraq does not exceed 56%."

Statistics indicated that "government efforts to tackle poverty is estimated at 26%, compared to the volume of foreign investments is estimated at 5.9%."

He predicted an economist worn out greeting structures, due to the diagnosis of mistakes without leaving any solutions, while stressing that the accumulation of problems lagging projects stalled and laws will be of impossibility resolved in record time.

The expert said Ahmed al-Husseini said in an interview to the "View News", "survival of the House of Representatives and the government in the diagnosis of errors and bugs in important projects in the country,

in particular the service without Etienne by her cause Pthalk structures greeting day after day," stressing that "the accumulation of problems these projects will be of impossibility resolved in record time, despite the need for the country to development and reconstruction. "

He explained: "The House of Representatives committees, economic, and financial services disorder diagnosed in projects and laws and they identify with precision, but without going out by".

The expert added that "these committees often blames the political and security situation, and of course you can not ignore those files, but does not prevent from asking solutions possible taking and implemented on the ground, especially with service projects, which has become a burden on the Iraqi people."

For his part, member of the Economic Commission MP Mahma Khalil told "View News", "This decline is due to the prevalence of corruption in state institutions," adding that "state funds do not go into the fields of economy, but go into the pocket whales corruption."

He explained: "The Iraqi Statistics, proved that the financial and administrative corruption is prevalent in all the institutions of the state, and we see there is a steady decline in economic growth, despite Iraq’s possession of 26% of the total global energy."

He said Khalil: "Iraq is in addition to the energy possessed wealth of human, agricultural and religious tourism, assisted on the economic recovery in the event of eradicating corruption," calling "the government and parliament, clerics and intellectuals to to fight this phenomenon to develop and build this country."

The budget for Iraq in 2013 amounting to 138 trillion dinars (equivalent to 118.6 billion U.S. dollars).

http://www.almalaf-news.com/ar/index…اق يتراجع اقتصاديا بسبب الفساد رغم امتلاكه 26% من مجمل الطاقة العالمية