Will the US Dollar Limit the Upside for Crude Oil?

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The US Dollar Index rose 0.22% to 93.14 on October 16. It's near a one-week high. The US dollar (UUP) rose due to the rise in US Treasury yields.

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US senator warns the Iraqi government: Do not misunderstand it will have serious consequences

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US Senator John McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on Tuesday warned the government of Iraq of "serious consequences" for any misuse of weapons it obtained from the United States against Kurdish forces.

"The United States has provided equipment and training to the Iraqi government to fight against the external threats and not to attack elements of one of its regional governments, which is an old and valued partner of the United States," McCain was quoted as saying.

"Do not misunderstand, there will be serious consequences if our vision of US equipment continues to be misused in this way," he said.

US President Donald Trump said Monday that his country "does not favor the current conflict" between Arbil and Baghdad, while noting that it "does not favor" any of them.

The Iraqi security forces entered the city of Kirkuk, under the guidance of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, aimed at imposing the rule of law in the province, which took control about a year ago, the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, a month after the authorities in the Kurdistan region to referendum secession from Iraq.


Parliamentary finance reveals the size of the deficit by the budget of 2018

A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary MP Hossam al-Aqabi, on Tuesday, the size of the deficit in the budget for the year 2018 next.

"The size of the deficit in the budget for the year 2018 next will be the same size of the deficit in the budget of 2017 current, among his committee has not yet discussed the law of the budget next year as it is still in the hands of the government.

"He added that "the reason for the deficit remains unchanged in the budget next year is the adoption of the country on oil revenues only." The deficit in the current budget of 2017 was 21 trillion dinars.


In the shadow of the collapse of the economy of Kurdistan. $ 400 thousand monthly salary Barzani

"The news agency Eckord highlighted the huge salary of the head of the illegal Kurdistan Massoud Barzani, compared to the salaries of Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

""Barzani’s salary is $ 400,000 a month," the report said. The salaries of both Obama and Trump did not exceed 30,000 thousand dollars a month, or 360,000 dollars annually, and the annual budget of Kurdistan does not exceed 8 billion dollars, and the annual budget of America is about 14 trillion dollars.

The agency noted that Barzani governs only three provinces, including 5 million people. Trump and Obama govern 50 states, with about 307 million people.

Barzani’s salaries are considered to be in violation of the general salary lawsThe salary of the governor of France is 26,000 dollars per month, the governor of the United Kingdom 23.500 thousand dollars per month, the ruler of Turkey 12.300 thousand dollars, while Japan, the salary of its ruler 16,500 thousand dollars, Barzani comes second in the world among the highest rulers, An adult of 430,000 dollars.

The agency concluded its report, noting that the failure to allocate a specific budget to the rulers of Kurdistan indicates failure and lack of planning, in light of the collapse of the economy of Kurdistan.