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Diala State Company, which is part of Iraq’s Ministry of Industry and Minerals, has announced opportunities to invest in a steam iron factory and a ceiling fan factory.

(Source: National Investment Commission)

By John Lee.

Ur State Company, which is part of Iraq’s Ministry of Industry and Minerals, has announced an opportunity to invest in the rehabilitation of an aluminium factory.

(Source: National Investment Commission)

By John Lee.

The 12th Economic Forum of the Iraqi-French Council of Businessmen [Iraqi-French Business Council] was held recently in Baghdad.

Dr. Sami Al Araji, Chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC) opened the forum with a welcoming speech to the attendees including the Iraqi Minister of Trade, French State Minister for the Foreign Trade Affaires, the Iraqi Governor of the Central Bank and a number of governors, Vice Ministers, Consultants, Director Generals, Heads of Provinces’ Councils, Chairmen of Commercial Chambers and Unions, company owners and businessmen.

Mr. Jack Batist Lomowan, French State Minister for the Foreign Trade Affaires concentrated in his speech on the deep relation between the two countries and the serious wish of both governments to enhance this relation in various fields disregarding the big challenges Iraq is facing now.

He considered this meeting as a step towards the next donors’ conference in Kuwait. He also mentioned the most important French companies which are interested in working in Iraq in addition to the new ones that are eager to start business here. Oil & Gas, energy, water, and infrastructure are main sectors in Iraq in addition to agro industries and medication plus having the French TALS Co. for fund Insurance and protection for the French companies working in Iraq as France has landed Iraq $450-billion aiming at supporting the Iraqi-French relations specially after the Iraqi Prime Minister visit to Paris last October.

He ended his speech by referring to the importance of mutual trust bursting from real political desire of the two leaders to move ahead with the two countries relation and find mutual responsibility and in common interests.

Mr. Raghib R. Blaibil, head of The Iraqi- French Council of Businessmen, considered this forum is a precious opportunity for Iraqi and French businessmen to meet and discuss the fruitful business potential for both sides. He also mentioned the improvement in the economic situation after defeating ISIS in Iraq and the victory our security forces achieved on the ground.

The will be for reconstructing, bringing the displaced back to their homes and the elevated oil price are strong factors encouraging us to invite the French companies to work and invest all over Iraq strongly and freely with no hesitation or fear.

Mr. Blaibil addressed the French airlines companies to start a direct line between Baghdad and Paris after the Iraq opened its airs to the international civil aviation.

The Iraqi-French Council of Businessmen representative Mr. Arnold Brolack inquired about sectors Iraq is willing to invest with the French side and what Iraqi aid is available to achieve tangible results after unifying the two parties’ views.

Mr. Ali Al Alaq, Governor of the Central Bank, long speech emphasized on the successful financial policies of the Central Bank of Iraq during the past years. These policies, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, saved Iraq from the sudden oil price drop shock and unstable economic situation.

Dr. Mahir Hamad, Vice Minister of Finance, and Mr. Faisal Al Haimis, Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq gave their speeches too.

Dr. Sami R. Al Araji ended the first session works with a detailed presentation of strategic opportunities available for investment in Iraq.

The second session started later where bilateral discussions between the Iraqi and the French parties in different economic sectors took place.

French Alstom Transport Co. signed two memoranda of understanding with local governments in Baghdad and Basra provinces to build modern metro with international specifications.

(Source: National Investment Commission)

French company Alstom has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Iraqi government for the development of urban transport in Baghdad and Basra.

The MoU was signed during the Franco-Iraqi government authorities meeting, in the presence of Dr.Sami Al Araji, Head of National Investment Commission (NIC) of Iraq and Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, French Secretary of State.

The MoU covers two major projects. The first project is to implement a 20 km Elevated Train in Baghdad, with the supply of rolling stock, electromechanical systems, tracks, associated civil works. The light rail system would link Al-Mustansirya, AlShab, Al-Wazyria, Alsarafia AlEtafia bridge, Al-Khadumia, AlMuthana airport and Al-Alawi.

The second project focuses on the development of the Metro System in Basra, which consists of two elevated lines of approximately 30km each, 15 stations and one depot for each line from North to South, from Zubair to Shat Alarab and from East to West, from Karma to the Desert.

These projects would significantly contribute to the development of the country’s urban infrastructure and national economy.

“We appreciate the opportunity to develop industrial cooperation with the Republic of Iraq, in order to better address the country’s needs for urban transportation. Alstom is ready to bring its innovative technologies and sees the signature of this MoU as a first step towards the development of a long-term partnership with Iraq”, said Bernard Peille, Managing Director of Alstom in Western & Central Asia.

Alstom is already well established in the Middle East & Africa Region with more than 3,800 employees, 1,800 suppliers and present in more than 15 countries in the region with offices and joint-ventures in Algeria, Morocco, South Africa and Kazakhstan.

(Source: Alstom)

By John Lee.

Iraq’s State Company for Steel Industries, which is owned by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, has announced an investment opportunities to participate in the management and production of the following projects in accordance with the requirements fixed in the investment profiles:

  • Sandwich Panel production
  • Built-up sections and bridge girders production
  • Metal chains production
  • Air filters for power plants

The company invites investors, financiers and specialized companies to participate in these important opportunities because of the need for these products in the Iraqi and foreign markets.

Those willing to participate should visit the company’s main office or its website to obtain the investment profiles, in whole or in part, bearing in mind that bids are to be submitted on the company’s website or by e-mail, at the end of the official working hours of Sunday, 10.12.2017.

Those wishing to participate may consult the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / Investment dept., as well as the company’s main office if you need detailed information or have a legal or technical inquiries or a field visit to the announced projects; you may contact through:,  .

(Source: NIC)

Iraq Britain Business Council holds successful Autumn Conference in Dubai

Following on from the first Iraq Britain Business Council conference in Dubai in 2016, the IBBC was delighted to host its Autumn Conference in the UAE once again. The event was strongly supported by the UAE authorities.

Alongside Baroness Nicholson, the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Iraq and President of the IBBC, the conference was opened by H.E. Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Saleh, Under Secretary for Foreign Trade and Industry, UAE Ministry of Economy.

H.E. Mr. Abdulla reminded delegates that non-Oil & Gas related trade between the UAE and Iraq had already passed 11 Billion USD in 2016, with Dubai in particular being a hub for local and international companies in the region.

H.E. Mr. Abdulla firmly believes that the UAE’s role in the rebuilding of Iraq will continue to expand and expressed his wish to cooperate with organisations such as the IBBC to accomplish this crucial task.

Vikas Handa, IBBC UAE Representative and the Managing Partner of the Emirati Company DrillTech, warmly thanked the minister and stated that the IBBC stands ready to work even more closely with the UAE in Iraq.

The Government of Iraq sent a high calibre ministerial delegation led by H.E. Mr Qasim Al-Fahdawi, The Minister of Electricity, to the conference. The delegation included H.E. Mrs Ann Naufi Aussi Balbool, Minister of Construction Housing and Public Municipalities; H.E. Kadhim Fijan Al Hamami, Minister of Transport; H.E. Dr Sami Al Araji, Chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC); and H.E. Mr Fayadh Hassan Nima, Deputy Minister of Oil for refining affairs.

The conference was structured around several sessions in which the Iraqi officials and international companies operating successfully in Iraq, most of which are members of the IBBC, exchanged their views and experiences.

These sessions focused on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the economy in Iraq, Reconstruction & Infrastructure, Transport, Power and Oil & Gas. In parallel, a series of high level round-table discussions between investors and Iraqi Government representatives took place.

The conference included for the first time a presentation on the rapidly developing Tech sector in Iraq , given by the CEO of Zain.

IBBC thanks the International Finance Corporation (World Bank) and the IMF for its participation. Thanks also go to the IBBC members who sponsored the conference: Gold Sponsor International Islamic Bank; Silver Sponsors Serco and Gulftainer; Lunch Sponsor Rolls-Royce; pre-reception Sponsor Wood; and Coffee Break Sponsors Eversheds Sutherland and KCA Deutag.

IBBC Managing Director, Christophe Michels, stated that the increasing involvement of the UAE and wider GCC with Iraq was a game changer for the country. The IBBC very much welcomes this development and is delighted to be part of it and support it. The organisation will increase its presence in the UAE and the Autumn Conference in Dubai will become a regular feature in its calendar of events.

(Source: IBBC)

Ur State Company, one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry & Minerals is pleased to announce the availability of an investment opportunity to participate in a percentage of production medium voltage cables products and invites Iraqi, Arab and foreign companies with experience and specialization in the field of investment to participate and contract in the above participation contract in accordance with the provisions of Article 15 paragraph (3) of the public companies Law No. 22 of 1997 amended and the instructions attached to it and the instructions of the Council of ministers Decree No. 492 of 2013 through the partner supply and installation of the complete factory to produce medium voltage cables products and according to the specifications and quantities shown in the attached documents .

Companies wishing to participate in the above participation contract, in accordance with the terms and conditions attached to the declaration, should come to the company headquarters located in Nasiriyah, or Baghdad office, which belong to our company located in Karrada area , Albou Jomaa , 139, Abu Nawas St., adjacent to Diana Tourists hotel , mobile no. 07901794527 by sending authorized person with an official signed letter authorizing him to purchase the declaration documents for the amount of (250000) two hundred and fifty thousand dinars non- refundable and are provided with a receipt bill.

Offers shall be presented in three closed and separate envelopes, the first one for the technical offer, the second for the commercial offer and the third for the participating company commitments and documents, provided that the envelopes are sealed and stamped and write on it the contents of the envelope (technical, commercial, closing date and company name ).

The first envelope of the technical offer includes:

  • Presenting statement documentation of the participating company and attach C.V for it and its assisting companies, its nationalities and its business history.
  • Submit a list of similar previous works carried out by the company in the field of investment for last five years provide that it is certified by the beneficiary if any.
  • Determine the production capacity of the project
  • Presenting the details of machines and production lines (numbers, specifications and originators) and equipment and networks of industrial services required of electricity, industrial water and compressed air … etc.
  • Determine the period of implementation and submit a schedule that includes the implementation of the work for all parts of the project.

By John Lee.

The State Company for Glass & Refractories Industry (SCG&R), one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals (MIM) companies, has announced an following investment opportunity at the following factories:

  • Rehabilitation & operation of Ceramic Wall Tiles Factory
  • Rehabilitation & operation of Ceramic Floor Tiles Factory
  • Rehabilitation & operation of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Factory

Full details available here.

(Source: National Investment Commission)

By John Lee.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in cooperation with the National Investment Commission (NIC), has announced an opportunity to invest in a Student Sports Club project in Baghdad / Al-Sulaikh.

More information here.

(Sources: National Investment Commission, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research)

By John Lee.

The National Investment Commission (NIC) has announced an opportunity to invest in the expansion of a chlorine and caustic soda plant in Iraq.

The full text of the announcement is shown, unedited, below:

Al-Furat State Company for Chemical Industries and Pesticides as one of the affiliates of Ministry of Industry and Minerals in Republic of Iraq is pleased to announce the a/m investment opportunity for (Project expansion of Chlorine and caustic soda plant to increase the production capacity by (45) ton/ day caustic soda calculated based on 100% pursuant to the Article (15/ Thirdly) of amended and valid Law of State Companies no. (22/ 1997) and Ministers Council Decision no. 492 of 2013.

The investors of most reliable , specialized, and qualified technically and financially manufacturers and producers of Iraqi , Arabic and International companies in the field of chlorine and caustic soda industry can visit our company headquarter / investment in / Babylon / A;- Musayab / Saddat Al- Hindiyah to obtain the investment documents against a non – refundable amount of (250000) two hundred fifty thousand IQD and submit their technical and commercial offers in our company a/m address, knowing that last date for receiving the offers is on Saunday 10.9.2017 . 12 am supported with the following documents :

  • Registration certificate of the company
  • Allowance letter issued from the Ministry of Finance
  • Submitting the financial capacity accounts for the last five years (positive indicators)
  • The investment company should be having experience in chlorine and caustic soda products
  • The company should be known with good performance in implementing its obligations (previous contracts with Iraqi ministries and government agencies if any)
  • The company should not be listed in the black list
  • The company should belong to countries that have good business relations with Iraq.
  • Submitting a written obligation of not dealing with Israel, its institutions and companies whether at the present time or in the future

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