Central: Our sales to banks amounted to $ 18 billion Press direction / follow-up Iraqi Central Bank announced on Thursday that its sales for the banks until the second day of July present, amounted to more than $ 18 billion.…

Iraq seeks to buy 340 tons of fuel Baghdad-and babysit – and separate tenders documents showed on Friday, that the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) is seeking to buy more than 340 thousand tons of gas oil and gasoline for…

Maliki and al-Jubouri: the need to bring the views During the meeting, which was attended by a number of deputies from the coalition of state law developments in the political situation and security events in Iraq and the region. BAGHDAD…

Talabani’s party demanding conditions against the extension of the mandate Barzani Vice said of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani that “the extension of the mandate of the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, is the…

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FRANK: I envision the tariffs and taxes to placed on those things that are in high demand. They cannot fully implement those right now … because they would be stealing money from the citizens that they don’t have. Dr. Shabibi first needs to increase the value. 

DELTA: Absolutely. We believe that they really will implement them this time – because they need the money. We don’t see a delay this time. They stated that every port and every border must implement it.

The issues with tariffs and the Kurds have been resolved. The government needs this more than anyone else. They have an urgency right now to collect whatever money they can to support the budget. In my opinion … we will not see any delay.


FRANK: A few years ago (6 years ago) we ran an experiment to test all of these “China family” … “Indian Reservation Sovereignty Land” … some “Colonel Major” who all said “give us your dinars, and we will give you a higher rate.” We said NO WAY!! There is no such thing!!!! They can’t because we investigated it.

In January 2014 … we found out that … <sorry, recording cut out here> … selling bonds from Iraq.

When we got a hold of these people … they told us the rate … and we thought dear God … this is insane.

This rate has not been released by the CBI. These rates are within the BONDS … NOT within their currency. So I told my “FRIEND” to keep his eye out on it … because you never know … if they fund these BONDS … they sure enough … we may be getting very close.

Sure enough the funds are there. I didn’t ask for the rate … I don’t know what it is. I don’t wish to inquire about it. This gentleman told us that these BONDS are active. WOW!

There are a lot of things going on right now. Lots of things are waiting in line. Please share your ideas as to what you think we are waiting for on the new thread in our forum. You know that lots of banks around the world are closing down.

DELTA: When you “FRIEND” confirmed the issues with the BONDS … they are ready to go … that means the credit rating is set … and we’re just waiting for the rate. In my opinion … they are just waiting for the timing.

 Dr. Shabibi has said (behind closed doors) – the “friends of Iraq” – are all helping to move this forward.

I’m expecting the official announcement. Everything is ready. We’re just waiting for the announcement.

All of the issues with the 5 Trillion Dinars … it doesn’t make sense. Something is going to happen. We are very, very close. I did post that issue with the bonds.

FRANK: So they did make an announcement that the BONDS will be for sale in July. Correct?

DELTA: Yes, I just put up the link. >>>http://www.zawya.com/middle-east/bonds/profile/13112909231924/Iraq_Domestic_Bond/

And you can even see who the “ARRANGER” is …
Remember when I said that I got the confirmation two weeks ago … they are ready to go.
FRANK: Wow! That is incredible! I appreciate that you brought that. The timing is perfect.

DELTA: Just give me one nation that is allowed to sell BONDS internationally and they are in Article 14. You can’t do that. LOL! 
So Delta … if you were Dr. Shabibi … would you sell me a BOND right now at 1166 … and then pay me at 1+ … or 2 or 3+ next month. Would you do that? 

DELTA: Of course not. That’s a no brainer. Even a little kids wouldn’t do that. LOL! 
Those bonds are going to be sold in dollars … and others will be sold in dinars.

Why would you buy a bond from a country who’s currency is worthless? They must have a credit rating. You can’t have a credit rating and be Article 14 – just like you can’t buy a house if you’re in bankruptcy. 

FRANK: Perfect example. The only way we know these BONDS are activated is because of what our “FRIEND” confirmed for us. They are being sold right now at the new rate.

DELTA: The delegation that went to Turkey a few weeks ago … you have to show your books … they have to know what the rate is … so they can plan. We don’t know the date or the rate. Time is now on our side.

The Iraqi government needs this. This should make everyone EXCITED! So … convince me … why should I buy your bonds IF you have a worthless currency? LOL!

FRANK: It looks like Dr. Shabibi has made a commitment for the BONDS to be sold in July – in my opinion. The BONDS will give value to the IQD. Delta … ask questions if you can buy BONDS. Will you try that for me.

DELTA: The BONDS I want to buy are the ones in dinars … because those will go up in value. 


FRANK: In my opinion … the BONDS can have a different rate than their currency. The BONDS are trying to give value to the currency.

DELTA: These BONDS will mature in 5 years. The one you need to look for are the ones sold inside of Iraq. I’m looking for the one sold in dinars in country. The most important point is that in order to sell BONDS they have to be Article 8 compliant … and they have a credit rating.

FRANK: Why would they include Iraq on that list? Because they are about to become brothers. 

DELTA: Look forward to July. Parliament comes back on the 1st … they have important laws to pass. Ramadan ends on the 17th … and ends with a holiday … but they could do it at any time!

FRANK: Thanks for joining us! Dr. Shabibi … from day one … is programming the financial future of Iraq. He programs the banks computers to do this. How do you teach a computer to forget? Computers are like us … gathers of intel. The old way … the old slate … is being cleaned … to show a new way in Iraq and the middle east.

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Do not lose hope family. This is a masterful plan – being laid out in front of you. Why the KEYWORD “GOVERNOR?” Because they don’t specifically mention any GOVERNOR by name … just the word “GOVERNOR.”

Soon, God willing you will see Dr. Shabibi activate things within the CBI. You do not declare the leader until the end. SWISH!!!

Pay attention to WalkingStick’s article and compilation. Look at POST #11 on 6/29/15 … follow the links and it will take you to him. 

You’ve got to follow this. The Article 50 stuff is not true. It’s meant to be manipulation by certain people in the GOI. 

This is actually Dr. Shabibi (speaking through one of his people) firing back to an economist. 

WOW! I mean come on! And it keeps going …
There it is … another thing that they are looking for in July!

They are making a wood-pile for July … and I pray to God that the only way to light that wood-pile is to keep the program rate. Talk about KA-BOOM!

So … check this out … 

It’s a nation project … ya think?!!! LOL

How are you going to fire this off? Well … it’s going to start with the lifting of the 3 zeros from our exchange rate so we can trigger off the BONDS. ‘

Because a lot of people who have dinars are going to have a lot of money – and they want to buy these BONDS. I love it! 

So deputy … does that mean you’re not going to finish it up until 2017? 

Look … It’s a 2 year project … THAT HAS ALREADY STARTED!!! The deletion of the zeros … it means they have 2 years for the deletion of the 3 zeros … physically. 

The amount of paper that they need to carry will be reduced dramatically! 

How many times have I told you that they don’t have a wallet full of credit cards … they have a wad of money in it.

Look at this …

1166 is not realistic. Wow WalkingStick … you must have pulled some of these out of your magic hat!
That’s right family … because they’ll peg to us.
Ya think?!!! It’s because they are investing in it family. 

WOW!!! I didn’t read this one … this was not in our files … POST #12. Look at this …

You know they’re talking about Dr. Shabibi. 

How many times have we told you the transparency in Iraq is getting ridiculous.

Where did you get this WalkingStick?


Obviously … I’m asking you all … read POST 11 and 12 by WalkingStick. He really went out of his way.

By the way … Abadi is going to start electronic governing by June 28th (which was yesterday) and the citizens of Iraq have now been activated electronically.

These articles should put happiness in your hearts … not doom and gloom.

They have everything they need to lift the value.

They need jobs in Iraq … which will come … products will come … economy will grow … stocks will grow and so will BONDS.

Last week I asked you to give me a list of the things waiting in line. Our list is over 150 to 170 items.

We are starting a new thread … called the “Long Waiting Line …. Article 8”

Go in there are share your ideas as to what you think it needed for the removal of Article 8.

Because we have a BIG list … and this list is gigantic. There is no way that someone is going to see this list … and they change their minds.

The BONDS make this REAL!

They don’t have to tell you that they passed a law … look for their actions!

Article 50 has been destroyed … don’t worry about it … especially when you see the auction well over the cap.

Delta … are you there?

DELTA: Frankie, Frankie … how are you? How is Tink? 

FRANK: I’d like for you to share … and when you are done, let’s take a few questions for a short Q & A section.

DELTA: There is a lot of good news coming up. The big announcement was a couple of days ago … that they are ready to launch the 5 TRILLION DINARS … and give those funds to the banks in early July. It looks like a lot of things are going to happen in July.

On Iraqi TV … they are stating that the reason why they are giving the money to the banks is to stimulate the economy in Iraq. And with those funds … they are going to start giving loans to Iraqi citizens to open businesses. 

But what’s funny is they said that those loans will be between 5 MILLION and 50 MILLION DINARS – which at the 1166 rate … you cannot open up a business.

Even at 50 MILLION DINARS … that only about $43,000 … and it’s impossible to open any business in Iraq for that right now. The only way it would be beneficial would be to increase the power of purchase.

Apparently this event is to happen in July. You can see that there is something going on. We really doubt that the CBI is going to give 5 TRILLION DINARS. Something doesn’t add up – because of the power of purchase. 

The BONDS … I have a BIG confirmation … NOT RUMORS … THIS IS FACT … the BONDS in the middle-east … 100% CONFIRMED … Iraqi BONDS will be in the market in JULY!

We know they are waiting for the credit rating … and one of the criteria is the currency being able to trade INTERNATIONALLY! On August … they are going to implement their TARIFF … which the taxes can go all the way up to 30%. Thank you WalkingStick … tremendous job of putting those articles together!

The dollar is still king in Iraq … so they must make the dinar more attractive … who would want a loan in dinars right now?

They are trying to confuse people again. The monetary policy is about to change in Iraq. Some propaganda will still come out. When the time is right … they might call the 3 notes … but probably not until 2017 or 2018. Just discard bad articles. 

One of the key factors for the market economy is the freedom of the movement of capital. That means Article 8 compliance. Private sector … opening of businesses, etc.

Why would anyone want to buy bonds from a nation who’s currency is worthless?  The value is going to go up. July looks very promising. The 50,000 and 100,000 dinars … family THEY WILL NEVER HAVE 50,000 and 100,000 DINARS!!!!!!!

Remember … they are not going to tell you exactly what they are doing. Why would the CBI put out a 50,000 and 100,000 dinar note … to just delete it in 2016? LOL! What would you do that? LOL!

 In 6 or 7 months … 2015 will be over. We really do believe that July … something has to happen … the credit rating … the BONDS … the government has no liquidity. The 5 Trillion is not enough!!! The value has to change.

FRANK: Excellent news Delta.

Comments may be made at the end of Part 3  Thank You

Stryker It sure looks like a new 50,000 dinar note will be introduced this month to the existing 3 zero categories. Not what we want to see but it is what it is, and this process is a very time concerning and the timing in launching it is vital to it’s success. In other news the Central Bank is calling for parliament to speed up the Anti-Money Laundering Law so they can recover all the looted funds that have been removed and frozen all over the world. Also, the CBI is just waiting on Iraq’s credit rating to come out so they can launch the offering of international bonds. In the meantime the domestic bonds will be launched this month if all goes well. Things may not seem to be going well but they are, success takes time


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