A Continuation Of Reader Comments Brought From White Hats   Part 10 of 10
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Gloria Madison says:      Hi earthspirit, there’s a lot of great people that contribute here. If Tony hasn’t already told you, you’re looking at the most srecent comments.

Click on the older comment section on the top left of the page and it will take you back to earlier comments on this thread. Also below you’ll see FC’s through the months/years.

Also check out the White Hat reports to learn about what they have been doing over the years.      

John s. says:       Right above first post and below last on this page there is a link to the older post entitled “older comments” – click it.        
pacmann says:  Hey Tony:  So two question’s I have is the Ambassador of the Red Dragons for real. Making him self know for sure. And is Neil, Blake, Karen… and Whts..All on the same page and working to over come the banking empire from the last 100 years. Hopefully this is more then yes or no.  Thanks and Bless!

    whitehatauxiliaries says:               Hi,    I have no information at hand that vets the “Ambassador of the Red Dragons” as who he claims. Conversely, I cannot for sure say he is not who he claims.

He comes across as very informed and highly educated, but that alone is not enough for my personal acceptance, with sugar on top.

    We were told that an NDA was in force at the moment, and if so, a radio show? Further, all the general “RV information” he gave on the radio show was already in the open, open source, already known and fully researchable on line. So, his role is?

And why should we listen? And he chose this limited, relatively unknown venue why?

    So many questions. But, in the end it’s harmless to WHA. We have our lines of communication to those who know AND do, and we will stay put.

    The only one selling something is Dave Schmidt. I don’t begrudge him that, although I have heard that you can learn for free what he teaches at a $75 seminar, just by searching on the Internet.

    I suspect, but cannot be sure, that the “Ambassador” is an added touch to give him some element of exclusivity, so you have to pay $75 to hear “what they cannot record in public”.

    I cannot speak for Neil Keenan, Blake, Karen Hudes, etc. We have no association with them. The White Hats uncovered and exposed hard evidence of cabal thievery in ways that no others did. Their official blog documents that.

What the others are doing is something they will have to speak on themselves.    Thank you!

  jamesdarren says:         OWoN update…. Calgon take me away!…

‎Currency Update realities to help both sites.

Especially Tony who seems besieged with many good and stressed parties. There is need as well as greed.

1.Contrary to the usual guru dissinfo there is as yet NOTHING profiling for 26 th. Clear? NOTHING showing.

2. This is an issue we will probably need a major automated road slammer hammer to knock into some skulls- affordability. There is no major pot of Gold,- ANYWHERE! to service and settle the wild expectations of mass Grunts assuming its their rights to cash and walk with Gzillions of unearned profits.

No one denies anyone the right to speculate and gain. Welcome to the Club. But buying hyped crap is NOT speculating, but being mugged. Taken for a Sucker. We are offered $500M blocks for c$500K.

So why not buy? Because none of it clears basic diligence. The blind, gullible and some outright stupid, think if making $500M they are a genius. As if! We see a fool who just got mugged for $500K. It keeps on failing Diligence. Nothing makes sense.

3.Who will fund all of this? Use what passes for a brain. Even a 10% increase will savage Vietnam’s economy. Iraq can not afford more than c $5T to be issued. At whatever price.

Yet hundreds of Ts of Dinars were allegedly printed. Totally unsustainable. And who will pay? It’s like looking in on a Turkey farm listening to some Bloggers.

4.Reality is that the Special Interest groups will get a deal, and get out rich. Some crumbs will fall and some will get a lucky hit. So good luck. Hopefully its you. But most of the public speculators face a dubious future. They just don’t profile right or get it. The US is broke. China, apart from some Special Interests, is NOT coming to your rescue. Nor is anyone else. The world has changed, so have the rules.

5. It’s unreal to read from parties who think they can walk into a bank, clutching notes with no Provence, and walk out with Millions in USD. Please, ask those people to look at a Sam Elliot mug shot asking- Are You a Special Kind of Stupid?

Such parties may find their notes being sequestrated by the banks as suspicious movements of funds, and possible Money Laundering. If you have no credible Bank Relationships, expect a lot of trouble.

At $10K the system switches on. And you want to exchange how much? Who are you? Expect Anal checks. Suspicious funds reports will go off the map.

At least for those even lucky to get a shot at trading out. Many will just get an Anal rebore by the Banks.

Have you got a bank in place able to help you. If not- What the ***game are you playing at?

Get your act together if not. Google into Sam Elliot. Hit Special kind of Stupid and look at the images pics. ~We need to start selling them as T shirts.

I walked into the Bank with $5M of Jungle Bunny Paper, the bank took them and threw me out dressed only in this T shirt. For some Life may be cruel.

6. None seem to be asking who will pay for all this? Do you know?

7. At best the world could probably raise raise c$7T to catch all. But no, the Public wants hundreds of Ts, its my right. Start printing the T shirts Sam.

A market is coming. The 26th will come and go. Nothing will show, leaving you where?

But IF you get lucky in time, at what rate, and have YOU got the Banking to take it in? No Bank is going to accept a queue of Hillbillies reaching around 5 blocks with papers of dubious provenance.

Don’t be a Gurus Grunt. Think out your case and be Bank ready in case because this mess may trigger Bank Knee jerks pretty fast if the mess unfolds. Banks are NOT run by Morons.

They know that a bank market which can sustain a few T is looking at a paper Titanic if the alleged numbers are right. Banks all have weasel clauses and windows will go up fast.

This IS being helpful as many may need a wake up call fast. The big question, do you have a clue what you are doing? Try walking even $100K in cash in clean USD and listen for the bells. And you plan to walk in what paper with no pre planning? Good luck with that.


The 26th will come and go. Nothing will show, leaving you where?

But IF you get lucky in time, at what rate, and have YOU got the Banking to take it in? No Bank is going to accept a queue of Hillbillies reaching around 5 blocks with papers of dubious provenance.

Don’t be a Gurus Grunt. Think out your case and be Bank ready in case because this mess may trigger Bank Knee jerks pretty fast if the mess unfolds. Banks are NOT run by Morons. They know that a bank market which can sustain a few T is looking at a paper Titanic if the alleged numbers are right.

Banks all have weasel clauses and windows will go up fast. This IS being helpful as many may need a wake up call fast. The big question, do you have a clue what you are doing?

Try walking even $100K in cash in clean USD and listen for the bells. And you plan to walk in what paper with no pre planning? Good luck with that.

Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/10/what-heavens-really-like-by-leading.html?showComment=1414074081407#c1443962185261656522

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    whitehatauxiliaries says:        The moral of the story. If you have good, solid banking relationships, then when you see the “go signal”, GO! Hit your bank with your credentials and follow the dotted line like the man at OWoN says. Don’t delay. MOVE.

    If you do not have a bank account, what in the name of Dispater are you even doing holding a currency that you expect to revalue and then exchange? Where were you going to do that? At the liquor store?

    GET A BANK ACCOUNT, and let’s put an end to this quasi half in/half out spirit of readiness that so many seem intent on assuming. Let the brainwashed dinar sugar plum fairy believer sit back and have his Budweiser while he waits for TNT to send him advice.


Neo says:  How you doing over here buddy?

    whitehatauxiliaries says:     Just fine.    But I cannot find the Sam Elliot mug shot, can you help?

            Neo says:     Let me look around

        Neo says:    I’ve got the image but not sure how to post it to you?

        whitehatauxiliaries says:    Email to me at whitehatauxiliaries@frontier.com as an attachment.    Thanks Neo.

            Neo says:     Its on the way

        whitehatauxiliaries says:      Received.

Gazza says:         Ok….so… 10% is out of question he said… and in past he quoted 2%… that could be your lot then.

The WH quote of 40c+ surely is for the rich special placements owon spoke of above. I have no reason to doubt the WH so 40c-$1 is no doubt right but not for us, the general public. We will get crumbs as even 10% will throw Vietnam into turmoil hr said above.

So if you are in a special group well done, but for us little guys we are looking at 2%-10% gain, which is not worth my time rushing down the bank. Not being moody, and I don’t wanna hear “well cash em in now then loser” from anyone coz 2-10% is not worth your time either. I’ll make more on a gold coin when the USD crashes next year.

10% gain on dong at 34,000 per £1 GBP puts dong around 30,600 per £1. If I can’t exchange at that rate before banks close windows on me or want to know everything about me what’s the point??

All this multiple thousand chat is for huge players with gazillions of dongs to pass through the books. I, and no doubt you, have nothing like that.

Oh well. The hope got me through 2014. Need a new fools gold dream for 2015 to give me a reason to carry on.

Charlie says:       Tony:  Can you speak to comment #3 from OWoN brought over to the WHA Auxilary blog? Specifically, regarding the reval/appreciation of the dong, is this to mean that the projected $.47 rate is nowhere close to accurate.

 That means a $5k USD investment in dong would yield $500. Something does not seem to foot there. Your initial investment will have to be enormous to make any gross dollar return.

Most probably have less than $2K at risk, especially for the majority investor profile of dinar /dong holders.  Thank you,  Charlie

    whitehatauxiliaries says:               Truth be told, with so many changes going on in the background I cannot stay on top of it all fast enough.

    If .47 to 1.00 on the dong is no longer a valid estimate, I have not been told such person to person, at this time.

    I am not able to issue personal rate quotes, and I never have. I have no way of knowing and can only pass along what we are given to pass.

    If things have adjusted to such a downward forecast on the rates, then that is what you are all looking to make, and that’s that.

    Let’s give it some time to see if anything busts loose for 2014. Then, we will have our answers. If I get the chance of some face time with our contact, I will make an inquiry and see just what is going on.

This is not to doubt OWoN, because we are not in a position to doubt them, and don’t seek to. But, I like face/phone time, and in that regard, Reno is closer than London, and I want maaah lick. LOL

Gloria Madison says:      Well, so I’ll chime in, yes it appears that it is best to have a banking account with a major bank, but as you said yourself Tony there are high income earners that read this blog, and really John has to polish his delivery, calling people hillbillies really isn’t very nice at all.

People appear to be looking for direction, and with utmost respect he sounds like of rude, although words on a website often do not come across exactly how the person intended it to be.

And while I respect him, instead of calling people hillbillies and such, I am struck that he never calls out that Vlastimil or however you spell the guys name who openly calls for the destruction of the U.S. I said my peace, I have no further comment.. it’s just very sad. 

whitehatauxiliaries says:    Yes, he loves to pick on the “hillbillies”. But, given the mentality of the blogs that purport to be giving out “intel”, from “sources”, can we really blame him?

    He sits in rare air – way up – has on his plate B’s of stuff. That’s a fact.
    Do you see the point here? If I was a high level insider and was looking down at that mentality, I would be incredulous as well.

    It is indeed very sad that the ability for the general population to discern, observe and formulate clear conclusions based on higher reasoning skills is so lacking. It takes hard work to know where truth is with respect to any discipline – financial, scientific, philosophical.

    For the direction people are looking for, we are trying very hard to help in that regard.

The information we have to pass along is sometimes not very encouraging, but it is from places that know, and not crafted to get you to attend a seminar or buy more overprinted, worthless dinar, while we collect hidden kickbacks.

    I don’t know how all this is going to play out, but however it does, we will bring it to you as is, and will never attempt to beguile or trick you, or embellish the facts as they come our way.

    If I were sitting up on banking platforms and could instantly give you all direct information, I would. But, I don’t, so I cannot. To that end, we rely on relationships we have for such information.

 It comes to you as we get it. It may be rough, and hard to stomach, but it is true, unfettered, and free of the kind of used car salesman lingo that festers in the reprobate blogs.

    There is a choice. Comforting lies, or unpleasant truths.   We will never deal in the former, and as hard as it may be, we will pass along the latter, no matter the chatter.

        hartwell says:   Tony i clearly understand what you are saying So i understand owon frustrating me myself had tried to educate some of my colleagues and friends but to little or no avail. So i understand what he is going thru to a degree just sometimes i have a problem with his british paraphrasing or writing sometimes cant make out what he is saying or meant ot say. Me being from america lol

        whitehatauxiliaries says:                I understand.    Remember that ragtag hillbilly army that whipped Cornwallis? Even hillbillies can save the day. LOL

        Gloria Madison says:  Tony you said paraphrasing ” Do you see the point here?

If I was a high level insider and was looking down at that mentality, I would be incredulous as well.” and yes I understand that sort of thinking of the sheep over on the other blogs,

but the people who come to your site and OWoN site come for a reason, they aren’t following the ” Gooruus”, I give them more credit, a different class, with a different mentality.

And yes, I know if I have a complaint for them I should post there, but you know what Tony?

That Vlastimal or whatever his name is? He could be, not saying he is for everyone, but he could be the driving force away from OWoN’s site to here to voice our displeasure.

 In closing, I agree with much of what you said, and I know John or Canuzzie reads here so I just want to say if he can call those that invested in Exotic currencies all sorts of derogatory names, surely he should call this Vlastimal from the Czech Republic out on the rug with his awful remarks about American’s and the United States I’m done, I’ll go sit in the corner.

Gloria Madison says:   Sorry about the comment and the nonsensical way I put it together, but I am sure you know what I was trying to say. I am still shaking my head, with respect of course.

R L says:              Tony  Given the most recent views expressed by OWoN, it does appear that there may be some hope for a well organised group to get a reasonable exchange, as the hillbilly crowd may not have a chance.

 It also seems that many loyal readers/contributors on these sites (WHA and OWoN) are making the assessment that, though not part of the guru-adoring-unwashed-hillbilly-maah-lick crowd, will likely be lumped in with them anyway. This is a pity, because the target group for John’s comments don’t appear to be the readers of either of these sites.

Tony, a question: is it possible to ressurect the idea of organising a group for exchange purposes given that the readership numbers appear to have increased?

Or are we too far into the process ‘behind-the-scenes’ for any such possibility, and our best chance is to simply wait for the GO, get our skates on and hope for the best? As always, much appreciated.

    whitehatauxiliaries says:       Well stated.    On the the idea of organizing a group for exchange purposes, I cannot say if it is impossible as a concept, but it is impossible for us to organize it. WHA does not have licensing to conduct public offerings of any type.

We can survey and see what people have, but that’s it. From there, it would be out of our hands and would require someone with a securities license to make all the proper disclosures and lawyer up to make sure it is okay to proceed.

    Groups like that are very limited and low in participatory numbers. Invitations are private, person to person, which keeps them out of the realm of needing licensing for public business offerings.

    Bottom line, I do not think such is possible any more because of the overall sense of the lateness of the hour.

    Right now we are being told, generally, to get with it, smarten up, prepare, move fast when told, etc. There are no offers of current private arrangements in the background that I am aware of, and even if there were, I would not be able to point them out to anyone. Private means private.

    Now, as for the concept of a well organized group consisting of WHA and OWoN readership, yes.

 That is why we are here. We want you all to be ready, calm, organized, well presented, known and well established with your banks.

If this thing pops and the majority of our readers are here asking, “what do I do?”, I am going to create a dunce thread and put your name in it.

    So, to answer your question, my personal feeling is that the ram has touched the wall, and from this point forward, all who are not in VALID private arrangements are committed to public routes, and only the surefooted, well prepared, bank-established who move with diligence will catch the best of what may be available.

    Whatever happens, when it does, I sincerely hope this works out to whatever advantage is best for all.  Thanks again..
A Continuation Of Reader Comments Brought From White Hats   Part 9 of 10

Fact Check 125.6 Parts 5 — 8   begins here  LINK    Parts 1–4  begins here LINK

 Andrew says:    Guys, go through and read again the OWoN info. The large notes issue refers to Dinar, since they have been overprinted they MAY not be allowed.

Point 2 is that since money launderers and drug dealers use 500k dong notes, make sure you have proof of funds history.

I didn’t see anywhere that 500k dong notes won’t be accepted: they are legit currency – they will just need to be verified as bona fide notes, as will all that is lodged for exchange at the bank. If you’re not a pimp there’s no need to worry.

    Gazza says:         Andrew    With all respect I believe owon did warn the 500k notes could be a prob. I’m sure in one place he says “but will there be a maket for 500k notes?”… that right there is a liquidity issue and a massive red flag to dong holders.

If banks won’t make a market to buy our 500k’s off of us at the rv then 90%+ of us on here will be stuck with plastic toilet paper. Owon seems to be saying for all anyone knows there just may not be a buyer of our larger notes as they will be worth too much.

Not sure what all his drug money pimp laundering talk was about. Why a drug dealer would use 500k notes is beyond me. Surely he would use the same notes as the guy buying food in McDonalds?? I dunno anymore I’m deeply confused about what to do now.

sitkaevenstar says:           jamesdarren if the vmd does pan out at 47 cents and american banks will not take the 500k notes well it will be a nice vacation in vietnam with change left over good luck.

Seg says:      WHA,  Trading the notes now could have big tax consequences down the road (LTvs ST capital gains) personally I am waiting for clarification

Green Lantern says:    


“Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…”

Gazza says:         Tony   It’s clear this dream is turning a bit sour for some of us as the reality of the hurdles comes clear. Banks will put numerous stumbling blocks in the way of this thing, not least this latest “500k note” issue.

Has your WH contact mentioned, or could you ask, re:the 500k note issue. If banks are gonna play these games then maybe I shouldn’t be in this game after all.

Seems petty and stupid to not exchange legit documented notes of any size and I’m already worn out before the game even heats up.

So just asking, please could you ask for a little verification on this specific issue because it is one of the major hurdles now.

I don’t expect a rock solid answer from a WH with a crystal ball, but a “likelihood/genuine concern” type answer would really help us all.  Thanking you in advance.

    whitehatauxiliaries says:   I have already made plans to seek further clarity on this.

    Remember, these are very complex issues involved in this process. Very complex. The landscape is shifting all the time, it seems. What is true one week may not be the next.

It is getting harder and harder to convey information and not see it change again within a few weeks.

    We will do what we can, but I can give no assurances that any further information is available.

    Please do not make assumptions. NOTHING has been released that has made the 500K dong notes worthless. But, from what I took away from the information released, be ready to prove up your good standing and your history of funds should you walk in with a 500K note and see that it’s now worth six figures US, or thereabouts.

That was the main warning given regarding such notes. Nothing was said about them being worthless at this time.

        jamesdarren says:        I don’t understand why it would be different to walk in with 8 500k notes totaling 4 mil VS walking in with 40 100k notes…. or right on down the line….

If I have 4 mil Dong what will it matter what size the note is…. the total amount would be the issue, right?….everyone is going to know that PRE RV the large notes were needed and used to keep from sending out a truckload of DONG for every transaction….

 there will be a ton of large notes being exchanged…. Tony, I know you just said you are looking for more verification but just thought I would ask for calm discussion… thanks for all you do….

        whitehatauxiliaries says:     I agree, calm discussion is preferred.

        I think we may be running into the x-factor here. We cannot possibly know the substance of the talks going on at high levels that may affect the higher denominations.

All I know is we have not been told that they are 100% worthless, or going to be. Not yet, anyway.

        We have been advised to make sure we can establish provenance and history, and that could indeed prove problematic.

        But, I am thinking out loud here. The powers that be in London and in the USA KNOW FULL WELL that certain hoi polloi hold these currencies, and I am sure they must know that picking them like chicken over provenance may come across a little iron fisted,

 and unreasonable, especially when all they did was try to make something along speculative lines – not any worse than those scumbags that sold off ***house mortgage paper to everyone before it crashed the banks in the USA, and then got bailed?

        Let the holders of dongs, etc, present themselves like anyone else, and stand on their clean record to allow an exchange. That’s fine with me.   Hey, I want maaaa lick I wuz promised! LOL

        HIW says:     WHA,        Maybe you can get confirmation on the Dragon Family takeover of the Fed, IMF and BIS too. I have seen this on Fulford and several You Tube videos.

It’s interesting. If the World Bank did in fact deny BK, then I’m curious who owes the debt now?

        Income taxes are designed to pay interest on debt that is basically not ours. I’m curious if this takeover is true, are the owners of the Fed now responsible for that debt they created and will the Dragon Family start liening the assets they have stolen and robbed off the backs of the American citizens.

        whitehatauxiliaries says:     Well, I am not going to call in to ask the “Ambassador” any questions if that is what you mean. I already received some feedback on him from our WH contact, and I cannot repeat it here. LOL

        Are we supposed to believe that this hidden bloodline man’s family came out of hiding after thousands of years, and chose as their path of publicly coming out a seminar speaker who let a New Zealand con job pull a “private dong exchange” on him and his legions?

        I am sorry, but I have my doubts about this. Dave does NOT impress me as a cracker jack judge of people, and I have to also conclude that any legitimate elder family members would not conduct their affairs in so public a fashion.

        I hope I am wrong, and I do not disparage the good will message of hope. But, I am not in a position to be so trusting with granting loyalty or believing something based on a voice and a claim to title.

        HIW says:      Actually, I agree with you about Dave Schmidt. I really have no reference with regards to the ambassador nor did I want you to call in to the show, but I also read it on Benjamin Fulford yesterday. While he is wrong often too, he has interesting stuff that does seem to go along with things that are happening.

        My thought was if you are checking in to seek further clarity on the dong issue that you could ask about this for confirmation.

Paul L Davis says:   It looks like Dave Schmidt online radio show tomorrow night will be interesting. The video at this link is well done re expectations for the show. Since the Red Dragon Family Ambassador said last week; that they had gained control over the IMF and the Fed. I said to myself. ‘ we will now find out if the ambassador is real and who he says he is.   We do live in interesting times. :-)


    Andrew says:   Ben Fulford also discusses it. I have also read that the common and statute courts are denying the US Fed’s plea for bankruptcy filing (so they can retain their assets). Looks like they are entering receivership. Let’s see…


        whitehatauxiliaries says:   Based on pending contact and fresh updates, FC 125.7 may be coming soon……just to relieve thread navigation issues, especially for mobile users.  More later…

    whitehatauxiliaries says:    Although I personally have no proof, I am sure that the constant flood of hyper pumped dinar RV news eventually will be traced back to those profiting from sales of dinar.

That is not to say all dealers are involved. The existence of so much consistent and continuously inaccurate calling of the RV is either based on high levels of corruption or stupidity. It certainly cannot be from anything honest or intelligent.

      Gloria Madison says:               So I was away for a bit, and come back and see the flurry of discussion on the VND, While many times info/content is brought over from the OWoN site, no one thought to bring this. Perhaps it will settle your fears/anxiety and put you back on track of what’s really important FC 115.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2014 AT 2:58:00 AM MDT With Dongs, they will have to come up with a solution. Let’s wait and see. Be cautiously optimistic.

Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/10/who-lost-our-liberty.html
OWoN © All Rights Reserved

Bob D says:         500k dong is worth USD$25, so yes it makes sense to me that ordinary people have them. Sure, after a revalue they may be taken off the street with almost every other current bill amount, but I can’t see why they would be invalid. Have your proof of legitimate purchase.

I am speculating in these currencies as a hedge to the entire western economic system (with foreign stocks, metals, sovereign bonds too). I am not sure why owon cares if we speculate.

He seems to be angry about it. People speculate in currencies, futures, commodities, bonds etc every day. This is no different. There are no guarantees about any revalues (please don’t count on them!),

but there are none about the USD either….thanks for this website – there seem to be a lot of great people here! jmo             

    LP says:           Bob D, I wholeheartedly agree.   I still can’t fathom why some people mock those who have invested in these currencies in the hopes of profiting from their increase in value.

Why do they call them moochers and slackers looking for a free lunch? Why don’t they say the same thing about people who buy gold or stocks and bonds?

    In my view, when one buys a legitimate currency, whether exotic or commonly traded, from a legitimate dealer, one HAS EVERY RIGHT TO EXPECT that it’s both legitimate and exchangeable at whatever the prevailing rate happens to be at the time it’s exchanged.

    If I bought English pounds with USD, would it be “reasonable” for me to expect OR ACCEPT a bank saying, “Oh, sorry, mate, you’re a slacker/moron/sucker for buying pounds in the first place.

So what if the pound is worth more now? We owe you nothing! Buzz off now. There you go.

The pound has been overprinted and we’ve decided not to honor your little wad. Besides, old chap, you don’t deserve money– you’re poor.”

    Transactions of this kind are usually called embezzlement and considered crimes.

Put another way: If I know that the gold I sold you is only painted lead, you are NOT of low moral integrity because you believed me and bought it.

 Rather, I’m a crook who conned you twice– first, by selling you lead for gold and, second, by persuading you that it’s all your fault.

    If IQD and VND are legitimate CURRENCiES, then anyone should be able to buy, sell or speculate on their values and to profit or lose in the process, based strictly on the prevailing rates of exchange. Honoring legitimate currencies?

    Expecting legitimate currencies sold by legitimate banks to be honored as legitimate? I see nothing so whacky about that?

        Mathew says:            Thank you LP and Bob,        I was not going to comment on this farce (imo) but it has just been blown way out on a limb so thank you for the down to earth common sense approach.

        Again IMO: the ISO 4217 standard setup to establish internationally recognised codes would quite literally have to be re-written in all systems for this idea to carry on. There would now need to be a “face value denomination” standard and EVERYBODY would have to be re-taught about currency values.

Not just currency exchange businesses and everyone working in them but retail as well. That product costs 100 VND. Okay, here is some cash. Oh, I’m sorry, that 50 VND is only worth 40 because it is not valued the same way as those 20s.

Or rather: oh, we don’t accept those large notes any longer you have to go to the bank and exchange for new notes before you can buy that.

And in the latter case you have hundreds if not thousands of businesses still accepting the old notes for the old values because they didn’t get the “memo”.

Can you imagine the impact of such a thing? Can you imagine the 4T currency exchange business now dealing in not just the ISO 3 letter identifier but now also the denomination of the notes they want to trade for that pip?

 And different international values of the same ISO would launch a huge fedex boom of people sending bricks of currency around the world to “friends”. Is just make no logical sense.

        Not only do you create mass confusion but perhaps the larger danger is in the public losing trust in the entire financial industry (I am talking the 90% that are not in the know here).

Let’s face it the paper non-asset backed money only works because we TRUST that the face value is the face value and it has said value.

Throw that out the window overnight and you risk totally bankrupting the ability for the system to function in a common and very simple minded way for us sheep.

        I call BS but I mean that in the kindest way possible.

        Now, cancelling an old currency and introducing a new standard. ie. VND is gone and now we use VNN. That I can see but still you have to give people time to adjust or banks get bricks through the front windows. So you can fix the finite money problem by allowing people to do an even exchange. ie.

You have a $50 value worth of VND. That is equal to a $50 value worth of VNN. Here is your $50 worth of VNN. That is just a thought off the top of the old noggin but something like that makes much more common sense.

Over time currencies, that have been smashed by our loving leaders, would increase in value and there is your profit.

        As for banks kicking us around.

They are in business, just like all business, to make money. If there is a background check (may be mandatory for large exchanges) and it says you are a known crime element I would expect that you might be handled by the police long before bank employees would kick you to the curb.

And the police would confiscate the cash. Again, just some common sense.

        This was all IMO and off the cuff. In the case of war and sanctions smashing a currency, and said currency being reinstated to that country’s true asset backed value… who could possibly have all the answers? I’m no rothschild.

        naturalized citizen says:        I remember OWoN stating IMF having something to do with not honoring high denomination VND when its underline rate changes.

I also remember what Jim Willie said about BIS, the Central Bank of the Central Banks world wide located in Basel in the interviews he gave in the recent weeks, wanting to take a subordinate function in BRICS. “Give BIS the shit cleaning duties for chicken coops.”

So said Willie, and I feel the same way as he; IMF and BIS have no business making decisions for how the world finances should be shaped in the future.

 They enjoyed their prime and messed the whole thing for the entire world, so why should they be making decisions now? Willie said BIS has been trying to clean up their image for the past 30 years.

Sorry, it has not worked for me. If anything, I am totally appalled by the nation called Switzerland because it seems like a Satanists hideout with BIS in Basel and the Post Master General in Bern that keeps track of everything we do. (Remember what they say? Postmen know everything we do!).

 The Swiss people are allowed to posses guns to hide something, and I think the Post Master and BIS are the two major components to the secrets they want to keep hidden among many others which I have yet discover, but I have always had the feeling that the nation known Switzerland was “fake”.

If IMF keeps up with their deception campaigns, it, too, will become irrelevant in time.

LP says:   WHA/Tony,  When Bush, Sr. (it was he, correct?) first regulated dinar exchange domestically at eight brokerages, do you think he expected so many citizens to buy dinar or did he and his buds simply expect to cash out quietly when the time was ripe and keep walking?

Did they underestimate broker penchant for pumping? Gurus were probably surprised to see signs that the “story” they made up might come true.

I just went back and read fact check 1 from June, 2013. Gurus were saying the exact same things then that they say now.

 Any naive, unsuspecting person stumbling across that online info would be inclined to feel pressure to buy now. It has to be conscious deception and an overt effort to defraud.

Think about what kind of a person spends all day making up BS lies to con trusting, gullible people whose only crime is wanting a better life out of the small amount of surplus money they’ve been able to scrape together for a rainy day. No excuse will save these sheisters once the anvil drops.

Beliefs have a way of gaining momentum and impacting reality. This sounds simplistic but it may be a profound mechanism of the nature of reality.

The implications are sobering when one considers the current world mire but it’s also hopeful, since, if we use this mechanism wisely, it can help fashion a better tomorrow.

I hope dinar people do see some increase for their effort. At least they were willing to take the chance.

Unlike some who hold them in contempt, my heart goes out to them– most working class Americans never get a brake from the constant financial oppression. I will be happy if some of them finally do.

So what if it only changes their lives for a year or two? At least they will once again feel that it’s possible in America and it’s THAT seed of hope that is the REAL game-changer.

 Like I said, beliefs have a way of gaining momentum and impacting reality.

 Ever wonder what it would feel like to live in a world where the overriding prevailing sentiment is one of profound gratitude and the readiness to face whatever the future brings with enthusiasm, excited about giving something back?

Many, many years ago, a kind man lent me $500 to buy an old VW bug. I paid him back in two weeks, found work, fixed my life, and have been helping others ever since– I have never forgotten. He just wanted to help me. It certainly worked.

Extending the RV to include the common people– people who, yes, will very likely spend their windfall to improve their immediate conditions and be hard at work again within a year– is very important, not to give anyone a free ride (there are no free rides and everyone *** well knows it) but to restore faith in the future and rekindle the collective willingness to reach out to others and extend a hand up.

 It is this solidarity, not bank balances alone, that truly rebuilds nations. Wealthy people know this. They have been helping others for millenniums.

    Vince says:         Best posting i’ve read in a very long time. Kudos!

    earthspirit7777 says:     Amen and very true ;-}

Victor says:         To be quite honest I think it is a bit of a stretch that we would have to provide a receipt for our dong purchases. I bought mine from Travelex and I remember them giving me some bs little piece of paper that literally could be ANYWHERE in my house.

Does the bank really have the power to ask for how we receive some cheap ** dong? What about those who have gifted people dong/ dinar?

    Jake Diesel says:    Hahahah!    I have that same BS piece of paper when I bought my Dong and Rupiah at Travelex. I was looking everywhere for it, and ended up finding dried up pieces of cheese on my carpet along with a French Fry from 1987.

If anyone doesn’t have any receipts, message me, and I will send you the French Fry…it is shaped like TNT Tony and goes for a premium on Ebay with his following.

        Victor says:         Any thoughts Tony?

   whitehatauxiliaries says: I regret that a French fry was wasted like that, with so many people hungry.

        earthspirit7777 says:              ROTFLM{butt}O …..sorry but this is funny ;-}   

Gloria Madison says:      Some more info from OWoN to ease your fears :

GRIFFONREDWEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2014 AT 7:01:00 AM MDT Hello. I had a question. Someone on the WHA website stated that they called Chase and they told them that they would only allow up to 5k USD for foreign exchanges, how are we going to do our trade then?

 I take it there is going to be a procedure for our Dong exchange right, which you will give us at the 48 hour notice? Oh and P.S. I checked my Dong, and I only have the 50k 100k and 200k notes. I guess I am in the clear on that issue.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2014 AT 8:07:00 AM MDT Griffonred Led us see what the rate is first.

But the major issue is to have credible bank accounts ready and able to receive in a substantial wire amount. and one where you have already satisfied Compliance when the time comes.

What we see from the sites is there would appear to be a Sub Species profiling ( Not You!) who assume they can just walk in with these notes and walk out with millions in cash. They walk among us.

So, for the seriously mentally challenged, understand please $10K is the max you will walk with so how do you think you will handle it? As we told you, there are those who cant sign with an X and get it right both times. But they can buy currencies. But then not have a clue how to exit. Beverly Hill billies Part 11.

Jesus Christ who teaches them to walk each day? Get major banking ready. Like- apply for a major account now? And be prepared to show each new Bank clear plans of how you plan to handle it.

 Banks are NOT Post Boxes and NO- They will NOT let it come in and all walk out.

Annoy the Bank by thinking and behaving like a Pillock and they will close your account, give you a clear out cheque, and good luck then trying to open a new account and cash that explaining it was issued with a Moron stamp on it.

Open accounts with a top 5 bank. Any country. Who thinks they can play these games like Disneyland? Big money- Big banks. They all have branches.

Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/10/who-lost-our-liberty.html

OWoN © All Rights Reserved

rockville2 says:  Any new developments from your sources Tony , and if so when would that info be posted ? Thank You.

    whitehatauxiliaries says:    Nothing new at this time, and we will post anything new as soon as we get it and are allowed to release it. We will never hold anything back unless we are told to hold it back.

earthspirit7777 says:       I really like that there is info at this website about Dong !!!! It sure is easing my mind, except that it is taking to long to RV….I really need money now to cover daily expenses.

Comments may be made at the end of Part 10  Thank You
By John Lee.
The*Central Bank of Iraq (CBI)*has reported that 16 banks took part in its currency auction on Thursday.
A total of $215,762,000 was sold**at a price of 1166 Iraqi Dinars (IQD) per dollar.
(Source: Central Bank of Iraq)

Source: Iraq-BusinessNews.com.

Post your commentary below.

Baghdad (AIN) –The President, Fuad Masoum, received a delegation of Sa’adoun tribe in Iraq where they discussed the means of brining success to the national reconciliation project in Iraq.

A presidential statement received by AIN cited “Masoum received the delegation of Sa’adoun tribe in Essalam Palace in Baghdad where they discussed the means of facing the current challenges.”

“Masoum assured that he will do his best to preserve the implementation of the constitution and impose the law,” the statement concluded.


Baghdad (AIN) — Spain says it plans to send 300 soldiers to help train the Iraqi army for combat against the Islamic State group.

Defense Minister Pedro Morenes said Friday that the troops, part of the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group, were not being sent to fight but added that anything could happen.

He said the seven-to-eight week operation was aimed at containing the advance of the Islamic State by training Iraqi troops in explosives handling, land mine clearance and special operations.

Parliament must approve the decision, but opposition is unlikely

It would be the first time that Spanish troops are in Iraq since Spain in 2004 withdrew the peacekeepers it sent there as part of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.


Baghdad (AIN) –The Turkish President, Recept Tayyib Erdogan, stated that a deal was agreed upon to allow 200 Iraqi Kurdish fighters from the Peshmerga forces to go to Kobani town through the Turkish territories in order to defend the Kurdish people in Kobani.

By John Lee.

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has reported that 16 banks took part in its currency auction on Thursday.

A total of $215,762,000 was sold  at a price of 1166 Iraqi Dinars (IQD) per dollar.

(Source: Central Bank of Iraq)

Baghdad (AIN) -Russia has sent a shipment of humanitarian aid on Thursday to Kurdistan Region.

The aircraft “Ile – 76″ belonging to the Russian Emergencies Ministry of the airport took off from “Ramensquih”, airport on the outskirts of Moscow on the way to Erbil, carrying 40 tons of humanitarian aid.

According to the spokesman of the Russia’s Emergencies Ministry, Alexander Drobyshevsky , the shipment includes a large amount of various food items, two mobile units to generate electricity, 2,500 blankets and 100 tents, each of which can accommodate ten people.

Drobyshevsky recalled that Russia sent two days ago, 37 tons of humanitarian aid to Baghdad.


Baghdad (AIN) –Reliable source revealed to AIN “The Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, will visit Jordan next Sunday.”

The source mentioned in a press statement “Abadi’s visit to Jordan will be short that will take few hours only.”

“Abadi will meet many Jordanian officials including the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Abdullah II, to discuss the developments in the region and means of cooperation to eliminate terrorism,” the source added.