Central witnessing decline in sales of the dollar

Central Bank of Iraq

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04/23/2014 13:18

Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: Record CBI dropped sales of the dollar at an auction on Wednesday on the sale and purchase of foreign currencies to hit 171.559 million dollars, compared with 188.759 million dollars was recorded at an auction yesterday, and a stable exchange rate at 1166 dinars per dollar.

He said the reporter, "Tomorrow’s Press," The special bulletin ERA today showed that the overall demand for the dollar distributed by 33.77 million dollars at the exchange rate Dinara 1190 dinars per dollar, including the commission of the bank for cash sales, amounting to 24 dinars per dollar, while the value of Foreign remittances 137.789 million dollars and the exchange rate was 1187 dinars per dollar, including the commission of the Iraqi Central Bank, amounting to 21 dinars per dollar.

He added that the number of banks participating in the auction today of 13 banks did not make any of them contracts to sell the dollar.

The Iraqi central bank held six sessions per week starting from Saturday to Thursday.


Date Published: 17:23, April 23, 2014
(Independent) … The Minister of Planning Ali Shukri said non-oil revenues will increase from seven trillion dinars in 2013 to nine trillion dinars in 2017, an increase estimated at 32%, according to statistics and research center in the ministry.
Shukri said in a press statement on Wednesday that “this percentage to help the Iraqi economy in general, and the general budget in particular, through the distribution of calculating payments on oil revenues and non-oil. ”
He said Shukri that “the increase in revenue non-oil will be low in front of the increase in oil revenues from 2013 to 2017,” noting that “revenue non-oil drops increase of 6. 5% during the year 2013 to 4. 3% in 2017 to become an average increase of 5. 3% of the total revenues of Iraq. ” (End)
mustaqila. com

BAGHDAD – Ikram Zine El Abidine

The secretary of the Air Force Club said on behalf of the beauty of the step to the club’s management to open the door for investment for the club over the projects is a step the right way and one of the steps that save the club from its financial problems afflicting three years ago.

added beauty (morning Sports) “The process of investment provided for the club amounts contributed to the payment of the second installment of decades of players and rescued from its financial crisis experienced by, especially as the amounts received by the club from the Ministry of Defense, which amounted to 300 million dinars, which is 40 percent allocated by the ministry for the clubs, the military, where he was the club Army 45 percent and Club Marine 15 percent are not commensurate with the long history of the club, which competes in the Premier League football, and do not clog the costs of sports activities and contracts for the players. ”

said Jamal, “The club’s management agreement with the Ministry of Youth and Sports has decided to exploit the land of the club in the region of granular Generation new investment projects, it was agreed with the company to set up a shopping mall and apartments and town water and other businesses close to the car shows, and we hope to complete this project as soon as possible to be to take advantage of them on the ground and benefit the financial club. ”
He Jamal “The upcoming projects we seek to accomplish at the headquarters of Current club after obtaining official approvals of references Supreme is to build a football stadium model with a capacity of 20 thousand spectators in accordance with the international standards, and the Hall of internal multi-purpose swimming pool in addition to the hotel for overnight players, and the rest of the facilities that contribute to the support of the activities of the club of achievements worthy of the sport of air. ”


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Iko Ward: WF info as of 04.22.04

Spoke to my wealth manager. I went in to set up my primary VNN and IQN accounts instead of waiting for the appointment. I asked her direct questions about the exchange. They have had meetings. They will only be doing retail level exchanges at our area currency exchangers (4 locations. I am NW of Philadelphia).

I will be passed on to the WF Private Banking subsidiary after my initial exchange. She knew nothing of contract rates. I will still have my everyday money at the local branch. She asked how much I had. I told her it was best not to answer. This was all she was allowed to say.

What was different this time is she was rehearsed, no hesitation, clearly there has been some training and since she is on the fast track in their wealth management division she was towing the line. She also told me the guy I had been dealing with on the next level up would tell me the exact same thing, and that he was being promoted.

I take all this as simple evidence of the pending event. All of us, me included, go through the worst case scenario, but conversations like this help me stay level headed.

Whatever bozo said something about two years this week pushed my buttons, but then I went down my checklist of how does that make sense? ( a permanent saying now in my list of ten things to say) which always calms me down.

I still plan on the international rates, but have also planned scenarios for the contract rates. Whatever the case, I am wealthy.


Wowzeerz:  What I am finding encouraging with most of the gurus (Ie: Tony , Mtn Goat, Exo , Frank26 . Zap, Millionday , Poppy3 ) is that the intel as far as the time is lining up. Whether it is this week or next we are close    Wowzerz

PeachyDinar:  Ive noticed that most of the gurus are on the same page

Iko Ward : CBI table is populated. Forex showing hourly movement. Yes, the degree of movement is less significant than the fact that Forex is changing hourly. That’s the good news. Someone or something is actively monitoring

Rrrr:  We are witnessing History in the making. Books will be written… Movies will be made. college curriculum will include this event. We stand in awe of the magnitude of what is about to unfold. Never before has the power of the people been personified on such a worldwide stage. Be Proud… Be Loud… Stay the course. A miracle is about to happen.

Rrrr:  The devaluation of the dollar has a huge upside. Manufacturing will return to the USA because we will be a lot more cost competitive with other countries now producing our goods….HOWEVER… Be Careful! The so called “elite” are counting on us to PIF within the economy during the devaluation while they stockpile their riches as the dollar devalues… Be wise with your investing. Make sure you provide lifelong prosperity for you and yours. Get an expert to guide you.


Camdoc- Regarding “Camdoc:  Intel from a Canadian Bonds Trader Who Deals Directly with the Royal Family: news: as of 2 hours ago at 4PM, the RV was signed off on, and is now 100% – in 10 more hours at 12PM GMT, it will be announced globally This is a personal contact of mine, but you have also seen this person on Recaps many times.”

Camdoc:  Let me try the calculation again. He issued the message at 7 CDT, or 6 MDT.
In his post, he referred to 4 pm being 2 hours ago, so that is consistent with 6 MDT being his time.
In 10 hours from 6, that would be the same as 12 hours from 4, right? So, 12 hours from 4 would be 4 am MDT, or 5 CDT, or 6 EDT. WHich is not right for 12 PM (NOON) GMT. I think it would be 11 am GMT. But, like Lonestar, I am not going to sweat the small stuff, either!

Camdoc:  RE Royal Family:     I usually call them the Asian Royal Families. Ben Fulford talks about the White Dragon Society.
This source calls them the Elders. His connection is with the Chinese branch.
My other source about the ceremony releasing the Global Collateral Accounts is with a southern branch.
I have a degree in Chinese, so I think East instead of West. Didn’t even think about the queen!

Sorry for the confusion.


B Squared:  Came into my e-mail. I will post the nine (9) items in the Dinar Daddy post.

Maliki (Iraq), IMF, US Administration (Obama and backers)… all on SAME page for the first time

2. 100% political… NOT something we can rationalize or explain away or even make sense of (man made event, not a natural occurrence)

3. Will happen similar to Kuwait where the rate will just APPEAR without fanfare or announcement

4. Rate is agreed upon by US Administration (more than what they want us to have, but willing to accept due to inability to continue to support Iraq (Obama won’t be able to get Congress to agree to send more money into Iraq while his administration is still unable to pay for Obamacare)

5. Watch for something to happen as soon as BEFORE Iraqi elections (April 30th)

6. Maliki needs to increase value of IQD in order to be supported by his party to be placed as Prime Minister once again

7. Iraqi Dinar bank notes are extremely limited in Iraqi Banks and within the country, which has been verified by more than one credible source, so even if our US administration finds a way to filter large sums of USD to Iraq (to side-step Iraq’s currency going international… “RV”),   which would only keep Iraq internationally stagnant, Iraq would still have to coax outside countries who hold Iraq Dinars to sell the currency back to them so they can increase their in-country money supply. This step would counter their last 3-4 years worth of removing their bank notes from their money supply.

8. I am being told there will be NO NEED TO RUSH to cash-in! Apparently there will be a FIXED RATE for 6-8 months

9. This is a VERY FLUID, politically charged situation

BAGHDAD / Nina /–Sales of dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq and purchases of other foreign currencies showed shrunk on Wednesday session to / 171 million / 559 / thousand dollars , after being hit on yesterday meeting the level of / 188 million / 759 / thousand dollars at a stable exchange rate of / 1166 / dinars per dollar.
The daily bulletin issued by the Central Bank , said “The demand for dollar was ranging on today’s auction around the level of / 33 million and / 770 / thousand dollars which sold in cash.

BAGHDAD / Nina /–Sales of dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq and purchases of other foreign currencies showed shrunk on Wednesday session to / 171 million / 559 / thousand dollars , after being hit on yesterday meeting the level of / 188 million / 759 / thousand dollars at a stable exchange rate of / 1166 / dinars per dollar.

The daily bulletin issued by the Central Bank , said “The demand for dollar was ranging on today’s auction around the level of / 33 million and / 770 / thousand dollars which sold in cash./End


The Emerging Technologies   JC Collins    

April 23, 2014    Contributed by Hugh

Suppressed Technology

Note:  Thanks to Hugh for kicking of this discussion.  Though I encourage readers to take part in the conversation, I will add little and let Hugh and the readers take the lead.  – JC
Is it time to ask what role will the advent of new technologies play in determining the price of commodities; especially oil and gas? Trying to predict a future ceiling or a basement seems to be an exercise in futility while ignoring older and, of course, new innovations in the energy sector currently in the pipeline.

 There is an expanding awareness of suppressed technologies with ever increasing pressure being brought to bear to release this knowledge thereby circumventing the vested interests who would prefer to keep this hidden and maintain the status quo.

Are we to assume that the lid can be kept on this boiling pot; that a non-partisan, unaligned group(s) of not-for-profit and humanity motivated technology wizards, with access to this information, are not working to bring these and other suppressed innovations to market?

The introduction of open source software now being freely disseminated allows for even the novice among us to not only imagine, but to actually create things that only 10 years ago would have seemed impossible.

I may be a bit naive, but it sure “feels” like there is an “event horizon”, so to speak, that is fast approaching. Indeed, it may already be here and we are just behind the curve of acknowledgement as per usual.The fruit is there for the picking and many are daring to dream the impossible. And to that I say; where you been?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_51ZEm_EmIA    Published on Jan 30, 2014

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6OmwinXQuU    Published on Nov 15, 2013

Free and clean energy technology may have been suppressed by big oil companies and the US government.

Sources: The Energy Machine of T.H. Moray (Moray B. King), The Columbus Dispatch, The New York Times, www.calphysics.com, The Guardian, The Sea Of Energy On Which The Earth Floats (T.H. Moray)






Rrrr: There are two kind of people…. Those who say “I will believe it when I see it” and those that say “To see it, I know I must Believe it”….. Believe Dinarians… and you will see it!

Camdoc:  Intel from a Canadian Bonds Trader Who Deals Directly with the Royal Family: news: as of 2 hours ago at 4PM, the RV was signed off on, and is now 100% – in 10 more hours at 12PM GMT, it will be announced globally This is a personal contact of mine, but you have also seen this person on Recaps many times.

Fuelguy:   Eastern Daylight time is four hours earlier that Greenwich Mean Time. That is saying that 8AM EDT s/b the global announcement – assuming this is for real. Let us hope!

TexasMog:  Bring it on!That translates to 7:00am CST


[kogarris] Did I hear someone say RV tonight!!!!

[sherryaj] kogarris what what what

[kogarris] Yeah I heard a rumor that the RV had started.. has anyone else heard anything???

[kogarris] Let me do some searching.. bbl

 [kogarris] well looks like what I heard was right.. so i am going to sleep for a few hours.. Love you all and many blessings to you.

[dakotaman] Did I tell you guys that I got a surprise today in my email? My PB that I last talked to on Dec 16th. Wanted to know status on Iraq Dinar. I replied, ” Why have you heard something? You tell me, I am ready and waiting on you.” I await his response

[ninnypickles] dakotaman Good answer. I wonder if you will hear back from him?

 [dakotaman] ninnypickles I am certain I will, i thought it odd out of the blue he emailed me.

[ninnypickles] dakotaman Maybe he’s hearing things and wanted to see if you were hearing the same?

[MissMangeshi] dakotaman ninnypickles for some reason, my RV radar is up tonight. Sure hope its right ;)

[ninnypickles] MissMangeshi Mine is too

[ninnypickles] Scared to get my hopes up again though




Posted by EXOGEN on April 22, 2014 at 9:58pm


Obama is Leaving for an 8 day trip to ASIA!!

Posted by Sqwatchy on April 22, 2014 at 8:20pm

I do recall in the past, it has been said that when this RV happens, President O wouldn’t be in the country.  Just thought I would throw that out there, because we were told by intel that the Chinese were rolling out an  official ceremony for the gold that is helping out all of humanity and prosperity packages.

So, if this were indeed true, looks like MR O is going to be over in the region…maybe he will be there in attendance???

I do believe that IRAQ and the CBI…are at such a crucial stage in the MR policy reform, that it is going to be nearly impossible to keep any further developments under the radar. For the first time in years….nearly all the gurus are in agreement….This  thing looks like it could pop at any moment. 

Truly is about time, and truly is a blessing.

Remember, be smart with the money as far as leaving large amounts in any account.  Under $100k….get multiple accounts if  you have to. Park it in safe places, not tied to the Federal Reserve at all…………..we wait Dinarians……feels like the week before Christmas…and the excitement is building…..this time based on Facts…on ink…instead of guru inside “say’so’ers”…..GO RV!!!