– – Shares in Tokyo fell by the break on Wednesday with investors looking ahead to the European Central Bank and further signs on the tenor of the U.S. economic outlook.

The Nikkei 225 fell 0.78%, while the Hang Seng index eased 0.37% and Australia’s SP/ASX 200 index was down 0.43% after GDP data.

Australia fourth quarter GDP rose 0.5% as expected quarter-on-quarter, taking the annual pace to 2.5%.

A rise in household consumption driven by discretionary spending on recreation and culture and indicates increased confidence among households to spend which was not clearly evident in consumer-confidence data.

U.S. stocks fell broadly on Tuesday, one day after the Dow Jones Industrial Average and SP 500 traded in record territories, while the NASDAQ Composite index reached the 5,000 level for the first time in 15 years.

Stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.47% or 85.26 points to 18,203.37. At one point on Tuesday, the Dow dropped 150 points before rebounding in late trading.

Investors remained cautious ahead of the upcoming European Central Bank meeting on Thursday, when it was expected to announce details of its quantitative easing program. offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets.
Read more News on and download the new apps for Android and iOS! – – The dollar was steady against the euro and the yen on Wednesday as investors looked ahead to a fresh batch of U.S. economic reports and a European Central Bank meeting for further indications on the direction of monetary policy.

EUR/USD was at five-week lows of 1.1163, while USD/JPY was last at 119.73, holding below Tuesday’s highs of 120.25.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was steady at 95.50, not far from 11-year peaks.

The dollar has strengthened so far this year as upbeat economic data indicated that the economic recovery was on track, supporting expectations for higher interest rates.

The U.S. was to release survey data on service sector activity and a report on private sector jobs growth later Wednesday, ahead of Friday’s nonfarm payrolls report.

The euro remained under pressure as investors turned their attention to the upcoming ECB meeting on Thursday, when it was expected to announce details of its quantitative easing program, which is due to start this month.

Elsewhere, the euro was little changed against the yen, with EUR/JPY at 133.77. offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets.
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FrostyTheSnowman » March 3rd, 2015, 11:46 pm 

KTFAlways CC notes 3 March 2015

BIBLE STUDY – “Straighten Out Everything” – Philippians 3:12-21


FRANK:  Tonight … I’ve called in all of our teams.

We need to talk to you about what happened yesterday.

The MR for the IQD has been done in 4 stages.

We believe we are in the final stages right now.

The budget is being kept privately/quietly – (which is obvious).

The Kurds only got a partial payment of their 17% — (which means they’re not telling us everything).

In the last few days … what we have seen is an amazing chain of events.

If you look back a few weeks … the military is doing some amazing things.

We had to keep quiet … but yesterday we told you they are “cornering” the bad guys.

Today Wall Street Journal shows that the middle-east coalition forces (including Iran) is working to rid problems.

Maliki has been a catalyst to the bad guys. But they are being dealt with.

Security has increased tremendously

Yesterday, Delta went thru from top to bottom about the 50 IQD note.

Security increased. The 3 factors did their job.

The security is allowing a lot of beautiful things to happen in Iraq.

The mess has being cleared-up!

The 50 IQD note news shocked everybody. It’s part of the MR.

Today … the CBI gave the green-light to lift the 3 zeros from the exchange rate. WOW!!!

The article is NOT an opinion piece from an economist. Verified … confirmed … in Arabic articles too!

Seriously … this is a monumental step!!!


This is one of the confirmations indirectly from the CBI. Iraqi TV … articles … the MR moves forward!

This is what we’ve been waiting for! This is amazing! Wonderful confirmation … right from the horses-mouth!


In the last 2 weeks I have seen a lot of Article 8 compliance issues come up.

When I saw what the ISX was doing yesterday with “testing” – it was amazing.

“We have given the green light given for its implementation” – they said IMPLEMENTED of the deletion of the zeros! [Note … the words … “given” and “implemented” … are past-tense!].

They implemented the DELETION of the zeros of the project! Sweet dear God! This is [like] Mr. Ed … talking!

I believe we are going to see the process speed up … as we head towards March 14th of this month [31415].


Green light from the World Bank is the one who provided the 10 Million to reconstruct the bank in Iraq … the one that came up with the idea … the green-light from the World Bank … banking system in Iraq … the CBI … they control all of that.

Some people are getting confused because we have the deletion of the 3 zeros.

The currency that they reprinted (250 up to the 250,000) has the most security [features] in them.

The first thing they are going to do is increase the value of the IQD … and gradually introduce the lower denoms.

We believe that everything is done.

Abadi said about a month ago that they were working on the MR.

The announcement today by the CBI … was about a month later. They have to have a press conference to say what they are doing. <<< [we believe that this article was like making that announcement]

Because of the budget they need to do it. The timing is there.

IMO – I don’t think we will have to wait for next week.

We should/must see the new rate from the CBI in the next 24/48 hours … because of the distributions of the budget.

The timing is not a coincidence! MasterCard and Visa program kicks in at the end of March. The market economy will be in effect and activated by the end of March.

They say that the project to delete the 3 zeros is going to take 2 years. Translating the Arabic articles … what they mean by that is when they reach the point of the 3 zero notes … they will phase them out … they will probably still be legal tender for a long, long time … but the rate has to change first!

Based on what we see … the budget … and what the Kurds got … the starting rate … could come up at 10 cents … I don’t see the rate coming out higher than 30 cents. Between 10 and 30 cents.

Remember … the Iraqi citizens mainly use US dollars.

The king [of currency] in Iraq right now … is the $50 and $100 bill [USD].

If they came out with 10 cents … (the 1,000 dinar that most of Iraqi’s carry) … will be equivalent to about $100. The 1,000 dinar will become one of the most useable.

We may not have to wait for 2 years to see the rate go higher. Free float may drive it up.


The first thing we needed was security – and the evidence is profound!

When we began to see/hear what was happening militarily in Iraq about 10 days ago … WalkingStick would produce article after article … it was amazing! Look at the ships in the gulf. It happened so fast!

I think the next thing we will see will be more about the budget.


All of the money that was supposed to arrive at the different Providences. The CBI knows exactly what they have [money supply]. A lot of people are scheduled to get paid. Power of purchase is key. They are scheduled to be paid.

If the rate comes out at 10 cents … they will have power of purchase.

The providence of Kurdistan … at 10 cents … they will have 25 Billion Dollars … oversupply … [bye bye deficit!]

Yesterday there was a key meeting with the Financial Meeting and the CBI.

We believe they are about ready to pull the trigger.

We are right there … IMO … within the next 24 to 48 hours because of the budget.

FRANK: The budget is being loaded with so many things – for example … water! They have diamonds, phosphorous, etc.

4 Rivers … all flow into Iraq … bringing minerals and great wealth.

[Sometimes fake articles surface on the internet] … this [news about the CBI] is for real folks!

FRANK: Delta … you read this article in Arabic … correct? This is not from an economist or an internet joke!

DELTAyes … we have several sources confirmed … this CBI article is for real … 100% original fact!

We knew something had to happen. The value has to change. The liquidity is such a problem. Yesterday I gave so many examples of their liquidity problems.

We should start seeing the rate move. Expect something in the next 24-48 hours.

Now that they have the green-light … it could happen today, tomorrow … this was the announcement from the CBI.

FRANK: a simple article … no fanfare … citizens won’t see immediate wealth from this.

What the Iraqi’s will see is an increased lifestyle. A decent life. Retirement, insurance … dramatically improve.

Now that Maliki is out of the way. M had Iraq in his hands … he fumbled the ball … and its’ going to cost him and he knows it too.

IMO — “This is there [CBI’s] announcement” – no fanfare. Phenomenal!

FRANK: I do not disagree with Delta that the rate will go up soon.

I can’t offer anyone any advice … but Delta let me ask you … when the value goes up 10 cents … are you going to exchange all of your dinars?

DELTA: Of course not. Personally … I’m NOT going to give any financial advice. I’m NOT going to rush right way. Give it a week … 2 weeks. I will probably wait a few weeks. Because it could increase 5 cents in a month. Be patient and control yourself. You could exchange a little bit … but after the spread you may only get 6 cents. I’ll probably wait a week … two weeks. I’ll take my time.

FRANK: I might exchange a little bit to take care of my bills, but I’m going to wait and see what happens. Take as much time as you need. Go slowly … whatever rate it comes out at … it probably won’t stay there … that’s logical.

When you and I saw that the 50 IQD note was being removed … we knew the citizens would be told to come into the banks and get credit for the 50’s (which will become obsolete). Brilliant timing! The citizens are coming into the banks before they become obsolete. The banks take them in at 1166. Simply brilliant!

DELTA: makes perfect sense. Keep in mind … once they increase the value … there is no way back! They must get it right! It cannot fail! Brilliant! It’s coming to the end … you can tell! AMAZING!!!

CBI — they have the green light. [With a green light| and you’re in a vehicle … and you get a green light … they are going to go right now and move as fast as they can. The World Bank has finally given the green-light! Beautiful. Amazing timing. The 12 control the World Bank.

FRANK: here’s ½ of the 12 … UN, BIS, UST, IMF, WB, WTO … (that’s 6 … that’s enough)


This gentleman owns 20 acres in Iraq. Showed proof to Frank of the “findings” on their property. He said … “most people don’t understand how much wealth is in Iraq. Very few people understand the value of what is in the ground. Gold and silver is not the main thing. As Iraq moves into the MR … they will be loading both sides of the balance sheet. The elements they are pulling out of the ground is amazing! BackDoc has it right. It’s not just about what is above ground. It’s all assets!”

DELTA: The money is there. They can support any rate that they want.

FRANK: Delta thinks we’ll see the new rate in about 2 days … I [Frank26] think in about 2 weeks … what do you think …about what the CBI said?

GUEST: “Based on the conversations I’ve had today … I would have to agree … things are right there. Just remember, there is a lot of value there.”

FRANK: I believe in Abadi.

GUEST: WS has shown a lot of issues about the bonds.

FRANK: The budget is loaded with stars!

Let’s see what happens in the month of March.

DELTA: BING, BANG, BOOM! Keep watching the CBI in the next 24-48 hours!

FRANK: This is a historical day!!! When they do raise the value of the IQD … we’re not going to continue to study it. Our primary source is to study God’s kingdom. I don’t want to talk about currency anymore … just God’s word.

If we have any further information … we will share it on our forum.

DELTA: or by emergency cc

FRANK: Please don’t miss AggieDad’s posts. Read his article summaries.

WS – please continue your compilations!

Newshounds – please continue

Love you all!

CC ended with prayer


KTFA Tuesday Night CC.   Approx.  126 Minutes Long 

Bible Study and Dinar Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 760.569.7699 PIN: 156996#
Mike     Boy, I take a couple of days off and things start to really take off!  I may stay gone for a bit longer……   :)  Thanks for the article, Kap.

Iraqi Central Bank announced on Tuesday that he gave the green light to direct the implementation of the deletion of zeros from the currency, pointing out that it takes two years. 

Alak said at a news conference, child “Light News,” that “the file to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency is put into effect, and the World Bank gave the green light to implement it.”

He added that “the completion of administrative matters on this file will take two years,” adding that “the Bank began creating models of the new currency.”   LINK

–” We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid ”  Benjamin Franklin

Revbo    That’s a new twist, mike. I wonder why the World Bank part didn’t make it into the other articles. WB did tell them, a couple weeks ago, to drop the peg, and even though I got a feeling of imminence from the articles this morning, this makes it feel even more so. Brule, do you know this source? I’ve never seen before.

Mike   Revbo,  Yep, I was thinking the same thing.  There’s been several articles out that spoke to the consultation’s but nothing until today that indicated Iraq would move to unpeg from the dollar.

 I’ve been catching up on the news and it sure appears like they’re going to make the move, and soon!  I would think we’d see movement from the CBI in the next week to 10 days on the outside, I guess we’ll just watch and wait some more.

I can’t recall reading anything from alnoor in the past, here’s hoping it’s not a chakooch wannabe.  :)

Moonman1963        Mike, take another couple of days, lol. Kidding, kidding…

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.     Benjamin Franklin

Mike   lol, right moomnan?

- ” We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid ” Benjamin Franklin

Aloha Alex   ReVbo and others, thanks for trying to find source’s validity. My biggest pet peeve for 7 years has been bogus articles sending us on spin cycle.

-        You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.

DreamWeaver   Agree that imminence was definitely highlighted by addition of World Bank green light nod.

Revbo, what exactly happens when they unpeg from the dollar?  Can it stand alone, unpegged to anything for a short time or must currency always need to be pegged to something?  Appreciate your take on it as economics is the great abyss for me.  Best ~ DW

NCtallguy   Heres hoping we can all take a couple days off soon, or couple weeks, or months  or years.

NCtallguy   Is being unpegged from the dollar a good thing? I can’r wait to be unpegged from the dinar haha

Aaanth     unpegging from the $$ would certainly give credence to RK’s rematks about why Obama would be against the Rv and want to hold it up.  it can’t be good for the dollar, right?

DreamWeaver   Amen to that NC … amen to that.   By the way, every time I see your name I think:  North Carolina, tall guy, Michael Jordan.  Do you play basketball by any chance?  LOL. 

Preacher Man   Aaant, Revbo, DreamWeaver,   Right

sweed61     The CBI has been  pegging the dinar to the dollar and using a substitute open market operation of auctions to add stability to the dinar and control inflation. Until strong interbank demand for dinars and an open market opertion by the CBI, a free float would add too much instabilty. The IMF suggested to Iraq that a managed float is best for their emerging economy.  Who knows what they will do.

Rockstar    Wow Mike definitely like your confidence here, I know it takes a lot to get you excited about where things are in Iraq with all the turmoil there! Hopefully this is a good news source also, I don’t know

DreamWeaver    Mike, is my barometer.    When Mike gets REALLY excited, I’m buying more dinar.  LOL.  anything about them either.

Aaanth   i’m not trying to be “debbie downer” here but doesn’t it seem odd to anyone that the CBI is ANNOUNCING an increase in thier currency?  we have always thought for years that something like that would never happen. as it would cause an immediatr RISE IN DINAR SALES.

from all that’s been guessed at and predicted and on and on, it seems as though Dinarians have all thought the opposite, that, in fact, the CBI was trying to pull in the dinat and lower the note count to (i guess) “de-dollarize”. 

neither will this move itaqi’s to put their dinar in the bamks as they will, persumably, lose the value when it increases, right? hasn’t that also been something that we all seem to see in these articles that the banking sector is trying to revitalize itself with loans and deposits and bonds etc. 

again, it would seem that this announcement all goes contrary to that line of reasoning.  i am the first one to smile when anyone uses the term “reasoning” and “iraq” in the same sentence but this seems even stranger that usual.  and that’s saying something…  so what other agenda could the CBI have?

anyone have any thoughts on this because i am sure a whole lot of people went out and bought a lot more dinar today!!!

HandOverFist     Good question Aaanth, and I have another question. If they are going to turn 37 trillion dinar into 37 billion dinar (as per articles)………..How do they do that without taking the zeros off our currency?   Is there another way that I’m not thinking about?

Mike    Yep, still grounded but this is great stuff.

Schiz    Keywords: delete the zeros existing project and we have given the green light for its implementation   March 3, 2015    


Initials     aaanth,  In my opion that is why this is such big news. If they are announcing this, then they must have pulled in all that they  believe they can reasonably get. There will always be the holdouts that will keep it under the mattress.

As far as the dinar held by us and the dealers in this country, that is accounted for and will be in the US reserve system and not impact them negatively. I took the announcement this morning that PM posted as a massive sign that we are about to see a signigicant change.

It also confirmed much of what tlar and many others have alluded to here for months now, that the project was happening and that we were nearing the end. We are in the home stretch.  Initials

Schiz    Guys they are not announcing it to the world, they are announcing it to the iraqi people, we are reading their iraqi news.

I don’t think it’s possible for the cbi to do it with out it being out in the open to the people. They have been at a devalued rate for like 25 years?…….they need to keep them informed every step of the way.

The cbi know what they are doing, have faith in that

Revbo   It doesn’t have to be pegged, and in the World Bank’s opinion, it shouldn’t be. When they drop the peg, there are various new regimes available to them, one of which is the managed float that is preferred here.

Most currencies that float have some level of central bank intervention involved at certain times, which, I think, may be where some of the confusion comes in. I think most folks here think that “float” guys like me think they’re just going to turn it loose and then sit back and do nothing and watch wild fluctuations.

They can still intervene. Through open market operations, to keep the dinar in a reasonable trading range, and I believe that they will once the dinar levels out after the initial correction.

Aaanth    yes, GREAT STUFF iF it’s real.    as always, i remain in “Jerry McGuire” mode…  SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

DreamWeaver  Schiz,  And remember … the Iraqi people already know about–and are expecting–the delete the zeros project to occur as extensive seminars, etc. were given a few years ago to educate the Iraqis on how, specifically, it would affect them.  1,000 dinars now buys 1 coke.  Post RV, 1,000 dinars buys 1,000 cokes or some such.

Agree, Schiz, CBI knows what they’re doing.  But my faith is not in them … keeping my eyes on and faith in Divinity .  Best ~ DW

DreamWeaver    Appreciate you posting a reply, Revbo.    So, could they RV at, say a dollar,  and then unpeg the dinar from the dollar and let it float, within the 2% cap allowed every 90 days—

if that’s the way managed float works?   Also, if they were to RV at a dollar, could they raise that rate to $3.00+ at their discretion at anytime if they were in a managed float–or are they locked into only being allowed to raise to cap limits? 

Just wondering how they could stage at $1 and then get rate up to RI value over $3 in any type of regimes available to them.

 We talk, on the board, about RV staging low and then jumping, Revbo, but is it even possible under guidelines they follow?  Not saying it will or won’t happen that way, just curious about how it could happen.  Thanks, DW

Aaanth   HandOverFist,   well, technically speaking they can use whatever decimal they want.  we are all hoping for more than just the removal of the zeros right?  we will take that of course but they can make it .333  ($3.00)  instead of .86, so at this point who knows what these ctazy people wil do next


Brule   Yes, Revbo, I know the source, been around as long as I have been, and it is legit. 

Revbo   Sweet, Brule! Thanks. DW, that’s a bridge too far for me here. I don’t think what you’re talking about has any precedent, so I couldn’t speak to it.

DreamWeaver  Appreciate it, Revbo. I sometimes forget about the no precendent aspect to all of this. 

Livefree   Sorry if this is already posted, BUT>>>> HOLY *HIT, THEY’VE GIVEN US A TIMELINE!!

Thanks jeff19 for sending me this:  3/3/15

Keywords: cash sales dollar continuously .. no ceilings on the withdrawal of funds

BAGHDAD / Amer Mohi  

Denied the central bank, on Tuesday, he stopped selling the dollar, pointing out that the bank gave the green light to implement the project to delete the zeros from the currency,

 while stressing taken new measures to trading in dollars, expect a decision parliamentary finance committee return dinar to his strength, returned central decisions to ” good “because it is a challenge of smuggling currency out of the country.

The decision of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed Hama Rashid in the “long”, that “the central bank’s plan to abolish the daily auction of the coin and determine the amount of $ 75 million a day, is a good step to prevent foreign currency smuggling out of the country,” noting that “the decision returned good easily neutralized through this period. “

Rashid added by saying that “hard currency prices stabilized after a few days of taking the central bank’s decision to cancel the daily auction, and that this contributed to the strengthening of the Iraqi dinar,” expected “The coming days will witness the return of the dinar to strength again.”

He stressed that “a meeting between the parliamentary Finance Committee and the Central Bank and has been discussed many issues, including the issue of the daily auction of the coin and the strengthening of the Iraqi currency,”

pointing to “the formation of a small committee temporarily inside the Finance Committee to discuss the latest developments with the Central Bank by hosting maintain the relationship.” .

The governor of the bank on the Keywords during a press conference, held in the bank building area Jadiriya in Baghdad, said that “the central bank went to the new mechanisms on the sale of currency window after studying extensively formerly followed which affected one way or another on the market because they carry a lot of problems, including money laundering,

“pointing out that” the mechanism used currently maintain a market economy, as well as support for the dollar exchange rate against the dinar by linking foreign remittances through the financial deposit paid by the dealer before buying the goods are placed in banks abroad and thus not join inconsistencies in dollars, and the entry of the goods entirely according to invoices submitted. “

He added that the relationship “cash sales of dollars by selling the currency continuous window and there is no interruption, but it will be in a new way and there are no limits to the amounts for those wishing to obtain the dollar.”

On the other hand pointed Keywords that “heading the bank is real and effective support of private banks in Iraq by persuading the government to develop a financial deposit in those banks as well as dealing with the outgoing ones in the state departments of all instruments”,

noting that “the bank is considering now deposit law is now under preparation and if completed it during the next few days will pay to the House of Representatives for approval. “

Keywords that “revealed an ongoing process to delete the zeros of the currency has not canceled but is now in preparation and study the subject and to say the least over the next three years, largely will be worked out because this is an important administrative and financial operations can not rush it.”

For his part, said an expert on economic affairs Majid picture in an interview for the “long”, that “the abolition of currency auction came to the goal of the organization of the currency sale in the market, especially after the great smuggling currency out of the country after the opening of the auction on a daily basis,”

 noting that “the basic problem is the development of paragraph in the federal budget to determine the dollar selling in the daily auction of the Central Bank, “stressing that” the CBI plans are good for organizing the sale of hard currency for the market. “

He added that the picture of “the existence of hard currency by more than 150% of the local currency exporting is good and indicates that Iraq will not suffer from a lack of hard currency,”

noting that “the presence of large amounts of dollar strengthens the dinar against the dollar and regulates the sale of currency process.” The Central Bank of Iraq, denied, on Tuesday, closing window sell the currency, said “take new mechanisms to sell the dollar.”

Parliamentary Finance Committee held (March 2, 2015) meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords and director of TBI Hamdiya dry to discuss the financial situation and the issue of transfer of funds from the commercial bank to Kurdistan without collateral.

Confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi (February 2, 2015) that the rise in the dollar exchange rate “will not last long”, and demanded that the central bank using monetary tools to control the market.

She added that “the Commission predicted rise in the dollar exchange rate against the dinar, when the roof identified 75 million dollars for the auction of the Central Bank, the General Budget Law, while not confirmed the continuation of the long rally, called for the central bank using monetary tools to control the market.

The MP Magda al-Tamimi said that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee predicted a rise in the dollar’s exchange rate against the dinar, when identified ceiling 75 million dollars for the auction of the Central Bank, the General Budget Law,” noting that “such a paragraph came because the Iraqi central bank sales were between 200 to 250 million dollars a day, which led to the depletion of the country’s hard currency reserves and low of 77 to 67 billion dollars or less.


YEE HAW!!!!!–

Livefree    sorry, can’t seem to get a good link to open up, but I did see it for myself on faceiraq news.

hi-five     Great article, livefree!   Keywords has been very vocal lately!

Livefree   I know we’re tired of seeing ‘coming days’ but it sure beats SOON, or ‘coming period’ or worse yet talk of 2016!  I fully take their reference to 2 years or asin the above article 3 years, to mean the 2 currencies will co-exist for that amount of time as we’ve seen them state before.  

Which of course is good news for us as we won’t need to make hasty decisions should they come out low.  However, they said ‘return the dinar to its strength’ which could either mean they’ll come out with a high rate or that within a specified period of time it will reflect the true wealth of the country which should be well over $3. 

 Either way just to see any movement in the coming days will be a whoo hoo moment for all of us!  And being given the Green Light surely means we won’t have much longer to wait to receive our prize!  I am THRILLED at this announcement!

Tlar     It occurs to me that if they can get it done before March 31st, the end of the first quarter,  their accounting system  can still be made retroactive back to the first of the year.  

For accounting purposes, I would think March 31st or any time before would be the best time to do this for the CBI as they themselves have stated a number of times. 

There has been no intel other than the bond issue I reported on 2 weeks back.  

It was reported back then that the bonds were being held up and that Iraq would be back and sign the agreement, providing a new rate before they would actually commence sales of these bonds. 

 Everything seems to be lining up nicely.  Here’s to hope.  tlar

Livefree    Thanks for the validation tlar.  I’ve rarely allowed myself to get excited in recent months after so many disappointments but now it seems all the pieces are coming together and we may just very well be in the last few days of this!  I know we’re all ready!

From Recaps Comment section:

Dinar Angel14   03/03/2015 4:01pm  Just got back from a bank run to Chase to make normal deposits this morning. While I was there, I asked the teller to please check her screen to see what the Dinar, Dong & Zim rates were showing at.

 Normally, the current low rates were what was visible, but today, the Dinar which was assumed to have RI’d in country yesterday, (Sun 3-1-15), was showing a blank screen.

When we heard last Tues (2-24-15), that the Zim had revalued in-country, the next day I checked at the same branch & their screen showed blank as well for the Zim rate.

What I am assuming from this is that they can no longer post the old rates as they would be inaccurate and they cannot post the new rates as they have not gone public yet.
If this is so, and coupled with the eminent Battle of Tikrit results yet to be revealed by Iraq, I believe we could be only hours / days away from our release of funds here in the US, for the first basket to go.

Keep the faith, we could very well see it all happen this week!












tman23  IMO, PM Abadi has what he needs…The Currency Reform Board at the CBI has what they need

Barzani last week borrowed 500 million dollars from Turkey to pay salaries and is in Italy cutting more deals…The Kurds had said they will not open their economy dealing with 3 zero accounting…

Abadi told his Ministers to prepare to resume work in the liberated areas…

The CBI has given the green light…For what we are interested in…CURRENCY VALUE

 Forget about Parliament…they are now riding in the back seat of the RV vehicle.


don :  March 3, 2015 Sounds like last days of Hitler. ISIL is killing own commanders for running away.


yadillahr : Red Alert === Red Alert ===take as rumor but just got call from friend who has source says actual rv has happened 30 mins. ago this is not a test…yes i am dead serious…i have know this man over 30yrs and he don’t tell stories…i am pumped…he said it is rolling out…

yadillahr: His source also said that it took Kuwait 10 days form when its rv happened for it to be international….the rate is supposed to be $3.90…i will take this intel for what its worth and i know this guy and he don’t bs…this is as good of intel that we get from any site but i know where this intel is coming from

yadillahr :  -just another call and was told rv realy did go down =====please keep your hands a feet in the car its going to be a fast ride. I was told its on its way but i dont know how long it will take to be international. just talked with pam and tony and dc have been told about my intel they are looking into it but like she said its 4am in Iraq

  Delta is calling for 24-48 and Frank is calling within 2 weeks…

Starchild : 3 or 4 places calling for 24-48 hours….



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G-Lin    01 March 2015 19:19    Baghdad (AIN) –The Parliamentary Economy Committee Discussed With The Head Of The Iraqi Securities Commission Activating The Commission’s Law 

 A statement by the parliament received by AIN “The Committee headed by MP, Jawad al-Bolani, met with the ISC’s head where they discussed activating the law of the ISC.”

tlar    Here is  the commissions law for those interested. 


The continuous development requires interactions of human life in applying the ethical practices of community and professional behavior. hence laws, rules and regulations are established to Facilitate these reactions.

Within this framework, the Code of Ethics which is called (pledge of honor) related to Brokerage firms of securities based on the general law of the state and the enforce laws that regulate capital markets work and securities trading, Which embodies the commitment of the activities which are related to brokerage firms for securities of its performance and the highest ethical standards.

The pledge of honor targets to preserve their position and dignity of job, also it seeks to raise the level of performance of the profession and upgrade their workers.

It’s expected that all members of boards of director, the executive managements and employers will adhere with maximum standards of code of conduct and preserve on high moral standards whether in their jobs or their personal life.

 It has decided to issue these standards:


 The following words and phrases have these meanings:

 Commission: Iraq Securities Commission.

 Exchange: Iraq Stock Exchange licensed by the Commission.

 Association: Securities Brokers Association in Iraq.

 Member: Securities Brokerage Companies licensed by the Commission.

 These standards apply on:

 Brokerage Companies work at Exchanges licensed by the Commission.

Brokers and their agents and employees.

 Obligations of member towards Exchange

Member should obligates to Iraq securities Commission Law and regulations issued by it, including rules of dealing and trading mentioned in securities trading system, Exchange rules and any amendment made on it.

Not to do any work that would harm the reputation of the Exchange and its member’s dealers.

The direct report about any work or activity which is illegal or contrary to regulations and instructions in securities dealing and would be made by one of the workers in these companies to the Exchange directly.

The company is committed to open its books and records for Auditing by the Exchange and provide them with copies of the records and securities related to the company’s activity, if asked to do so.

Keeping records and documents mentioned in the Law included records and documents related to dealings that executed by the member in the Exchange.

Not to get any brokerage which exceed the decided limits according to regulations of ISX.

The company is responsible on the workers’ violations for laws and regulations of ISX.

 It shall be prohibited for any member to give a direct or indirect guarantee to the investor against loses which may be made by trading, or agree with him about ratio of profits.

 The member shall execute ISX transactions, in line with sound trading. In particular, the member shall pledge to refrain from doing the following:

 Wash, sham and unreal transactions which cover trading meant to mislead the dealers into believing that there is an active securities market.

Any behavior or work intended to provide misleading and incorrect data, declarations or information, or to spread rumors in relation to a rise or a fall in the prices of securities.

Defaming or degrading any other member.

Using securities registered in the name of investors to achieve a private interest.

Moving investors’ portfolios just to obtain commissions.

Conducting any transactions that run counter to the correct practices of ISX, or which are incompatible with the principles of a fair and transparent market.

Publish or assist in publishing sham or misleading news, also news relating to change securities price in order to effect on its prices and dealings.

Introduce inaccurate or misleading information, or consultations to the investors leads to their dealings significantly or unjustified to achieve a private interest or just to obtain commissions.

 Obligations of member towards investors

 Member can’t act with investor’s securities except after make agreement according to the executed regulations, the following being the minimum:

 The name and address of the investor.

A statement of the services to be rendered by the member to the investor.

A statement of the commissions to be received by the member in return for its services according to the agreement.

It shall be prohibited for any member to:

 Introduce financial facilities to the investors to buy securities except according to the issued regulations.

Execute many of buy and sell procedures for the account of investors without written authorization.

Inform the investor about details of operations carried out for him immediately or according to the signed agreement between them, and provide him a detailed account disclosure.

 Keep confidentiality at work

 Workers should oblige to do the following:

 Keep confidentiality of information and activities related to ISX or use them for their own or for any third party’s benefit.

Keep the confidential documents in a safe place when not used, so as to ensure that no one has access to them.

Take the necessary procedures and precautions to ensure the safety of trading at ISX and to protect it especially from the following:

First: to protect their data that enables them to enter into the systems.

 Second: not to allow unauthorized persons to use the systems.

 Third: not to use any Stock Exchange software or hardware before the specialist ensures their safety.

 Fourth: As soon as it comes to their knowledge, inform the concerned employee in the Information Technology Department of an violation of software or related material copyrights in the Stock Exchange, as well as or any misuse of the Stock Exchange’s systems or of any possibility of having a software that might affect the data stored on the hardware.

  Custody investors’ interests

 The Member shall make the effort and care enough to do the following:

 First: Knowledge of the details and characteristics of each investor, trading account or sell or buy order.

 Second: confirm orders acceptance of their investors properly.

 Third: give priority for sell or buy orders according to its receiving sequence, and refrain from favoring the interests of the investor on another.

 Fourth: not to use money or securities of investors for member purposes or another investors.

 Fifth: preference of investors’ interests on their personal interests, and taking the necessary procedures to protect their interests and the credibility of dealing in securities.

It is not permitted for the member or his workers to accept any gift or donation whatsoever directly or indirectly as encourage or reward from their investors.

  Interests’ conflict

 If the member has an interest in the process that will be carried out to the investor’s account and could lead to a conflict of interest, so it prohibits for him to carry it out only in accordance with the issued regulations.

  General matters

 Member should oblige towards the investor to do the following:

 Check personal, recipe and eligibility of investors and their agents to dealing and dispose buy or sell orders, and verify the signatures contained in these commands.

Taking into account the rights of investors towards their accounts and especially with respect to any returns in accordance with the agreement with them.

Complete separation between their accounts and investors’ accounts and not to use any investor accounts to cover the expense of another investor and retain the supporting documents of the previous procedures to ensure that verify the integrity of the application and made available to ISX and the Commission upon request

Notify investors of any material information is disclosed on ISX be related to buying and selling orders its own.

It shall be Prohibited the member and his employees to take advantage of inside information in any way when dealing in securities for their own or for another before the disclosure.

Member should oblige to the procedures related to the disclosure on dealing the aware persons according to the issued regulations.

 It is not permitted for the member or his workers to exploit an order or group of orders issued by an investor or group of investors and these commands will move the price of securities of doing trade in the same direction before they are implemented in order to achieve self benefit or for others.

 It also prohibits done by agreement or directing others to move in the same direction of these commands before they are implemented.

 Money laundry

 Member should take the procedures related to anti-money laundry and do the following as minimum:

 Definition the identity of the investor or his agent and his activity, and verified it before and during his dealings.

Review the investor’s data periodically and update it.

In case of doubt the accuracy and adequacy of the data that have been obtained regarding definition the identity of the investor or his agent, he must not open an account or make a contract.

Not to deal with faceless people or people with moot or fictitious names or the fictitious companies.

It is not permitted to receive or pay cash sums from non-Iraqis investor or his agent and that are made through authorized banks and by Iraqi dinar.

Inform money laundering unit at Central Bank of Iraq in the event of suspected process linked to money laundering or financing the terrorist, regardless of the value of the process.

Members and employees should comply with the standards of code of conduct (reign of Honor), this will be subject the violator under penalty of professional responsibility and disciplinary.

hi-five   If they are discussing activating this law, then they must be very close to NEEDING it.


Preacher Man      Keywords: Delete The Zeros Existing Project And We Have Given The Green Light For Its Implementation   


Preacher Man    Did he say Trillions to BBBBBillions..    Fits right into Economic Development.

jackbauer32960   THAT sounds a lil more promising! but is it a float, a RV or RI ????

Phillyman  Governor Of The Central Bank On The Keywords 

Central Bank Gives The Green Light To Implement “The Deletion Of Zeros,” Asserts: We Need Two Years To Complete    


mally    Good morning guys.  Great news that something is happening.  Gotta love Iraqi news.  This seemingly big story and press conference and they fill the short article with something they said in May of 12 and Sept of 11.  Hopefully more details are on the way soon.

Preacher Man      Governor Of The Bank: Auction Currency Is No Longer A Daily Window And Put New Mechanisms  have announced the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords, on Tuesday, for the development of new mechanisms for the auction currency, which “is no longer a daily window,” he said, adding that a lot of hard currency being smuggled out of the country as well as for use in the operations of corruption. Followed…. 

hi-five     Never thought they would announce it like this – -“given the green light”.    Does this mean we can start the countdown – – 10?

DreamWeaver   LOL.  Are you the optimistic–and in the case–gullible type, Hi-Five?  Me, too.  So, why not start the countdown as it definitely appears currency reform is in high gear.  JMO. 

KJWayne     Well, I’m hoping that they are not talking about two more years to change the rate but are talking abot the paper work being done .

Livefree     Whoo Hoo!!  And WhooPow!!  I LOVE THE COLOR GREEN!!  Thanks PM for making my day!    I’m hoping they’re referring to the 2 years the LD’s and the 3 zero notes will co-exist.  That would give us plenty of time to exchange

KJWayne     I don’t want to exchange, I want to cash in !

sweed61         ” this process will be preceded by the administrative and regulatory processes. ”

 “currency replacing the process needs to be approved by parliament.”

 “The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more.”

 Looks like lots of time is still needed. Does this indicate an RV, RI, Float, Managed Float? Given the period of time suggested in the article, it appears to be a managed float for a period of two years.

Tlar    Fantastic

Jackbauer     PM ….Just got off the phone with DinarInc/XChange America and they will only excange via mail, per their instructions on the website. Recon I’ll just send ‘em in, as I dont have that much to worry over.

Rockstar          Just amazes me that they really keep telling us what they are doing! This is HUGE coming from the CBI folks huge!! Yes the 2 years concerns me a little but like another poster said hopefully that is the time frame to finish the project where all the notes coexist for two years! Best news for the day and week I would say!

rDiddy   This is very exciting news – but what’s meant by this statement?  Has this already happened, or is this another task that parliament has to complete:
Rockstar          rdiddy it means Parliament has to vote in and actually approve the new lower denoms as legal currency!

“The Iraqi Central Bank announced in May 2012 that the process of deleting the zeros will be transferred Iraq from a country trillions to billions, noting that the currency replacing the process needs to be approved by parliament.”

I hope this is referring to the lower denoms that have already been printed.  Thanks in advance for your opinions,   -mrs d


Parliamentary Finance Looking Governor Of The Central Bank Cancel Zeros From Currency

Flyboy   March 2, 2015 Walter    BAGHDAD / Sky Press / .. the parliamentary finance committee looked, on Monday, with the central bank governor Ali Mohsen Keywords Cancel zeros from the currency. Financial said in a press statement I followed / Skat Press / she hosted a morning on the Keywords to discuss the issue of the Iraqi dinar and the abolition of zeros from the currency, as well as discuss the charges on the Director-General of the Iraqi Commercial Bank Hamdiya dry. ”

The National Alliance MP Yasser al-Hassani called on the government to prevent travel Director-General of the Iraqi Commercial Bank [ TPI ] [Hamdiya dry “because of the theft of more than two billion dollars have been converted to the Kurdistan region,” he Colh.anthy a 

Schiz  Thanks flyboy, never ever seen this much talk and interest in the project before :D

I’ll say it again, we are watching currency reform in iraq right here, right now woop! :

Tlar      It is interesting that we are seeing more references in articles and meetings with the CBI on this.   I doe’s give you that warm fuzzy that it is close.  tlar

Revbo    Auctions stopped, banks lending, 50s being removed from circulation, and Alaq is in Parliament to talk about the project. That’s more movement than we have seen in ten years accomplished in two weeks. I agree with Schiz. Currency reform is in process. 

DreamWeaver   First time I’ve seen them use term “abolition” of zeros.  Appears to mean the same as cancel or delete, but it’s interesting they use this term which carries a stronger intention–as they are definitely enacting currency reform and no longer just talking about it.   

Rockstar    Agreed, I would say they are well on their way or in the process of currency reform! Nice article flyboy, once the 50’s are removed I would say it’s game on anytime after April 30th for a change! 

Looks like they are in full force in defeating ISIS, and Mosul should also be completely rid of them by then is my guess! Just wish it wasn’t another 60 days away but oh well, I would still say this is the best we have ever seen in this investment for a time to RV…

Baghdad (AIN) –The Council of Minister decided to allocate 80 billion IQD for the Ministry of Agriculture.

A source from CoM stated to AIN “The financial allocations to be transferred from Agricultural Bank to the Ministry.”

Iko Ward:  Small Bank Story / Big Message

Hi Guys, Since November. 2013 I have been in touch with my WM at WF. He’s a regional guy, handling accounts up to 1M. At first he was very open to all I had to say and did his best to dig into corporate and find out what he could.

Slowly, he had less and less to say. and began relating fears that corporate was hiding something.

At a meeting we had this past December, we sat at his desk for over an hour and tried every internal contact he could think off. The computer consistently popped up Fraud Alerts. Actual people denied knowing anything. “It’s been stonewalled,” was his comment.

I ran into him today at my local branch (he is usually downtown). We passed a few pleasantries, then I asked if he had access to the exchange screens. “No, even my office can’t get on them now,” was the reply.

Last July I know he had access to the currency screens.

This is not bad news; it is good news.

It confirms DC’s estimate that maybe 3% of bank employees even know about the RV. It shows the banks have worked out their systems and have things contained.

This amount of control indicates how huge this deal is.

If the rates weren’t on the screens, why bother to hide them. If the rates are on the screens, why would the banks spend all that time and money setting them up and then restricting who has access?

This is a multi-national system wide administration. No small feat. Corporations don’t spend money like that unless confidence is high.

My point is this. We all get scared at times. We get some new intel and our survival instincts kick in and we doubt. Everyone is different. Some people are wired so that doubt goes right to base level fight or flight reactions. We see them all the time in chat, all is doom and gloom.

My offering to you is next time that happens take a breath and look at what has gone down these past eight weeks.

Abadi said it was going to get done now, he even started publicly declaring dates.

They passed the budget and printed all they could for security reasons, the HCL is in there.

They stopped the CBI currency auctions, putting the squeeze on the old ways of finance.

They paid the Kurds, not all, but it’s started.

They’ve started charging taxes based on RI rates.

They’re recalling the 50’s.

They’re giving limited access to banks.

Their telling their people on National TV its coming.

 Our banks have once more gone on high alert.

The international banking system is up and running to handle the RV traffic.

 A volunteer army is taking back an important, strategic city from ISIS, showing investors who is in control.

Was all this in place even in January of this year?

No. It has all happened over the past six weeks.

In international, time-line perspective, that’s fast.

Please look at all evidence. Acknowledge the source. Your conclusion as to when this will happen reveals who you will be when it does.

Best    Iko

Frank26:   Article quote – “Delete the zeros existing project and we have given the green light for its implementation announced the Governor of the Central Bank.”

It is a GREEN LIGHT … Given by a GREEN ZONE effort that history will never show. They are READY … Well alright then … Let’s Roll! I like numbers … 31415.