Dinar Updates:

Poppy3    i can say with complete confidence that ISIS does not have control of anything. Plus all these banks they are reported taken over is all bull.

They have never breached one bank vault within Iraq.





BGG   my comments on the developing story in Ramadi:  I am sure various news outlets are reporting things that suits their narrative – as they tend to do…however, Ramadi and ISIS is a serious situation.

Will it directly impact the RV?  – I have been plain in my comments – if anything it puts additional pressure on Iraq. Not less pressure. I have not deviated – and I am thinking I’m on target here. 

Q: [With all this ISIS going on in Iraq is there any chance even for them to get this thing done in the near future, like next week, next month…?]   

BGG:  this may be the thing that makes next week, or next month even possible.





Skiracer:  ‘Mornin’ all. It seems today is 22nd. Isn’t that now ONE MONTH since the RV formally is rumored to have happened in Iraq, followed by a SLOW rollout? Perhaps it’s our lucky day!

OK Rocks: 
Bruce on the Big Call always shares Tony & DC info and then adds what they have gotten from their sources… Bruce stated one banking source told him dont look for it til Friday/today and another one said we might see rates or notifications with 800’s on saturday….he is expecting something this weekend and the rates are better than they were

OK Rocks:  Summary…. Mosul has been targeted daily…. Washington gave Iraq the ok to buy whatever weapons they need from whomever… Obama thinks we should back the popular crowd which is Iranian fighters and dif sunni sects etc in this fight… sounds to me like all is good with dc and Iraq


[xyz] Abadi: Iraq achieved the highest production of oil in its history and has a great investment opportunities  

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that “Iraq has made the highest oil production rate in its history.”

The statement came during a meeting with al-Abadi yesterday evening a large number of representatives of Russian public companies in the capital Moscow.

He welcomed al-Abadi, according to a statement his office “Russian companies wishing to work in Iraq,” stressing that “jobs and investment going on and are available in most provinces despite what Iraq faces from terrorism.”

“The government has taken serious measures to achieve a partnership with the private sector and have taken steps task in the face of red tape, which hampers investment and provide great facilities in the travel and open doors to investors in the sectors of oil, electricity, transportation and other vital sectors.”

The prime minister stressed that “Iraq has made oil production rate is the highest in its history,” he said. “Other sectors of no less importance for oil and investment opportunities are very large.”




Topic: Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. Theodore Roosevelt



Freedom May 22, 2015 at 8:30am

Deputy for reform: Saturday session will be dedicated to the semi-Law of the National Guard

History of edits:: 2015/5/22 10:37 • 72 visits readable

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} between the MP for the Reform Bloc affiliated to the National Alliance Tawfiq al-Kaabi that “next Saturday session will be dedicated to the semi-Law of the National Guard; for the purpose of reading a second reading.”

He said al-Kaabi told {Euphrates News} on Friday, “The Speaker of the House to be the face of the Saturday session dedicated to the semi-Law of the National Guard, and recommended the heads of political blocs to give flexibility in this matter.” 

Kaabi stressed that “this matter will end in Althreyb urgent vote on the law and service to the country, and all the fighters who have been fighting against Daash terrorist gangs” .anthy tc 



Freedom:  Start of the World Economic Forum with the participation of Iraq

Baghdad: Euphrates News} kicked off Friday at the Dead Sea, Jordan, the World Economic Forum of Davos} {participation of a number of countries, including Iraq.

Among the participants Egyptian President Abdel Fattah As the President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, Moroccan Abdul Ilah Bin Kiran and Prime Minister, and participate in the activities of Forum more than a thousand of business, politics and the economy, analysts and experts, and discussed the work of the forum that the three-day sessions, economic, development and youth issues in the region .
And carry this version of the Forum title {Find a regional framework for prosperity, peace and cooperation between the public and private sectors}, and trying to attendees of officials and experts to discuss ideas face the development challenges in the region, and to highlight the impact of regional conflicts and its repercussions on growth. Ended h



Walkingstick  » May 22nd, 2015, 9:34 am 

Friday, May 22, 2015 09:12

American and former defense minister: al-Maliki’s policies and civil war have created the Syrian terrorist organization Daash

Baghdad / follow-up Baghdadiya News / … former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said about the creation of Daash terrorist organization because of al-Maliki’s policies and civil war in Syria.

Gates said in a televised interview with the US channel NBC, I followed / Baghdadi News / “The policies of the Syrian civil war, the government of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki are created Daash terrorist organization”.

Gates added that “al-Maliki a dictator and turned into an authoritarian and sectarian This was demonstrated clearly to remove him through the Sunni sect what the smartest sectarian fire in Iraq.”

When asked about the reasons that prompted the US administration to support the Maliki government in Iraq, Gates said, “Yes, our support al-Maliki at the beginning of his mandate because it was weak .. However, after a short period showed another face and grabbed all powers for himself, took Iraq into a nasty case of sectarian tension “. It ended 21 / l



Walkingstick  » May 22nd, 2015, 8:01 am 

Friday, 22 May 2015 06:26

Support from the International Monetary Fund for Iraq to ease expenses

Iraqi Ministry of Finance agreed with the International Monetary Fund to provide emergency financial assistance to Iraq, in order to reduce public expenditures, and issued a statement pointed out that Iraq agreed with the IMF during the technical talks and detailed that finally carried out to provide emergency financial aid, pointing out that the agreement comes within the plans Government to cut public expenditure.

The ministry pointed out that the Iraqi delegation held talks with the Legal Department and the Department of Accounting at the IMF officials to stand on the use of the government and the Ministry of Finance SDR funds allocated in the 2015 budget

it is noteworthy that Iraq held technical meetings with the multi-party investment guarantee institutions of for «Monetary Fund.»

and affected by the Iraqi budget down global oil prices, as oil revenues make up 95% of total government revenues, while the budget suffer significant financial pressure because of high overhead.

it announced «IFC», a subsidiary of «World Bank» , invested $ 18 million to help promote high-quality dairy products industry, which will lead to food security in Iraq to support and encourage the growth of non-oil sectors. She pointed out that this funding will help meet the growing demand for food, improve its distribution standards.

The World Bank felt that this investment is part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at encouraging investments between the countries in the region and promote economic diversification in Iraq and improve agricultural production, as it will contribute to the development of ways of food production and distribution in transforming Iraq’s economy depends on oil to a more diversified economy.

It plans «IFC» to promote investment services in Iraq in the coming years, it plans to invest between 100 and 130 million dollars per year in priority sectors such as infrastructure and the financial sector.

It is noteworthy that they invested in 2014 more than 12 billion dollars in the face of the most pressing challenges in the field of development.

In another context, the Iraqi National Business Council submitted a proposal to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to join the «Asian Investment Bank» which will help Iraq in infrastructure services.

quoted President of the Council Karim al-Shammari, that «many countries have joined the Bank and including Britain, Germany, France, the UAE and Iran, as well as Egypt’s request to join».

He pointed out that «Asian Investment Bank», led by China, could help Iraq in closing the large gap in services various infrastructure as well as electricity, energy, environment, and others.   LINK 

Only One Country Has A Global Strategy Right Now — and that should ‘unnerve’ the US

By Elena Holodny

In our increasingly volatile and multipolar world, there’s one state with a true plan, according to Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer.

“The only country in the world with a global strategy right now is China — and I think that that should unnerve us,” Bremmer told Business Insider in a sit-down interview.

Bremmer argues that while Washington hasn’t had a defined foreign policy strategy for the last quarter century, China has decided both an economic and a military strategy for itself in the medium to long-term.

“The Chinese do want to compete with us economically globally. 

They want to compete with our standards, they want to compete with our influence, they want to compete with our architecture that we’ve created, and they’re doing that through the BRICS Bank, and the AIIB, and through the Silk Road Initiatives — you name it,” he said.

“Over a trillion dollars being spent — no one else comes close. And it’s a real strategy. It will certainly be overreach in some places, but overall, I suspect it will work.”

(Reuters) Map highlighting members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. 

However, having a foreign policy strategy is not the same thing as dominating every country in every single arena.

As Bremmer points out, “China has decided that militarily they cannot compete with the United States over the medium term, maybe even in the long-term. Outside of Asia they can’t.”

Interestingly, China’s medium-term economic and military strategies could lead to an “asymmetric world” over the next decade. 

A world in which Beijing has the economic upper hand, while the US remains the military powerhouse, according to former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in his summary report on “The Future of US-China Relations Under Xi Jinping.”

Consequently, it’s that much more important that Washington clearly define its foreign policy agenda in a world where the US isn’t far and away the only major power (as was the case in the years immediately following the collapse of the Soviet Union).

NOW WATCH: 11 facts that show how different China is from the rest of the world



Investing.com –

Investing.com – Gold prices were higher in European morning hours on Friday, as demand for the greenback weakened broadly after the release of downbeat U.S. data on Thursday and as investors eyed a fresh U.S. economic report later in the day.

On the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures for June delivery were up 0.31% at $1,207.80.

The June contract ended Thursday’s session 0.38% lower at $1,204.10 an ounce.

Futures were likely to find support at $1,190.40, the low from May 13 and resistance at $1,225.50, the high from May 19.

The dollar came under broad selling pressure after a string of downbeat U.S. economic reports on Thursday fuelled fresh uncertainty over the strength of the recovery.

The U.S. Department of Labor said the number of individuals filing for initial jobless benefits in the week ending May 16 rose more than expected by 10,000 to 274,000 from the previous week’s total of 264,000.

Separately, the National Association of Realtors said that existing home sales fell unexpectedly by 3.3% in April to 5.04 million units from the previous month’s revised total of 5.21 million units.

In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia said that its manufacturing index declined to 6.7 this month from a reading of 7.5 in April, confounding expectations for a rise to 8.0.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was down 0.40% to 95.09 in early European trade.

Investors were now looking ahead to U.S. inflation data and a speech by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen due later in the day for fresh indications on how the economy is performing.

Elsewhere in metals trading, silver futures for July delivery gained 0.47% to $17.212 a troy ounce, while copper futures for July delivery inched up 0.01% to $2.850 a pound.

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Early Friday Morning:


Freedom : Russia offers military aid to Iraq during PM visit

MOSCOW | BY Denis Dyomkin

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi during their meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, May 21, 2015.

Russia offered visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi military and other aid on Thursday to help push back Islamic State militants who have made further sweeping gains in both Iraq and Syria this week.

The advances by IS, which captured the Iraqi city of Ramadi last weekend and on Thursday was tightening its grip on the historic city of Palmyra in neighboring Syria, have exposed the shortcomings of Iraq’s army and the limitations of U.S. air strikes.
In going ahead with his visit to Moscow despite the worsening security crisis, Abadi said he had wanted to underline the importance of his country’s ties with Russia, adding that he had disregarded “certain forces” advising him to cancel the trip.

“We are expanding cooperation in the area of military technology,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the start of talks with Abadi in the Kremlin, hailing Iraq as an “old and reliable partner in the region”.

“Our relations are developing very successfully … Our companies are working in your country and we are talking of investments in the order of billions of dollars,” Putin added, without elaborating.

Russian companies were involved in the Iraqi economy for decades during the rule of Saddam Hussein and strongly opposed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 which ousted the dictator and ushered in a prolonged period of turmoil.

Earlier on Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow would make every effort to help Iraq defeat Islamic State, whose capture of Ramadi last weekend was the most significant setback for the Baghdad government in a year.

“We are focused on developing ties in all spheres, including military-technical cooperation, economic cooperation and cooperation in the oil and gas sector,” Abadi said.

Weak global oil prices have prompted Russia to seek closer ties with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), of which Iraq is a member.

Russia, one of the world’s biggest non-OPEC oil producers, is scheduled to hold consultations with the group ahead of an OPEC policy-making meeting in Vienna next month.



Ranger4564 > Freedom May 22, 2015 at 7:25am There we go. Freedom from US / Cabal oppression. Iraq has finally secured Russian military intervention to prevent further US led ISIS or other terror group insurgencies. Now, China should join in also, so it becomes a more international force to oppose these terrorists.

Freedom > Ranger4564 May 22, 2015 at 7:57am Good Friday Morning!!..Yes Indeed Ranger!!!..Go Go Abadi Shake them Shackles loose..Thump & Dump the Oppression Crowd & Get this Show on the Road!! 


Freedom:  May 22, 2015 at 5:36am


Markets | Fri May 22, 2015 5:11am EDT

China, India likely to be biggest shareholders in AIIB


China is likely to hold a 25-30 percent stake in the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) while India will be the second-biggest shareholder, delegates said on Friday after a three-day meeting of the bank’s founding member-nations.

AIIB said in a statement that it expected to be operational by the end of the year. It said the meeting in Singapore finalised the articles of agreement, which are expected to be ready for signing by the end of June, but did not give details. (bit.ly/1FrydwQ)

No details of the ownership structure were disclosed, but delegates told Reuters that China would likely take a 25-30 percent stake in the bank, and India was likely to be the second-largest shareholder.

China’s share in the $100 billion lender would be less than 30 percent, an Asian delegate told Reuters. A second delegate said India’s share would be between 10 and 15 percent. Both spoke on condition of anonymity.

In all, Asian countries are expected to own between 72 and 75 percent of the bank, while European and other nations will own the rest.

Another delegate said each country representative would take the proposals back to their governments for a final decision.

Some were skeptical of the timeline for the bank to start running, as each member will need to obtain cabinet and legislative approvals at home.

“It is uncertain if we can start from early next year,” said one of the delegates.

“China hopes that members will get such approvals by year-end and the operations start from the next year. But I wonder if it is possible, given domestic political situations in each country.”

A total of 57 countries have joined AIIB as its prospective founding members, throwing together countries as diverse as Iran, Israel, Britain and Laos.

The United States and Japan have stayed out of the institution, seen as a rival to the U.S.-dominated World Bank and Japan-led Asian Development Bank, citing concerns about transparency and governance, although Tokyo for one is keeping its options open.

AIIB’s launch is coming at a time when the space for infrastructure lending is already crowded due to the presence of major multilateral lenders and Japan’s latest move to provide $110 billion for Asian infrastructure projects.

The amount of Japanese funds, to be invested over five years, tops the expected $100 billion capitalization of the AIIB.

Jahangir Aziz, head of emerging market Asia economics at JPMorgan, said spending on infrastructure was a great idea on paper, but it was unclear how the AIIB or the New Development Bank, a lender promoted by China and other members of the BRICS group of nations, would be structured.

“We will have to wait for the actual structure of governance before we can see how successful these (institutions) will turn out to be,” he said. “The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.”

Late Thursday Night:

Dinar Updates:

Q:  [I don’t feel hopeful for soon tell me I am wrong please!] 

BGG   You’re wrong…there is way to much missing info for us to be able to make perfectly accurate assessments – one way or the other.  we’re in a good investment…that is enough.  

tman23  …I am so focused on the INVESTMENT LAW…Which I expect to be brought to vote MONDAY the 25th of May. They are timing this Law with intentional delay.



[Pam D. ] It’s eerily quiet in Dinar Land…….. and I hope that is a great thing LOL

  Post RV, For all the doubters who laughed at us, Counselling will be available through my “Who’s Crazy Now” Foundation. I will set up offices around the country. Sessions will be focused around a comfortable couch…. A grossly enlarged picture of their emails, stating things like ”Are You Crazy”, “Have You Lost your Mind”, and “How much money have you thrown away on this Scam?” I will offer tons of smiles….and complete silence… then give them a 1st class ticket tooo … Any ideas?



FrostyTheSnowman  » May 22nd, 2015, 12:00 am 

Family … do you remember the one conference call that Frank did … and he asked everyone to post their opinion as to WHO would be there at the end … to more or less take a “victory lap” concerning the MR?

My opinion was that the UN would make a series of appearances.

Smile for the camera Mr Ki-moon … it’s show time for Vietnamn too!


  Yes FROSTY as Nam looks into the mirror that Iraq hold they ask:

Mirror Mirror on the wall …….. Who’s the fairest of them all?


Sweet Guava Jelly Aloha Dreams my Beautiful KTFA Family.   KTFA   Frank


ThunderHawk : UN head Ban Ki-moon arrives in Viet Nam

HA NOI (VNS) — General Secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon will visit Viet Nam for two days from today. It will be his second visit since he took office in 2007.
The visit is designed to increase the effectiveness of UN aid in implementing the post-2015 Development Agenda, particularly in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The relationship between Viet Nam and the UN has been expanded and deepened over the years and leaders from both sides have had frequent contact.

Since becoming a member of the UN in 1977, Viet Nam has made practical contributions to the world organisation’ss activities in many fields, most noticeably completing its role as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in 2008-09.

The country is also a member of the UN Human Rights Council and is participating in the UN’s peacekeeping activities and its reform initiatives.

The “One-UN Initiative” in Viet Nam is the first of its kind implemented by the UN worldwide.

Established in October 24, 1945, with the initial 51 members, the UN now has 193 member countries. — VNS


A member of the parliamentary economy : private banks experiencing financial shortage and the government support

History of edits :: 5.22.2015 ten fifty-nine a.m.

[ Baghdad – where ]
said a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament that the private banks experiencing financial shortage and the government’s support .

And between Ahmed Salim told all of Iraq [ where ] that " there are several doors that can open in front of the Iraqi economy, including investment door, in addition to the modifying Law No. 13 to bring the capital "

, adding that " what is going through the country is directly linked with the economy and has negative is what makes the market in a constant state of recession effects . "

He said that " to deal with the market situation at the moment has to be that the government with the support of private banks amounts of loans from the central bank according to the standards and controls "

, noting that " most of the banks are suffering a shortage of money because of trading money in the market correctly to the scarcity of the currency and this is reflected on and traders in general the private sector . "

He continued sound that " the country is in crisis, security in light of the economic crisis and there are many reforms on the side of the economic sector of Iraq, including opening the doors to global banks and the exchange of bonds by private banks The partners in this aspect and all that enters in the revitalization of the Iraqi economy factors . "

He noted that " the Committee of Economy parliamentary has a lot of reforms in the Iraqi economy, but it must be the stability of the security situation . "

it intends to Iraq’s request for emergency funding worth 400 million dollars to 700 million dollars the International Monetary Fund, while the government made ​​a decision to issue government bonds worth 5 billion dollars, and it continues to negotiate on their own terms .

The passing of the country in a state of fiscal austerity and a crisis in the provision of cash called on the government to think about and study to extend the payment of staff salaries period to forty days instead of the month and the imposition of various taxes to cover the deficit in the budget.


Investing.com –

Investing.com – The dollar was broadly lower against a basket of other major currencies on Friday, as investors awaited the release of U.S. inflation data later in the day and as Thursday’s downbeat economic reports continued to weigh.

The dollar remained under pressure after a string of downbeat U.S. economic reports on Thursday fuelled fresh uncertainty over the strength of the recovery.

The U.S. Department of Labor said the number of individuals filing for initial jobless benefits in the week ending May 16 rose more than expected by 10,000 to 274,000.

Separately, the National Association of Realtors said that existing home sales fell unexpectedly by 3.3% in April to 5.04 million units, while the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia said that its manufacturing index declined to 6.7 this month from a reading of 7.5 in April.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was down 0.57% to 94.93.

EUR/USD climbed 0.78% to 1.1199.

The single currency found support after the Ifo Institute said that its German business climate index ticked down to 108.5 this month from 108.6 in April, compared to expectations for a decline to 108.3.

The euro also strengthened after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said at a conference in Portugal that the ECB’s policies have helped the euro zone’s economy to recover.

“The economic outlook for the euro area is brighter today than it has been for seven long years. Monetary policy is working its way through the economy. Growth is picking up. And inflation expectations have recovered from their trough,” he said.

However, concerns over a possible Greek default persisted after late-night negotiations between Greek, French and German government leaders ended without any sign of a breakthrough that will unlock bailout funds.

The pound was steady with GBP/USD at 1.5652.

The U.K. Office for National Statistics earlier reported that public sector net borrowing rose by 6.04 billion in April, compared to expectations for an increase of 7.80 billion.

Elsewhere, the dollar was still lower against the yen and the Swiss franc, with USD/JPY down 0.22% to 120.76 and with USD/CHF retreating 0.84% to 0.9292.

At its monthly policy meeting on Friday, the Bank of Japan kept its monetary policy on hold and signaled growing confidence in the strength of the economy.

“Private consumption has been resilient against the background of steady improvement in the employment and income situation,” the BoJ said. In April, the central bank had said that”recovery in some areas has been sluggish”.

The Australian dollar was steady, with AUD/USD at 0.7896, while NZD/USD rose 0.29% to 0.7369.

USD/CAD was little changed at 1.2196.

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Investing.com –

Investing.com – The Bank of Japan board on Friday voted as expected to keep monetary policy steady, with Takahide Kiuchi repeating his call for a lower bond buying target in a singular note of dissent.

Kiuchi wants the BoJ to cut the level of purchases from 80 trillion annually set in October last year to about 45 trillion. The board however did say that private consumption domestically has been resilient and exports are picking up, though downside risks remain from weak growth in Europe.

The overall economic assessment was revised stronger slightly.

“Japan’s economy has continued to recover moderately.” Last month it said the economy “has continued its moderate recovery trend.”

The BoJ also said the economy is expected to “continue recovering moderately,” slightly different from last month’s outlook that it will “continue its moderate recovery trend.”

“Private consumption has been resilient against the background of steady improvement in the employment and income situation,” the BOJ said, sounding more upbeat in light of higher-than-expected GDP growth in the January-March quarter, led by consumer spending and a rise in inventories.

“The year-on-year rate of increase in the CPI is likely to be around zero percent for the time being, due to the effects of the decline in energy prices.”

On Wednesday, Japan said the economy gained 0.6% growth in the first quarter, better than expected for an annualized pace of 2.4%.

But “risks to the outlook include developments in the emerging and commodity-exporting economies, the prospects regarding the debt problem and the momentum of economic activity and prices in Europe, and the pace of recovery in the U.S. economy,” it said, warning about both the growth and inflation prospects in Europe.

Governor Haruhiko Kuroda will hold a news conference from 1530 JST (0630 GMT) to 1615 JST (0715 GMT) to discuss the board’s decision.

Investing.com offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets.
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Investing.com –

Investing.com – Shares in Tokyo eked out gains by the break as the central bank painted a mildly upbeat economic assessment and voted as expected to keep monetary policy steady, while elsewhere shares were higher to around flat ahead of remarks from the U.S. Federal Reserve chief later in the day.

However the vote saw continued dissent by Takahide Kiuchi who wants the BoJ to cut the level of purchases from 80 trillion annually set in October last year to about 45 trillion. The board however did say that private consumption domestically has been resilient and exports are picking up, though downside risks remain from weak growth in Europe.

The Nikkei 225 rose 0.02%, while the Hang Seng index shot up 1.42%, while the SP/ASX 200 eased 0.03%.

BoJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda holds a news conference at 1530 (0630 GMT) to explain the board’s decision.

Investors were turning their attention to Friday’s U.S. inflation data and a speech by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen for fresh indications on how the economy is performing.

Overnight, U.S. stocks were higher after the close on Thursday, as gains in the Oil Gas, Telecoms and Technology sectors led shares higher.

At the close in New York, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.01%, while the SP 500 index climbed 0.23%, and the NASDAQ Composite index added 0.38%.

A string of downbeat U.S. data added to concerns over the strength of the economy.

In a report, the U.S. Department of Labor said the number of individuals filing for initial jobless benefits in the week ending May 16 rose by 10,000 to 274,000 from the previous week’s total of 264,000.

Analysts had expected initial jobless claims to rise by 7,000 to 271,000 last week.

Separately, the National Association of Realtors said that existing home sales fell 3.3% in April to 5.04 million units from the previous month’s revised total of 5.21 million units. Analysts had expected existing home sales to rise 1.0% to 5.24 million units last month.

In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia said that its manufacturing index declined to 6.7 this month from a reading of 7.5 in April, confounding expectations for a rise to 8.0.

The data came after Wednesday’s minutes of the Fed’s April meeting did little to alter expectations that the central bank will hold off on raising rates until later this year, with most officials believing that a June rate hike would be premature.

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You may want to modify or make a copy to fit your own individual needs and circumstances:  Not all tips may apply to you…. This content is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice of any kind. All information given is the opinion of the provider.  

BANK EXCHANGE ON 800 ## FOR IRAQI DINAR (“IQN”) and Other Currencies


[  ]  Strongly suggested to use a “burner” prepaid phone once for this call then discard the phone.

[  ]  Bank Name________________________________  

[  ]  Bank 800#______________________________

[  ]  “I am calling to schedule a ‘foreign currency exchange’ for my ‘IQN Iraqi currency’ for US Dollars.Don’t say “cash out” & likewise don’t say “Dinar” or “IQD” on this call.  Say “VNN Vietnamese currency.”

 [  ]  My name is ___________________________

[  ]  My Email address is _________________________

It is suggested to use specially encrypted email service by hushmail.com, unseen.is or cryptohippie.com for this exchange then switch out to a similarly secured VPN server for your computer function.

A new laptop with VPN installed is suggested to be used for this exchange but alternatively, use a computer at your public library or community learning center.

[  ]  My zip code is __________

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[  ]  Your appointment is on _________________________(DATE) 

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[  ]  The Location is ____________________________


[  ] 3-Ring binder with pockets and tabs for most things you’ll bring to, and in turn collect from the bank (ie. signed doc’s & receipts) at appointment

[  ] Driver’s License

[  ] Copy of Driver’s License ~ When bank keeps a copy of your Driver’s License ask that the street address be masked or deleted.

[  ] Second form of ID (a credit card or passport)

[  ] Other forms of ID which you might need

[  ] Any gift letters (to you) BUT DO NOT PRODUCE UNLESS ASKED.  More than likely, these documents will only come into play for tax time

 [  ] A pad, blue pen to take notes, and calculator and black (UV) flashlight

[  ] IQN / VNN / RPN/ ZWN currencies and purchase receipts

[  ] COLOR COPIES OF IQN / VNN / RPN / ZWN currency and purchase receipts ~ in duplicate ~ to be signed & dated by bank personnel ~ leave 1 set of signed copies with bank following verification of currencies

[  ] Extra note of caution bring photos of a few of your currency bill taken under black (UV) light which demonstrate the anti-counterfeiting features on the bill – leave 1 set with bank as above

[  ]  Black (UV) flashlight ~ to demonstrate to bank personnel your currency is not counterfeit, if bank does not have a De La Rue machine which authenticates currency


[  ] “I am here to doa ‘foreign currency exchange’ for my ‘IQN Iraqi currency’ for US Dollars.  (Never say “cash out” & likewise never say “Dinar” or “IQD” at this appointment).”


 [  ] Have your currencies verified on site, and leave 1 set of signed copies with the bank following verification. 

[  ] Sign FINCEN Form 112 (formerly 104) ~ Currency Transaction Report  ~~    Make sure bank exchanger checks off BOX 33 in SEC II for currency exchange.  It’s an IRS form and you want to be taxed lower for a currency transaction, as opposed to an investment.                                          

[  ]  Spread Fee for Currency Exchange ~ Don’t pay spread fee to bank for reason that you are bringing in a greater amount of USD to bank which would surpass the threshold for such fee were it at the front end.  You may be asked to pay 2% total fees which is acceptable to us.  But they may try for 15% like the Kuwaiti Dinar but don’t pay it& ask bank manager to waive fee.



Be flexible with yourself!  Time is short at your 1st banking appointment.  You may open only two of the five bank accounts per currency listed here.  You might only get to open, ex. Sweep and Major Account but regarding IQN Reserves, if the bank exchanger will wire for your Reserves you’ll need to open at least the additional Bank Wiring Account.    

I’ll be opening 5 Non-Interest Bearing (NIB) accounts per each currency.  NIB account is chosen separately for each currency to simplify the taxes and accounting which will follow, and it maintains a higher level of security for you.  Iraqi IQN in particular may be backed by new US Treasury notes rather than Federal Reserve notes and so may maintain higher value as our existing dollar falls.(Prepare for the flip side of the GCR).

#1 Account:  Sweep Account opening to exchange ______ into USD.  You will sweep this account empty the same day into #2 Account the Major Account because initial bank deposit can become public information whereas internal transfers do not. Then close Sweep Account.

#2 Account:  Major Account Internal transfer of all within #1 Account into #2 Account.  From Major Account you transfer any needed money to #3 – #5 Accounts..

#3 Account:  Tax Excrow Account Internal transfer of 55% of Exchanged Total in USD into this account to save for taxes.

#4 Account:  Bank Wiring Account ~ Use for bank wires ex. paying Dinar Reserves ~ possibly close this account immediately after the wire(s) which pay off your reserves to prevent ex., a reverse wire.

#5 Account: Daily Expense Account.


All Accounts Must Be:Non-Testing, Non-Training Accounts and Access Restricted From All Nonessential Banking Personnel.  Also these accounts are not available online

 All accounts must be at zero (0) balance in USD before depositing exchanged funds in USD into accounts.

~ Make two (2) copies of this page for each Currency — 1 for you & 1 for banker
~ Check off each receipt as it’s made and label receipt by type & ##, ex. IQN – #1

OPEN 5 NEW BANK ACCOUNTS FOR CURRENCY (______) _________________

 Open Bank Accounts ## 1-5        Actual Bank Account Number
                           Rec’t #
#1 (SWEEP)              #_________________________________   0 Bal. Receipt  [  ]   1

#2 (MAJOR)               # ________________________________    0 Bal. Receipt  [  ]   2

#3 (TAX EXCROW)     # ________________________________    0 Bal. Receipt  [  ]   3

#4 (BANK WIRING)    # ________________________________    0 Bal. Receipt  [  ]   4

#5 (DAILY EXPENSE) # ________________________________    0 Bal. Receipt  [  ]   5

Sweep Acct           DEPOSIT ALL USD INTO ACCT# 1                        Deposit Receipt [  ]  6

ACCT# 1              TRANSFER 100% ACCT# 1 TO ACCT# 2             Transfer Receipt  [  ]  7

Major Acct            CLOSE ACCT# 1                                            0 Final Bal. Receipt  [  ]  8

ACCT# 2              RECONCILE ACCT# 2                                             $ Bal. Receipt  [  ]  9

Tax Excrow   TRANSFER 55% OF ACCT# 2 INTO ACCT#3               Transfer Receipt  [  ] 10


Bank Wiring  TRANSFER $_______ FROM ACCT# 2 INTO ACCT# 4 Transfer Receipt  [  ]

(Reserves)    RECONCILE  ACCT# 2 ~BEFORE WITHDRAWING $        $ Bal. Receipt  [  ]

ACCT# 4      RECONCILE  ACCT# 2 ~ AFTER WITHDRAWING $          $ Bal. Receipt  [  ]

                    RECONCILE ACCT# 4 ~ AFTER DEPOSITING $               $ Bal. Receipt  [  ] 17



        a) Amt $ _________      For ___________________________ $ Bal. Receipt [  ] 18

        b) Amt $ _________      For ___________________________ $ Bal. Receipt [  ] 19

        c) Amt $ _________      For ___________________________ $ Bal. Receipt [  ] 20

        d) Amt $ _________      For ___________________________ $ Bal. Receipt [  ] 21


DRAW DOWN REMAINING BALANCE TO 0 IN ACCT# 4               $ Bal. Receipt [  ] 22

CLOSE ACCT# 4                                                             0 Final Bal. Receipt [  ] 23                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Daily Expense  TRANSFER $______ FROM ACCT# 2 INTO ACCT# 5  Transfer Receipt [  ] 24

ACCT# 5           RECONCILE  ACCT # 2 ~ BEFORE WITHDRAWING $    $ Bal. Receipt [  ] 25

                         RECONCILE  ACCT # 2 ~ AFTER WITHDRAWING $      $ Bal. Receipt [  ] 26

RECONCILE ACCT # 5 ~ AFTER DEPOSIT OF FUNDS   $ Bal. Receipt [  ] 27

    Initial balance in ACCT# 2 [minus] w’drawal to ACCT #3 [minus] w’drawal to ACCT# 4
         [minus] w’drawal to ACCT# 5 [equals] ACCT# 2 after final w’drawal to ACCT #5
                        REC’T# 9 – REC’T# 10 – REC’T# 14 – REC’T# 24 = REC’T# 26
                      [             ]  –  [             ]  –  [             ]  –  [            ]  =  [             ]



[  ]  Write“All right’s reserved” and “Without Prejudice UCC 1-207” over account application signature.  This means you do not agree to unreasonable or unfair terms hidden in the application, ie.you “lend” your money the bank then they lose it.

[  ]  Add POD (Pay On Death) clause to accounts


:[  ]  $10,000 in cash ($50 bills)

CAN YOU GET CASHIER’S CHECK IN ADDITION TO THE $10,000 CASH?                             
[  ]  Ask for a cashier’s check for $ ______ CC must have “cashier’s check” printed on the paperin order to have immediate clearance.

[  ]  List of cashier’s check(s) to make out
___________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  _____________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ____________________________________


 [  ]  letters of credit / Proof of funds (house or vehicle)

[  ]  Clean, Clear & Non-Criminal Origin Certificate (CCC letters)


 [  ]  Name of Bank Exchanger: ____________________________________________

[  ]  Bank: _______________Branch: ___________ 

[  ]  Get Business Card(s)


[  ]  Set up appointment with Wealth Management at the same bank

Your appointment is on _________________________(DATE) 

TIME: ______________

The Location is ____________________________________________________

 Now it is time to consider the Multi-Currency Account (MCA) and at what bank or brokerage will you open it? 

Specialists in this area are, to name just those this author has heard of, UBSC and Citibank, and the “dark horse” in this race just may be the brokerage firm Morgan Stanley.