Iraq announces the export of 100 million barrels of oil last month

The Ministry of Oil, Wednesday, the rate of exports and revenues achieved for the month of July, according to the final statistics issued by the Iraqi oil marketing company "Sumo".

"The total quantities of crude oil exported last July from oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to 100 million barrels with revenues of (4) billion and (400) million barrels of oil, Million dollars, "adding that" while the statistics did not record the export of quantities of crude oil to Kirkuk fields through the port of Ceyhan, Turkey. "

Jihad added that "the average price per barrel amounted to (44) dollars."

The Spokesman pointed out that "the exported quantities were loaded by (33) international companies of different nationalities, from the ports of Basra and Khor Al-Amaya and the monolithic buoys on the Gulf."

This is a condition for Barzani to postpone the separation

President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani said it is impossible to retreat from the referendum only if the provision of international guarantees written to the Kurds without specifying the nature of those guarantees.

He said during a meeting with a large number of Peshmerga and social figures, followed by "Sky Press" that the Kurds tried all ways to solve problems with the central government in Baghdad, but unfortunately all failed.

He pointed out that he feared that others would ask the Kurdish side to return to the border line during the time of former regime president Saddam Hussein, indicating that many intend to come to Kurdistan to say go back to that line, leaving the areas of Khanaqin, Kirkuk, Sinjar and Makhmor and other areas that were supposed to resolve the subject In accordance with Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution.

He said in his speech that although there is no doubt in the Kurdish areas, but Baghdad did not implement Article 140 came an organization calling the terrorist divided the area in practice.

He said that in order to avoid wars, the Kurdistan region decided to hold the referendum for independence, which he called the wise decision, stressing that "it is impossible for us to withdraw from the referendum and will be held on September 25 next unless there is a written international guarantees, An ambassador here or there does not make us leave this decision. "

"If we succeed, God willing, the independence will succeed, then form your state and your government as you like," Barzani told the people of the region. "I have the responsibility and the willingness to sacrifice myself."

"We want to establish a democratic state that belongs to all components, to emerge from the state of anxiety and hesitation and to become an independent state in order to save future generations of problems in order to live in peace."

During a meeting with representatives of Christians, Yazidis, Turkmen, Armenians and other components in the Kurdistan region, Barzani said: "We will bear anything, but we will not postpone the referendum even if only for one minute."

"There are those who say that the referendum is not in the interest of Iraq and the region and we tell them that postponing the referendum is not in the interests of the Kurds as well."

He pointed out that "the referendum will not affect in any way the war against the organization is calling for" .. He said that "the Iraqi constitution has granted us the right of independence.

" He explained that all the components of the Kurdistan will participate in writing the Constitution of the independent state, "pointing out that" the system of government in the state of Kurdistan will not be federal. "

Abadi threatens Kurdistan with military measures to prevent independence

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, US Secretary of Defense James Matisse sent a message "threat" military and economic to the President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq Massoud Barzani in the event of a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan.

"The federal government is considering military and economic measures on cooperation with the semi-independent Kurdistan region if its authorities hold a referendum that paves the way for the declaration of the Kurdish state," Abbadi Matis, who arrived in Baghdad on Tuesday, told a surprise visit.

Shortly after his arrival in Baghdad, Matisse held a meeting with Abadi, attended by Prime Minister Nawfal al-Hassan’s special advisor and Iraqi Defense Minister Irfan al-Hayali.

"The United States supports the maintenance of the unity of Iraq and rejects any," he said. "The United States supports Iraq in its fight against terrorism and praises the victories that have been achieved." Action aimed at dividing it and destabilizing it ".

According to a senior official in the office of Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister and US defense minister agreed during the meeting to reject the Kurdish referendum on independence.

The official said, in a statement to the "Arabs", "The Minister of Defense carries a clear vision on the Kurdish referendum and what can lead to complications, if the Kurdistan Region authorities insisted on it." 9%84

Barzani: "The biggest mistake in my life that I became president of Kurdistan"

Revealed the head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, not his intention to re-run for the presidency of the region, stressing the need for circulation of power in the region, noting that "the biggest mistake in his life became president of Kurdistan.

Barzani said in an interview, followed by "Sky Press", that "I will not nominate for the presidency and the worst thing in my life is that I became president of the Kurdistan region."

He added that "the Kurds agreed to partnership with Iraq to open a new page, but there was no change in the mentality of power in Baghdad, expressing his desire to resolve issues with Baghdad."

Barzani stressed that he would not withdraw from the referendum unless there is a written international guarantees for the Kurds without specifying the nature of those guarantees.

The Central Bank obligates banks to meet with the contracting authorities contracted for the purposes of regulation

The central bank on Wednesday ordered banks and remittance companies to meet with their consulting agencies for regulatory purposes.

The bank said in a statement that ‘to improve and achieve transparency in the work of Iraqi banks with the advisory bodies and in order to achieve the interest of the work, when the bank to contract with any consultant outside the bank to provide advisory services to him, the Central Bank is entitled to meet with this external consultant, whether before or after End Process’.

He added that ‘the objective is organizational matters for the purposes of discussion and review and identify the points to be highlighted and to see any priorities or reports requested by the bank’, indicating that ‘this comes in accordance with the provisions of Article 53 of the Law of Iraqi banks No. 94 of 2004’.

Iraqi forces storm the first neighborhoods of center # Tal Afar (pictures)


On Wednesday morning, 23 August, Iraqi Federal Police Commander Major-General Raed Jawdat announced the storming of the first district of the Tal Afar district, the last stronghold of the terrorist organization Da’ash in northwestern Iraq.

Jawdat said in a statement that the elite guerrillas and the rapid response backed by dozens of armored vehicles stormed the northern district of the struggle, the first neighborhoods west of Tal Afar, north of Baghdad.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced Tuesday (August 22nd) that the military units were advancing towards the center of Tal Afar amid the collapse of the terrorist organization Da’ash.

"The military units are advancing towards the center of Tal Afar amid the collapse of a terrorist," Abadi said. He pointed out that "the government is committed to the directives of the religious reference to ensure the rights of martyrs."

In an unannounced visit .. US Defense Secretary arrives in Baghdad

US Defense Secretary James Matisse arrived in Baghdad on Tuesday for a surprise visit.
The media reported that Matisse will discuss with Iraqi officials the developments of the war against the criminal "calling" and the next steps to be taken.
The Associated Press quoted the agency "treasures media" Matisse said during his arrival in Baghdad that "a stuck stuck between the jaws of military pliers pressed on them from both ends of the Euphrates River Valley, which is divided between Iraq and Syria."
The visit comes three days after the start of the battle to liberate Tal Afar, the last bastions of "Daqash" in Nineveh, which draws the finger to Washington that she was one of the detainees to launch the battle.
Parliament votes to amend amnesty law


Postponed the vote on the draft law on provincial elections
Baghdad / Sabah
The Speaker of the House, Salim al-Jubouri, attended by 170 deputies on Monday the first amendment to the general amnesty law and ended the reading of the draft law on informatics crimes, while delaying the process of questioning the Minister of Communications Hassan al-Rashed.

According to a statement issued by the media department of the council, Al-Sabah received, at the beginning of the session, "thanks to the health and legal committees, tourism, archeology, labor, social affairs, culture, media, finance, deportees and displaced persons to attend meetings of committees" Attendance at the meetings », while stressing that« the Presidency will report on the activity of parliamentary committees after their arrival from the parliamentary circle ».

The statement added that «the Council voted to reject the presentation of the report of the Committee of Experts Selection of members of the Electoral Commission for elections and its work during the last period».

For his part, MP Mohammed Halbusi, an apology from the Presidency of the Council and the deputies on the actions taken from it during the session.

The Council voted on "the first amendment bill to the general amnesty law No. (27) for the year 2016, which came to the seriousness of terrorist crimes and crimes of kidnapping people in society, especially after 10/6/2014 and in order not to allow the perpetrators to escape punishment and not to encourage others to commit And for the purpose of increasing the amount of the fine on the replaced sentence or measure ».

On the completion of the vote on the draft law on provincial elections and districts submitted by the legal committees and regions and governorates are not organized in the province, the President of the House of Representatives «Representatives of the components of the province of Kirkuk reached an approximate form of agreement on Articles 37 and 52 of the draft law and some paragraphs that need to be reformulated And study »,

noting that« the atmosphere of the meetings were characterized by the positive and flexibility of all the parties representatives of the components of the province of Kirkuk, where will be postponed the vote on the draft law of provincial elections to the next meeting at the request of the deputies of the province ».

The Presidency decided, in accordance with the statement, to postpone the completion of the vote on the draft amendment to the third law of the provinces that are not organized in the region No. 21 of 2008, while the Council completed the «vote in principle to proceed with legislation proposed Bill Babylon’s capital of civilization».

In another matter, al-Jubouri ordered the tribal committee to proceed with the follow-up procedures of the province of Basra and the resolution of tribal conflicts in accordance with the powers granted to the committee, with the assistance of members of the House of Representatives from the province of Basra.

Jubouri decided to "postpone the vote on each of the candidates of the membership of the Committee of Tribal Disputes and candidates for membership of the investigative committee on the kidnapped and consider the appeals filed on the validity of the membership of some deputies."

On the guidance of the President of the Council to investigate the statements of MP Hoda Sajjad on the withdrawal of signatures of deputies from the interrogation, the Chairman of the Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie that «the joint committee formed by the Commissions of Integrity and Legal regarding the statements of MP Hoda Sajjad held a meeting hosted by MP Hoda Sajjad and MP Alia Nassif», indicating That «the Joint Commission requested to extend the work of the audit on what was said about the names of deputies whose signatures were withdrawn».

Jubouri and the extension of the work of the Joint Committee and in the case of a file that needs judicial action will be transferred to the judiciary and the House of Representatives will take its actions against the charges against MP Hoda Sajjad.

On the questioning of the House of Representatives for the Minister of Communications Hassan al-Rashed, Jubouri pointed out that the questioning of the minister is correct on the decision of the Special Commission to consider the interrogations, which pointed out that MP Hoda Sajjad presented on 20 August a list of signatures of a number of deputies to strengthen the signatures of MPs on questioning Minister of Communications

makes The quorum is achieved until the day of questioning after the imbalance of the quorum before that after the withdrawal of 15 deputies to their signatures out of 33 deputies, pointing out that the committee formed and documented the existence of 16 written requests to withdraw signatures, including 15 deputies have already been listed in the list of signatures.

In the questioning, the Minister of Communications said that he filed a lawsuit with the Federal Court on the withdrawal of signatures of some deputies from the list of request for questioning in conjunction with the existence of coordinated media campaigns to attack the ministry, pointing to his presence before the Parliamentary Services Committee to view all details related to the work of the Ministry of Communications, Another for interrogation.

The President of the Council to hold the next session of the Presidency to consider the recommendations of the commissions on the interrogations, provided that a new date for questioning of the Minister of Communications.

In addition, the Council completed the reading of the report and discussion of the bill of information crimes.

The Presidency of the Council decided to resume the session on Tuesday.

Washington welcomes the start of the liberation of Tal Afar


The US Central Command welcomed the announcement by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, the beginning of the battle to liberate the district of Tal Afar west of Nineveh province from the organization «Daash», confirming the continuation of the international coalition hit accurate targets to avoid civilian casualties.

"The Iraqi security forces, after their historic victory in Mosul, demonstrated their enormous capacity and readiness to deliver yet another defeat to Tal Afar," the leadership said in a statement.

"The coalition intends to continue assisting the Iraqi government and security forces by providing equipment, training, intelligence and combat advice."

The statement added that «between 10 and 50 thousand civilians are still in Tal Afar and neighboring areas», stressing «the continuation of the coalition hit accurate targets to avoid casualties among civilians».

For his part, said the head of the parliamentary bloc of the National Coalition MP Kazem al-Shammari, in a press statement: "Our security forces and all military factions are engaged today a new epic added to the annals of victories and heroines in the way of liberating every inch of Iraqna precious factions of the terrorist advocate," noting that «

"At a time when we are at the hands of our heroes and fighters and call them victory, we emphasize the need to be a clean battle and the removal of civilians and innocent from the sources of

MPs and politicians reject the referendum of the region and welcome the dialogue


National Alliance: We agreed with the visiting delegation to continue discussions under the Constitution
Baghdad / Shaima Rashid. Muhannad Abdul Wahab
The politicians and deputies from different political blocs rejected the referendum of the Kurdistan region to be held next month, indicating that the holding of this referendum at this time is inappropriate and will reflect on the important stage that Iraq is going through the advancement of economic and development,

while the political figures from various trends and trends that The opening of the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the outstanding issues a good gesture from both sides, and while the delegation of the Kurdistan region returned to Erbil after a round shuttle in Baghdad,

his campaign to separate dialogues with the three presidencies and heads of political blocs and ambassadors of the States concerned in Iraq; Lint Committee of the National Alliance, which met the Kurdish delegation, that the parties agreed to continue dialogue within the framework of the Constitution to resolve all outstanding problems.

The head of the delegation of the National Alliance Amer Khuzaie in a joint press conference with the Kurdish delegation on Sunday evening Sunday: «During these days we had several meetings with the Kurdish delegation; to study the outstanding issues between the Center and the region, and discussed the issues of political and social», and pointed to « The seriousness of dialogue within the framework of the Iraqi constitution, and reached the approaches, and agreed to continue dialogue, whether in Baghdad or Erbil », revealing« a new meeting between the Center and the region after two weeks »,

and stressed that« a lot of outstanding issues were touched in an atmosphere of understandings » . For his part, the head of the Kurdish delegation Rose Nuri Shaways: "In our meetings with the Prime Minister and the National Alliance, especially the last meeting in the current session was a debate
on many issues, and put problems and solutions

According to the views of the parties ».

He explained that« the meeting was characterized by affection and was an open dialogue in which we discussed a lot of problems and in particular the political and executive problems outstanding and the accumulation could lead to crises are not in favor of the components of the
people ».

Attitude change to, the Kurdish bloc change considered that the Kurdistan region delegation which visited Baghdad «partisan delegation» does not represent the orientations of the Kurdish people, noting that any decision taken by «non – binding».

"The Kurdistan region is going through a difficult political and economic stage that requires finding an appropriate formula for dialogue with a view to resolving the outstanding issues between the region and Baghdad," said the head of the parliamentary Change Bloc in a press statement on Monday . "We hoped that this dialogue would be through national institutions, Movement for Change to be established since.