Strategy to combat money laundering and terrorist financing

June 22, 2017

said the Central Bank of Iraq near the submission of a draft national strategy to combat money laundering and terrorism financing for the years 2017 strategy 2021.otad the first since the establishment of the Iraqi state and become binding for all after approval by the Council of Ministers.

In this regard, said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords "morning": "The past few days have seen the establishment of a meeting of the anti-money laundering and the financing of terrorism, which was established by Law No. 39 of 2015,

as it has during the meeting to discuss the draft strategy of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism for years 2021 2017 that have been developed on the basis of the involvement of all relevant institutions, the issue of money laundering and future work plan and all areas. "

Russian Foreign Ministry: We can say with high confidence that al-Baghdadi had been killed

He said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on Thursday, he can say with a high degree of confidence that the organization Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed.

Iraq plans to join the Asian Bank to invest in infrastructure

Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that Iraq plans to join the Asian Bank to invest in infrastructure, noting that the bank’s president expressed his welcome to this trend.

The ministry said in a statement, received "Economy News", a copy of it, "The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to South Korea, Wadih Betty Hanna participated in the second annual meeting of the Bank’s Asian Investment in infrastructure (AIIB), which was held in the Korean city of Jeju."

She added that "Iraq has participated as an observer at the meeting, which was opened by Korean President (J-moon said) and was attended by hundreds of official figures and representatives of the financial and banking institutions, civil society organizations and companies concerned."

She noted that "the ambassador met on the sidelines of the meeting, the President of the Bank (Jin Lee Cheon), stressing Iraq’s desire to join the Bank after the completion of formalities so", while across the Bank president welcomed the move.

Ruling unconstitutional paragraphs of instructions financial disclosure


Issued the Federal Supreme Court Wednesday ruled unconstitutional two paragraphs of instructions financial disclosure No. (2) for the year 2017, indicating that their presence is contrary to articles (47) and (80 / III) of the Constitution.

According to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Federal Supreme Court got "direction Press" a copy of it, "the court held its on 20/06/2017 and considered the case of appeal in parts of the financial disclosure instructions issued by the defendant’s Prime Minister, in addition to his job according to the his powers stipulated in Article (80 / III) of the Constitution.

"The statement added that "the first paragraph is (11 / I) of the instructions, which ruled to suspend the exchange employee’s salary and emoluments which did not provide for disclosure of financial discharged within the period stipulated in the article.

"He continued, "The other paragraph is contested by (12 / IV) has committed the Integrity Commission to move a criminal case against the taxpayer to disclose financial discharged when the case hit check his interests and those mentioned in the article mentioned members of his family.

"The statement said that "the court found that the texts constitute a violation of the provisions of Article 47 of the Constitution, which stipulates the principle of separation of the three powers that make up the Iraqi state, namely the legislative, executive and judicial.

"He pointed out that "revenue texts in the instructions issued to facilitate the implementation of the Integrity Commission Law No. (30) for the year 2011 form of skipping the goals of the issuance Altalmyat, so that the Integrity Commission Act did not want the text authorizes the Integrity Commission to suspend disbursement employee’s salary and emoluments in the event of failure to provide detection discharged form financial, which is a form of reserve salary.

"He added the statement that "the Integrity Commission Act and any of the penal laws, no provision is the criminalization of the case of a conflict of interest to the taxpayer when submitting disclosure of financial his trust so that the right to the Integrity Commission to move file a criminal case against him," noting that "can not be measured act on other acts of her crime Penal Code It may be similar to the situation of conflict of interest.

"The statement pointed out that "measurement in the penal field is contrary to the constitutional principle of no crime and no punishment except by law.

"He stated that "the two texts constitute the subject of the appeal in addition to the material integrity law, and added that when there is a need for it can be handled by the House of Representatives to legislate its powers as provided for in Article (61 / I) of the Constitution.

"The statement said that "the revenue of these texts in the instructions give it for its role decree in Article (80 / III), the fact that the task Altamilit revealing and interpreted and directed how to apply the law instructions issued to facilitate the implementation and not facility texts added to the law theme."

Iraq allocates a judge to consider the work of international investigators to uncover corruption


The Supreme Judicial Council decided to allocate a judge to consider the work of international investigators.The official spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar said in a statement obtained "direction Press" a copy of it, "The Council decided to allocate a judge to consider the work of international investigators.

"He stressed that "the work of the judge will be directly under the supervision of the President of the Supreme Judicial Council," pointing out that "the judiciary attaches great importance to file integrity and follow-up at a high level

"Iraq had signed on 11 August 2016 Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Organization, in order to recruit and involve specialized international investigators to uncover corruption in the country of large files.

The Transparency International classifies Iraq’s most corrupt countries.

Abadi looking in Kuwait close Kuwait invasion the previous system files under the Kuwaiti flag only!

June 21, 2017

the Office of the Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, Wednesday, for files that will be discussed with the Emir of Kuwait Abadi Sabah and officials during his visit there, noting that among what will be discussed is closing files caused by the former regime’s invasion of Kuwait, said spokesman Abadi, Saad Al-Hadithi, in a statement:

"the Prime Minister Haider Abadi starts today, Kuwait State visit accompanied by a senior Government delegation including the Ministers of Foreign Affairs And Interior and planning and work, agriculture, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and a number of other officials, "pointing" and meet Abadi and his entourage Kuwait Emir Sabah and Kuwaiti Prime Minister and senior Kuwaiti Government officials,

"adding that" this visit is part of Iraq’s desire to consolidate relations with Kuwait and the development prospects of mutual cooperation between the two countries for the benefit of the two brotherly peoples, "Al-Hadithi said.

"The search will be conducted on issues of common interest, and to close off the rest of the files resulting from the invasion of Kuwait, Saddam’s talks will consolidate the relations between the Republic of Iraq and the State of Kuwait in the fields of economy, investment, energy and transport", noting that "the Iraqi delegation will combine meetings with the Kuwaiti side,

will also look at the role played by Kuwait in Iraq draws support for an International Conference to support the efforts of the Government of Iraq in the reconstruction and rehabilitation and stability in liberated areas which To be held in Kuwait City in the coming period.

"he left Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Iranian capital Tehran on Wednesday, heading to Kuwait for an official visit after concluding his visit to Iran.…-%D8%A7%D9%84/

Alliance (38) require the execution of Maliki and his cronies corrupt crime Spyker

June 21, 2017

The Alliance of article 38, civil society organizations, parliamentarians, on Wednesday, collecting 20 thousand signatures in a campaign to collect one million signatures for the perpetrators of the massacre Spyker led by Nouri al-Maliki, noting that dozens of bodies of victims of the massacre existed and did not know their parents so far,

said the Alliance, during a conference held in Baghdad said: "the coalition includes more than 55 humanitarian organization, media", Noting that" during the three days he managed to collect 20 thousand signatures to hold accountable perpetrators of Spyker, "adding that" everyone gather signatures for the perpetrators of the crime ", adding that" will make those signatures to the United Nations.

"said sources confirmed that there are large numbers of victims in Spyker takers secret prisons", calling the incident "accused of participating in gathering signatures for the truth wetbrathm".

His father, said one of the missing called (or Ahmad), during the Conference, the Chairman of the parliamentary security and Defence Committee, Governor of Iraq "promised to get our children against payment of blood money to the kidnappers, saying" massacre contrived by politicians, because some politicians revealed to us that our children are still alive and being hidden from some politicians ", adding that" our children still have clans, where Sheikh Ali Jbara said, "many said "Perpetrators were sentenced to death and haven’t seen anything.

" with female activist and film director Mohamed Al-daradji, during the Conference, many don’t know the truth in this campaign we want exposed ", stating that" our campaign is not difficult and our collection of one million signatures.

"Ashley revealed on" find 830 a body buried in four mass graves in Tikrit ", stating that" there are dozens of bodies found in the city of medicine does not recognize their relatives yet.

"a source revealed The Ministry of health, early this month, preparing the remains brought from mass graves in the Presidential Palace of Tikrit, for the crime of Spyker, pointing to the discovery of a new cemetery in the same location.

the massacre is a massacre took place after Spyker families of air force cadets in the Spyker for air, on 12 June 2014, after the control organization of ISIS on Tikrit, one day after their control of the city of Mosul where captured Iraqi air force student 2000-2200 and taken away to the presidential palaces in Tikrit, and they Kill them there and elsewhere were shot and buried some of them alive.

Efforts to reduce poverty rates in Iraq

6/21/2017 0:00

Baghdad / roar Imad
Preparing the Ministry of Planning to launch a strategy of poverty alleviation (2018 2022) during the next two months, with a view to reducing the rates from 22 to 8 percent, while the ministry is seeking to implement a new survey of poverty, the end of the year Alhala.oukal official ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi,

in a statement »Sabah»: the strategy of the new poverty alleviation (2018 2022), still in the pipeline, and it is hoped to launch in the next two months, adding that the financial crisis experienced by the country because of the decline in oil prices, the ministry made the resort to rely on international grants in the financing of strategic projects over allocations of pain Public offset.

He added ‘that the main objective of this strategy lies in reducing poverty rates, through the adoption of an economic policy that is consistent with the financial situation of the country, adding that the ministry will strategy to donors and international organizations for support.

Hindawi pointed out that the crisis of displaced people occupied an important where as of the poorest space, highlighting poor areas, to include economic and social development programs in the context of improving the living conditions of individuals, pointing out that the strategy will depend on the base of development projects aimed at improving the living reality and of life generally poor families.

According to a spokesman for the ministry, that according to the latest survey carried out rates of poverty in the country in 2015, the overall rate was 22.5 percent across the country, but the areas controlled by the «Daesh» terrorist gangs in which the rate was 41 percent, adding that the poverty rate in the Kurdistan region amounted to 12 percent, according to the survey.

With regard to poverty in the southern provinces ratios, said Hindawi, it stood at 30 percent, while the center and in the provinces of Kirkuk , Diyala and 17 percent, pointing out that the poverty rate in the capital reached 13 percent.

He explained that poverty rates rose very impressively in the districts of the province of Muthanna as it reached the ratio in which more than 70 percent, pointing at the same time that the ministry aims through the strategy to reduce poverty rates across the country from 22 to 8 percent.

Hindawi pointed out that the ministry is seeking to launch a new survey to see the poverty rate in the country after the completion of the liberalization of land operations of the gangs «Daesh», is likely to be implemented before the end of this year to find out the real indicators.

Efforts to develop new plans by the International Monetary

6/21/2017 0:00

Baghdad / agencies
newspaper Nikkei reported that the Japanese characteristic of the new IMF plan it does not require structural reforms , such as the last costly rescue programs.

The newspaper pointed out that " the International Monetary Fund formally adopt this new framework during a meeting of the whole leadership by the end of the month, has begun talks with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries (ASEAN)" in this regard, noting in return that the fund "does not intend to hold talks with China, which has huge cash reserves in dollars. "

The new system aims mainly to address the risk of collapse as a result of his intensive escape of capital. The return of funds under the plan to the United States, at a time when the US Federal Reserve began tightening its monetary policy, boosting the attractiveness of the dollar.

A collapse of the currency can cause financial crises with the growing foreign debt burden on the State concerned, the situation was getting more dangerous in the event of the intervention of speculators to benefit from these conditions.

In the face of such a situation, the countries concerned have to directly intervene in exchange markets to support its currency by buying dollars and selling operations.

The new mechanism that IMF works to put these countries are supposed to help to borrow in dollars, so mainly through the near – term loans not exceeding one year.

The newspaper pointed out that the fund "will evaluate potential borrowers in normal conditions," and that " the loans will be limited in the light of several factors, including the contribution of each country in the Fund."

The newspaper said the monetary crisis experienced by Asian countries in 1997, pointing out that the International Monetary Fund has supported Indonesia at the time, but imposed strict conditions in return, forcing them to leave the country banks facing difficulties.

The Nikkei pointed out that the crisis provoked shock among ASEAN countries, and left the hostility of the Fund.

Despite the progress that has been achieved since the global financial crisis in 2008, markets remain vulnerable to destabilize , if embarked on other central banks like the European Central Bank to adopt fiscal tightening policy.

Abadi begins his official visit to Iran from Saudi Arabia

June 20, 2017

began , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, an official visit to the Islamic Republic ofIran , where he arrived at noon today, coming from Saudi Arabia.

A statement by his press office, "Noor News" received a copy of it, he "was at the head of Future and his accompanying delegation, Iranian Vice-President Yitzhak Jhankiri, as held decrees the official reception, and went after it for a round of talks between the two sides."

He added that "the agenda includes the visit of Prime Minister, the meeting, the mentor of the Islamic Revolution Seyed Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rowhani, the head of the Iranian Shura Council."…-%D9%82%D8%A7/