Abadi calls for America to compensate for the chaos of the occupation of Iraq and hints for a second term [Extended]

History Tahrir:: 2017/1/17 22:00

[Oan- Baghdad]

demanded Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, United States to compensate for the "chaos of the occupation" of Iraq, "hinting" to his candidacy for a second term as prime minister."

The claim came Abadi comments since US President – elect Donald Trump invasion of Iraq as "the worst decision of the United States".

Ebadi said in his weekly press conference on Tuesday that "the future of relations between Iraq and the United States relies on two policy toward the other and there is a central goal of fighting terrorism and that Daesh threat to Iraq and the United States and all the countries of the world, so there is an interest in strengthening these relations, Iraq is a country succeeds in the fight against terrorism and won in Mosul and it remains the challenge of terrorism."

"We want to build balanced relations and respect for the sovereignty and independence of the Iraqi decision, and the evaluation of the invasion of Iraq, setting calls to see the US and, of course, there are implications for the occupation of the coalition forces and has had consequences of the overthrow of Saddam’s regime and rid the Iraqi people of this evil on the other hand led to chaos because of the collapse conditions and the collapse of the army and security forces and because of the large mess of terrorist operations and to allow all countries of the world to enter Iraq, the latter led to the victims and tragedies as a result of terrorist attacks."

He called al – Abadi to "real review and take care of the situation in Iraq, Iraq paid a heavy price and assess whether [Trump] that the invasion of Iraq, the worst decision of the United States as he commissioned trillion US dollars budget in addition to the victims of the soldiers who came to 30,000 troops."

The "Oatsour that this description needs to review the impact of Iraq and how many lives that have gone and the destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure and how much suffering imposed on the Iraqis because of the delay in offering economy because of terrorism after the dismantling of the state after 2003 and is responsible for converting liberation resolution to the occupation of Iraq on time and delays the formation of an Iraqi national authority to the Iraqis rather than be managed by the occupation forces and how many terrorists who Oatrul then released by the occupation forces, the great flaw in the security companies that worked in Iraq at the time," and called for "a thorough investigation in the interest of all parties and we hope the Iraqis make up for the tragedy and the disasters that befell them as a result of this occupation."

And the declaration of alliance Arabia contribution in the battle of Mosul and tenderness Abbadi called "participating in the re – displaced people and the reconstruction of the cities affected by the terrorism instead of participating in the liberation of the city of Mosul operations from the grip Daesh."

He was adviser to the Saudi defense minister, and a spokesman for the Islamic coalition forces, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Asiri had announced two days ago that the coalition forces trying to free the cities of Mosul and tenderness of Daesh.

The prime minister declared that " the security forces began moving against terrorist Daesh gangs in the right coast of the city of Mosul."

And efforts formed a political bloc to participate elections next provincial Abadi said: I can not answer that for lack of so currently a project, but I call to reform the political system and the level of blocs," noting that "the tragedy that has befallen Iraq and large borne a lot and do not want the charge haphazardly, but we want to review real people do not accept that things remain what it was, and for the sake of our political system, we have to change, Ho Chi positive evolution forward and I am ready to cooperate with everyone to this goal."

He stressed that "the Iraqi people deserve to have the leaders care about him and his interests and provide services to him and be competition scale is the service and attention to the people as a people and Iraq as a country and not to the interests of the political blocs to get the benefits."

the Prime Minister called "citizens not to be allowed to return to the former and made great achievements including the liberation of the occupied and there are economic resilience despite the enormous financial crisis."

he said the "price of a barrel rate oil was $ 36 a barrel, with the lifting of the cost of oil production remaining US $ 27 a barrel, net of sales, while the net from the sale of oil in 2013 [during the government of Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki] $ 95 a barrel, however it is a stroll things despite the presence of severe and costly war."

He continued , "As our troops fight on valiantly and courageously and relatively security system has become better than before and became our real national army and have the military force on the ground, I can claim that any state do not have them being proven strength and not a theory but I fought and survived and made sacrifices and become solid in the face of terrorism and in fighting this is an important achievement to convert a military force was rejected by some provinces sons and was now a national and respectable citizens and the strength of this achievement."

He pointed to "the development of the Iraqi economy and liberalization of relying on oil completely and there turn and went to fight corruption and reduce it and stay away from quotas and say these achievements supposed to finish it, and I call on citizens not to be allowed to go back a second time and if we were to give a chance we will go back to where we were and we will lose the sacrifices we made."

And the electoral system, which he deems appropriate, said: as a state can not impose a franchise as individuals we focus be alliances on common denominators and not to share the cake, and we have seen alliances are not united by Shi and after obtaining the gains Outpouring so we want sound alliances on the basis of programs, and must build a coalition to keep the achievements but evolving it."

on the Peshmerga salaries Ebadi said that" according to my knowledge that the Peshmerga forces receive their salaries and may be delayed for a month as opposed to the Kurdistan region officials delayed for months and the Kurdistan region receives from the budget more than its share," noting that "Peshmerga part of the Iraqi security system and Ihzawn our respect and appreciation for defending the homeland and Anmes between the citizen and another wherever they are in Iraq."

and his upcoming visit to Munich, Germany, to attend a security conference said the Prime Minister" there is urgency to our presence, considering that Iraq had a role in the fight against terrorism," noting that "the goal of our presence in these conferences in the first place we want to remain aware of the world the role played by Iraq, because if we Gabbana would take others claim that he is doing something."

He added, "the other thing from the audience want to answer doubts about what is happening in Iraq and whether subject to the influence of this or that country and what the post – liberation of the Iraqi territory stage of Daesh as well Our vision for the transfer of some of the popular Kalhacd laws, which some see as a negative, although he largely positive for the benefit of the crowd and those who fear the chaos after the liberation of the land."

Regarding the grant journalists canceled due to the financial crisis, Abadi said, "has not placed within the budget and within the instruction of the law, but we will this amendment."


Middle East

Iraqi Forces Close to Full Control over Mosul

Asharq Al-Awsat 18 hours ago 215

Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) react after a car bomb exploded during an
operation to clear the al-Andalus district of Islamic State militants, in Mosul, Iraq,

January 16, 2017. REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

London, Mosul – Iraqi Special Forces advanced on Monday in Mosul district after fierce battles with ISIS militants near the Tigris river in Mosul as they get closer to bringing the whole city back under government control.

Clashes occurred in Shurta and Andalus districts where at least three ISIS suicide car bombs targeted Iraqi forces in Andalus. No immediate casualties were reported, while ISIS announced on social media it had carried out a “martyrdom operation” in the area.

Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) said the militants, who seized Mosul in 2014 as they swept across much of northern Iraq, were fighting back hard.

“We’ve begun breaching (Shurta) but there was an attack a few moments ago. By the end of the day we’ll make some progress,” Reuters reported CTS spokesman Sabah al-Numan.

Iraqi forces, which have reached three of the five bridges, say they will soon fully control the eastern bank. They have already taken areas of the river bank further south. Once the east bank is recaptured, they can begin attacks on western Mosul.

Iraqi forces have seized most of the areas east of Mosul in the 3-month old campaign to oust the militants from the city.The Tigris bisects Mosul from north to south.

A Reuters cameraman in a southern district along the Tigris said snipers from elite interior ministry combat units were firing across the river at ISIS positions.

Numan said that the Iraqi Forces had recaptured about 90% of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city and ISIS’ last major Iraqi stronghold. He told AFP that about 85%-90% of the eastern side of Mosul has been liberated.

The spokesman confirmed that over the coming few days, the whole axis will be liberated. He added that the forces liberated Nabi Younis neighborhood and the Iraqi flag has been hoisted over the shrine of Prophet Younis.

On Saturday, Iraqi Special Forces swept liberated the campus of Mosul University of any ISIS militant and took full control of the area.

United Nations said a further 32,000 Mosul residents had fled the city over two weeks, bringing the total number of people made homeless in the campaign to retake Mosul to 161,000.

A resident in western Mosul said over the phone that ISIS militants had stopped people living in the west from crossing the river to the east.

Another resident said a number of ISIS militants, including senior leaders in western Mosul, had left the city in the direction of Tal Afar on the Syrian border.

Mosul offensive, supported by U.S. coalition air force, involves 100,000-strong combined forces of Iraqi troops, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Shi’ite militias.

ISIS has lost territory in its Mosul bastion; it has carried out bombing attacks in Baghdad, raids on police and army outposts elsewhere in the country.

Since the beginning of the year, attacks in Baghdad have killed dozens of people.

Human Rights Watch (HRW), New York-based organization, said on Monday that ISIS’ bombings, which have targeted crowded markets, amounted to “crimes against humanity”.

“(IS) has routinely carried out devastating attacks that appear designed to inflict maximum death and suffering on ordinary Iraqis,” HRW said in a statement; IS is another acronym used for ISIS.

HRW urged the Iraqi government to greater assist victims of militant attacks.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued urgent and immediate directives to help in relief operations for Mosul displaced citizens. Cabinet’s secretary general said that orders included security measures at all refugee camps. In addition, joint operation leadership will have to inform Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement of the number of civilians expected to leave the right side of the city to take suitable measures.


The central bank issued new instructions to regulate the process of selling the dollar


[Oan- Baghdad]
revealed Association of private banks, the Central Bank of Iraq to issue new instructions to regulate the process of selling the dollar to cover the imports of the private sector.

She said private banks association said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it ,, " The CBI has issued new instructions to regulate the sale of dollar transactions for the purposes of coverage of imports by the private sector ,

" indicating that "instruction regarding the organization of the dollar insurance operations for the purposes of issuing money orders and open letters of credit trends that make Iraqi banks , which mediates between the importer and the central bank directly. "

She explained, " The instruction stresses the need to achieve the main objective of theCentral Bank is to know the ultimate beneficiary and the preservation of hard currency for Iraq through the optimal use in order to serve the national economy and sustainable development ,

" noting that " the instruction came after the classification of the central bank for banks to build on the efficiency of collections units compliance and anti – money laundering and risk management available in banks and liquidity. "

She stressed that " the new regulations flowing toward the central objectives of thecentral bank and the banking sector of Iraq to maintain the dinar ‘s exchange rate against the dollar and stimulate the banks to work with high transparency and a large commitment to rules and regulations to comply with the law of money laundering and terrorism financing No. 39 of 2015".

She pointed out that " the Association of Iraqi private banks eager to apply the central bank instructions and urges banks to increase their role in achieving economic development and the preservation of the dollar, which would contribute to restoring confidence in the banking sector during the current year and the price of post – Daesh."

Banks operating in Iraq and called for "continued cooperation with the Central Bank and the fulfillment of all the requirements set forth in the instructions and to contribute to the success of his future plans that are in the national economy."


Trump Comments Signal Shift in Approach to US Dollar

Wall Street Journal8 hours ago

WASHINGTON—By talking down the value of the U.S. dollar, President-elect Donald Trump is potentially veering away from more than two decades of strong-dollar precedent.

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