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Inflation data prop up euro, US dollar jumps against yen

Taipei Times1 hour ago

The euro on Friday rose against the US dollar after strong eurozone inflation figures, while the US dollar edged higher against the yen after US wages data suggested the US Federal Reserve would still hike interest rates two more times this year …

Dollar edges lower on sluggish US economic
Dollar safe until AugustNumismatic News

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Parliament voted to extend the legislative term by one month
April 29, 2017

Voice of the House of Representatives, Saturday, at its 30th legislative term on the extension of one month.

The reporter said, "Sky Press", "The House of Representatives held today, its 30th, headed by Salim al-Jubouri," noting that "the Council voted to extend the legislative term one month to the first of June."

He added that the meeting will vote on the wording of the decision obliging the Ministry of Electricity to buy its from the Ministry of Industry and its products, and vote on a proposed law amending the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Law No. (53) for the year 2008 ".

He continued reporter, said that "the meeting will also vote on the draft reform of inmates and depositors law, the first reading of the proposal publishers Iraqis Union law,"

noting that "the meeting will also report and discussion of the proposed biodiversity protection law and the Prevention of Discrimination and a report and discussion of the draft of the First Amendment to the Law of Antiquities Law and Heritage No. ( 55) for the year 2002 ".

Will also see the meeting, "a report and discussion of the draft annexation of the Judicial Institute to the judiciary and the report and discuss the third draft amendment to the Law of Governorates not organized in the territory of Law No. Law (21) for the year 2008,

the report of the Sub-Commission on the Truth about complaints against the president of the Council of the province of Diwaniyah."

Abadi in a firm position: Baghdad maintains its position on country funds
April 29, 2017

Dr. Haider Abadi, showed the prime minister a firm stance towards the issue of Qatari money by refusing to submit to all US and Gulf pressure, after Iraq’s adherence to the right of the need to lay hands on the money that Iraq illegally entered Iraqi arbitration law.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry statement on the words of spokesman Ahmed Jamal in response to the statement of Foreign Minister of the country in which he said that those funds have entered the knowledge of the official Iraqi authorities,

(placing the hand on country funds "is in the direction of arbitration law and the fight against the phenomenon of kidnapping and promotion of financial blackmail and to stand strong in front of this dangerous approach).

The ministry called for "greater coordination between the countries of the region and the world against all that threatens the security and stability of their peoples by terrorism.

Abadi said that the Iraqi government and put her hand on bags filled with hundreds of millions of dollars, introduced by the Qatari delegation illegally to Iraq.

He revealed his state at a press conference Tuesday that the delegation was the beginning of April / April in the framework of the arrangements for the release of fishermen Qatari kidnapped in Iraq,

adding that the Iraqi authorities are surprised by the presence of bags in special Qatari delegation aircraft are not covered by diplomatic immunity, and after the release of the kidnapped Baghdad decided to detain funds despite the claim delegation retrieved.

The Qatari Foreign Affairs responded to the reservation of Iraq on country funds, "as long as they did not need money Bring the official channels,"

but Abadi, and in a firm insisted the position that take out that money must be in accordance with the formal context as approved by Iraqi law confirming the formation of a legal committee to decide in this case.

He stressed that he did not draw the fingers of charge for one and there is a need "understanding with the Qatari government on that money."

After the completion of exchange planning procedures launches Contractors dues amounting to 781 billion dinars

4/29/2017 0:00

Baghdad / Suha Shaykhli
louder voices contractors because of the delayed payment of financial dues and the resulting economic effects affected a wide range of workers in various sectors, and the delayed implementation of the payment of dues in disrupting the local labor market movement contributed, which calls for the need to accelerate the payment of their dues to re revitalization of the labor market.

In order to alleviate this suffering and the Ministry of Planning revealed recently announced the launch of 781 billion and 274 million dinars of dues contractors after their support by the Office of Financial Supervision, where he will receive the contractors accounted for 40 percent of the total dues within this amount of 300 billion and 457 million dinars.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul – Zahra al – Hindawi "morning": that the ministry has completed all the procedures relating regardless of receivables and sent to the Ministry of Finance , which will be dispensed soon in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq,

indicating that these benefits are distributed among a number of ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and the provinces in the framework of projects implemented within the investment program or regional development program and the petro – dollar program.

He Hindawi said these receivables that have been launched , representing 57 percent of the first meal being launched, amounting to Trliuna and 364 billion dinars, pointing out that the work is going on in full swing in order to complete all the receivables after being audited by the Audit Bureau.

He pointed out that the payment of these benefits came at the Council of Ministers Decision No. 161 of 2016 , where it was approved by the Ministry of Finance launch dues contractors exchange through the issuance of treasury bonds and 40 percent of them as a down payment (and commensurate with the percentage of completion proportional)

and until the end of Federal Office of financial supervision of the audit to be processed consolidated annual allocations at the end of the fiscal year and in coordination with the Ministry of planning , which the formation of a committee of experts to identify priority strategic projects according to the needs of the state

indicating its bonds are payable after the age of three Watt interest rate prescribed 5 percent to put the necessary allocations within the budget of the relevant year 2019 are entitled to bond holders deducted, mortgage or sold, to be paid to complete the strategic benefits provided by 100 percent completion of the project.

He Hindawi said the number of private worthily contractors transactions very large has passed several points of departments in the Ministry of Finance and the treatment that is audited takes its owner dues and that the central bank is the payment of dues by the treasury bonds, and can the contractor winning the bond disbursement, the Bank a government or even civil banks,

and this is the first installment of the receivables and will be followed by other payments and benefits allocated to contractors the amount of 5 trillion dinars have worked these measures due to the financial crisis.

US Dollar at Risk as Fed Decision-Makers Reconvene

Nasdaq10 hours ago

The outcome of the first round in the French presidential election gave the US Dollar its best week yet this year. A runoff remains to be contested, but the probability that a eurosceptic will lead the second-largest EU member state now seems …

Will FOMC and NFPs Success with Dollar, Equities Where US GDP Failed?DailyFX

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US dollar net longs little changed vs week ago-CFTC, Reuters data

Reuters51 minutes ago

(Adds details, table, comment, byline) By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss April 28 Net long positions on the U.S. dollar were near flat from a week earlier, according to calculations by Reuters and Commodity Futures Trading Commission data released on Friday.
US dollar net longs little changed vs week ago-CFTC, Reuters data

Reuters2 hours ago

(Adds details, table, comment, byline) By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss April 28 Net long positions on the U.S. dollar were near flat from a week earlier, according to calculations by Reuters and Commodity Futures Trading Commission data released on Friday.

U.S. dollar net longs little changed from last week-CFTC, Reuters dataYahoo Finance