The speaker of the Iraqi parliament met with his Kurdish counterpart in Erbil on Wednesday, signalling a possible thaw in the long-running dispute between the two governments over Baghdad’s freeze of budget payments to Erbil.

Salim Al-Jiburi, the Iraqi speaker, met Yusuf Mohammed, speaker of the Kurdistan region’s parliament, as part of continuing efforts to solve the budget crisis, in which Baghdad has failed to give the Kurdistan Regional Government its 17 per cent share of the national budget since March.

Jiburi made assurances that payments would be made soon. “We discussed the budget with the Kurdish parliament and we assure Kurdistan region employees that we will give them salaries for the months they have not received any,” he said.

The Kurds have given a 90-day deadline to the new Iraqi government led by Haider Al- Abadi to resolve the budgetary and other issues. Few analysts are hopeful of a satisfactory resolution of Kurdish demands but Jiburi sounded upbeat.

“It’s our privilege to meet with the Kurdish parliament. We thank Kurdish officials for their sense of responsibility towards the new Iraqi government,” he said. “We are here to discuss all relevant issues in the Iraqi political process, we promise the Iraqi government will fulfil all its promises, and we welcome the participation of Kurdish ministers in the new government.”

More than a fifth of Kurdistan’s five million people are on the government’s payroll, which totals some 840 billion dinars ($723 million) a month or 70 per cent of public spending in 2013.

Mohammed expressed his hope that the new Iraqi government’s performance would be an improvement compared with the cabinet led by Nouri al-Maliki, the former prime minister. “We hope the new Iraqi government will rule in a more progressive fashion,” he said.

He also raised the issue of the 1.4 million internally displaced persons and refugees in Kurdistan.”The Kurdistan region has assisted refugees in every possible way but the large number of those who have sought refuge in the area is above the capacity of the KRG and it would do so even if we were an independent country.”

The needs of the Kurdish Peshmerga, who are fighting ISIS on several fronts, was discussed and Jiburi thanked them for their contribution to the war effort as well as the KRG’s co-operation with Baghdad in the war against the militants.

“Kurdish forces have been able to react to the threats and continues to battle them,” he said. “We need unity to confront the waves of threats.”


[DiddyKong] But I will say this about guru’s, “PLEASE BE RIGHT FOR ONCE!” Seeing hopium build up…

[LuckyB] the argentina president was in the news today a threat for her life has come upon this person and she was told from the vatican . and put it in the news and yahoo printed the article

[DiddyKong] LuckyB the person in charge of the Central Bank resigned as well…. could be something bit there

[DiddyKong] Argentina’s central bank chief resigns –

[LuckyB] is not Argentina supplying Beef and pork to Russia ?

[Betsy Ross] LuckyB no that is Brazil

[DiddyKong] Betsy Ross LuckyB Argentia is giving Russia something I believe. I’ll try to find it. But its to compensate for the sanctions

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong LuckyB and the secret service head…

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady yea because of the many scandals. They are making this over the guy that jumped over the WH fence.


[DiddyKong] here we go…… check this out then arrive at your own conclusion as to what may be going on

[DiddyKong] Argentina seeks to export more food to sanction-hit Russia –

[DiddyKong] “Major world food supplier Argentina will send a trade delegation to Russia next week to try to increase exports to the country, which this month banned many Western products in response to sanctions over its intervention in Ukraine.”

[DiddyKong] Date: Aug 15…. but check this article….

[LuckyB] yes that was it right there

[DiddyKong] The EU Demands Argentina to Ban Food Exports to Russia: Arrogance and Stupidity –

[DiddyKong] “Imagine – Argentina – and the rest of Latin America – being urged by the EU, ultimate puppet of the US not to supply Russia with food stuff – vegetables, fruit, meat – after Argentina was ‘punished’ by a corrupt court in New York to pay 1.5 billion dollars to the fraudulent NML Capital et al vulture funds – out of its current agreed upon debt of US$29 billion – equivalent to Argentina’s total reserves.”

[DiddyKong] That article came out on the 17th

[DiddyKong] guess we know why the resignation and death threats happened then

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady That is something different. That is about Argentina defaulting on its debt instead of paying these hedge funds. But that could also be the very reason for the resignation and death threats as well. Get some puppets to cooperate lol

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady good find

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong thank ya – lots of stuff going on there. I posted 3 separate scenarios

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady yea, but the last one was different and added more perspective to the matter.

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong India did the same thing, not paying

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady lol and to go along with that, just found another relative article to what we have been talking about…

[DiddyKong] Investors are scared out of their wits –

TxBikerLady] HAHA Fear and Greed index…that is classic

[DiddyKong] Trying to convince investors that what we are seeing today in the market is typical and to go and buy the dips…. prepare for an upswing

[DiddyKong] Its more like….. PTB is catching wind of what is happening, prepare for some derivative magic

[DiddyKong] Gold $12,000 and Silver $16????? OMG…… what a great deal HAHAHAHA

[LuckyB] would be good to be Bric’s

[DiddyKong] Thats just a scenario….. and a dream…. a guy can dream lol

[TxBikerLady] In finance, a derivative is a special type of contract that derives its value from the performance of an underlying entity. This underlying entity can be an asset, index, or interest rate, and is often called the “underlying”.[1][2] Derivatives can be used for a number of purposes – including insuring against price movements (hedging), increasing exposure to price movements for speculation or getting access to otherwise hard to trade assets or markets.

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady I’d be mean. I would change prices right now, and huge. Regardless if ppl are ready or not to teach the sheeple a lesson lol

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong hard lessons tend to teach for the long term…just sayin

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady lol sorry didn’t mean to. Its like fractional reserve banking for assets.

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong no problem at all… it a blast learning, I keep up most of the time, thank goodness for the internet lol

[LuckyB] when clinton opened oil up to the speculators . trucking compaines were allowed to purchase billions of gallons of diesel at the going rate when it was 0.97 cents per gallon . and when fuel was up to 2.75 and 3.25 per gallon these truck compaines were still paying that 0.97 cents a gallon

[DiddyKong] LuckyB well thats not fair. Guess I better work for the trucking industry lol

[Goose] DiddyKong so how about the Chinese forefathers

[DiddyKong] Goose what about them?

[Goose] DiddyKong you said you were going to talk about what your thoughts are on the gold they are going to release

[DiddyKong] Goose uh lol… You just coming in? I got rid of all my links. It was a LOT OF STUFF HAHAHA. Americana captured it

[DiddyKong] Ah, Iraq reporting death toll from that explosion in baghdad i mentioned earlier is up to 60 now… but things are suppose to be a non issue over there according to dinarland lol

[Vigilance] DiddyKong so sad. And I haven’t heard a word about our huge embassy in Baghdad.

[DiddyKong] And there are much bigger things going on in the world that could affect you today. Even if the RV was to happen tonight, tomorrow, or whenever, if you don’t know what is going on around you, how can you best protect your wealth? Makes no sense to remain ignorant about the corruption of our gov’t and others lol

 [DiddyKong] First, regardless of if it happens or not, what will we do now to fix things. That should be addressed. Then when stuff RV’s and goes through the GCR process, it will just be that much more pleasant

[DiddyKong] lets go this route… RV doesn’t happen or we get left out, “Oh no, still broke, and still under the corrupt thumb!” But we will be going down with them.

HAHAHA so stupid!

Lets take part into what the big movers are doing (BRICS specifically China) and get in good with that gold life lol. We’d still be stable and the PTB would be running with their tails between their legs

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong do you feel the New Development Bank has to open to further the plan

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady you talking about the BRICS style IMF?

[dave_144] DiddyKong Did you see this article about China use their new gold price fixing to force the GCR?

[DiddyKong] dave_144 yea, I talked about it earlier. Isn’t that interesting how yesterday we talked about waiting to see when China announces its gold reserves or take over gold fixing to see big financial changes. HAHAHAHA

[DiddyKong] funny how things work

[dave_144] DiddyKong It’s about Dr. Jim Willie on Carvan To Midnight radio show.

[DiddyKong] dave_144 yes, I follow Jim Willie. Him and several other financial/economical experts

[DiddyKong] Oh that that reminds me (speaking of terrorist lol). I read something earlier about the protest and riots going on in Hong Kong makes way for Shanghai to be the Asian economic center. I don’t have the link still so forgive me for that. I hate saying something without proof

[TxBikerLady] Thanks for another great chat good night all

[dave_144] Thanks again everyone great fun!!!!

France confirmed on Wednesday that it would continue and strengthen its military action in Iraq to weaken the armed groups.

A statement from the Elyse Palace said that the French President Francois Hollande, announced their decision to strengthen the French military presence in Iraq and that his country will continue its work in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi authorities to weaken the armed groups.

He added that “France will continue to provide assistance to Iraqi forces in order to restore security and stability in the country and continue to mobilize and coordinate closely with its partners within the international coalition. / End


Jester’s Place:
[DiddyKong] Ok game time…

[DiddyKong] First some Iraq stuff

[DiddyKong] Breaking News Parliament to resume its sessions on October 14, 2014 –

[DiddyKong] I just wanted to post that headline and link to the site as the headline speaks for itself with people talking about parliament meetings and what not.

[DiddyKong] In regards to “nothing bad” happening in Iraq…

[DiddyKong] Breaking News 40 Persons killed, wounded in Baghdad al-Jadeeda bombing –

[DiddyKong] Again, the headline speaks for itself. And mind you, this occurred in the south eastern end of Baghdad. Syria (where ISIS is suppose to be stationed) is towards the west, north west

[DiddyKong] so completely otherside lol

[DiddyKong] as for good news concerning Iraq…

[DiddyKong] MoT, Australian Ambassador discuss developing sector of transport in Iraq –

[DiddyKong] My final headline that I will let speak for itself. Nations are more involved relationships on the development of Iraq than the do on actual ISIS….. hmmm….. makes you wonder. But moving on, here is an article that was reported on the site as well, but I will also post some important points in the article.

[DiddyKong] China, Germany ready to seek steady development of bilatral ties –

[DiddyKong] “For his part, Steinmeier said the steady growth of the Germany-China relations is an important positive factor in a world afflicted with incessant conflicts and it is not only in the interests of bilateral cooperation in the coming years, but will also be conducive to world peace and economic growth.”

[DiddyKong] “China and Germany, he said, should maintain the sound momentum and keep adding fresh impetus so as to promote the development of bilateral relations. The two foreign ministers also had an in-depth exchange of views on issues concerning Ukraine, Iraq, the Iranian nuclear program, among others. They agreed that China and Germany should work for the comprehensive and proper political settlement of relevant issues”

[DiddyKong] Germany at it with China for it to be its biggest partner as far as the EU is concerned. Interesting, as we have been seeing and assuming Germany making deals with BRICS, specifically Russia

[DiddyKong] Something that made me go “WHHHAAAT!!!?” And can’t believe someone posted it and that people may actually consider it…

[DiddyKong] China To Join IMF’s Reserve Currency Unit -

[DiddyKong] REALLY??????? Come on now….. seriously?

[DiddyKong] Did we forget about the west (US, EU) holding a majority of the voting power of the IMF even though their economies and fundamentals are not sustainable and absolute garbage to other countries who are performing better (emerging market nations)

[DiddyKong] The way I see it, it is not China to join IMF RCU, but that China has the capabilities of doing so.

[DiddyKong] This goes back to the whole IMF 2010 Reforms

[DiddyKong] unless China gets more voting power, I do not expect them to give the IMF the okay

[DiddyKong] So it will interesting to see if the IMF 2010 reforms finally gets its yes votes in US congress. Anything else is just speculation

[DiddyKong] Also in Dinar Recaps, Article: “China Will Use Gold and Gold Pricing to force Global Currency

[DiddyKong] This is more of what financial experts have been and are saying with regards to the growing economic influence of China.

[DiddyKong] Jim Willie specifically, and also who I tend to follow, talks a lot about China and its gold.

[DiddyKong] It is refreshing to see this article since we were talking about gold and when to expect changes yesterday lol funny how things happen

[DiddyKong] I’ll stop right there for the moment. Those were some of the odd and interesting floating news out there that I wanted to address. Does anyone have any questions or input, or should I continue. Next would be economy and gold focus (picking up from yesterday stuff)

[Goose] DiddyKong what your take on all the gold the Chinese fore fathers are going to dump into the economy

[DiddyKong] Goose oooo…. I actually kind of have stuff on that to talk about later.

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong I agree with your thoughts, same things I’ve been seeing as well on different sites.

[Goose] DiddyKong cool

[DiddyKong] I had someone ask me today that how can we use gold to back up currencies of the world when everything is digital. I will address that in a bit

[DiddyKong] Moving on to the next talking point… Economy and movement of money

[DiddyKong] Markets to another tumble
[DiddyKong] This is what I have been seeing…

[DiddyKong] Money has been moving back and forth between stocks and bonds. It is my assumption that those in control of the market are trying to push investors to be long stocks (hold stocks for a long time) and go short on bonds (short-term). What does this do?

[Goose] DiddyKong ties up your money

[DiddyKong] This allows the Fed to further decrease bond yields and stave off having to pay investors higher yields who invested in 10+ year bonds instead of a couple months to a year bonds

[DiddyKong] Goose exactly

[DiddyKong] If you long stocks, that like giving someone a loan and saying do whatever and pay me back some years down the road. The idea is that stocks have always generally made gains over a long duration, no matter the circumstance

[DiddyKong] However, this……

[DiddyKong] Germany Throws Up Over Draghi Plan To Buy Greek Junk – ••• eek-junk

[DiddyKong] “Mario Draghi is to push the European Central Bank to buy bundles of Greek and Cypriot bank loans with “junk” ratings, in a move that is set to exacerbate tensions between Germany and the bank.” It is expected that the former Goldmanite will unveil details of a plan to buy hundreds of billions of euros’ worth of private-sector assets at tomorrow’s ECB meeting.”

[DiddyKong] What happened in the 2008 crash? A bunch of carp mortgages that was bundled and given a good credit rating, so investors went for it.

[DiddyKong] They didn’t expect it to fail, but it did…

[DiddyKong] Now, Draghi bold face doesn’t even dare to hide the fact of investing in junk

[DiddyKong] Higher risk for greater reward

[DiddyKong] No more slow growth based on strong fundamentals. We want profit now is the mentality

[Goose] DiddyKong must need the money

[DiddyKong] However, many investors are not falling for it. Gold and silver went up a bit today. How about that HAHAHAHA I’m sure the PTB will do some derivative magic and make silver and gold look further less attractive, but lower prices is just more of a buying opportunity, so watch to see what happens tomorrow

[Pilgrim] DiddyKong PTB losing ground

[DiddyKong] Pilgrim big time

[DiddyKong] Now to finally pick back up from where we left off in our gold and silver discussion

[DiddyKong] First, I want to address, how could gold be used to back the currencies of the world in a digital age

[DiddyKong] Quite easy actually…..

[DiddyKong] In the US for example “In sum, American Eagles, especially the denominations produced in gold, make good sense for Utah businesses and consumers. Not only can commercially vaulted and insured American Gold Eagles provide a suitable base for specie legal tender debit card commerce, they can help reduce the national debt at the same time.”


[DiddyKong] the key words are “denominations” and “specie legal tender debit card commerce”

[DiddyKong] What is more interesting is that I further researched TN specifically (since I live there) on the gold and silver coin taxation bill.

[DiddyKong] and….. Omg you guys won’t believe this!!!

[DiddyKong] It is actually supported by a group of bankers associated with the Tennessee Bankers Association  !!!!!!!!!!

[Betsy Ross] Lets all move to TN!

[DiddyKong] Betsy Ross oooo but wait, prepare to have your mind blown further….

[DiddyKong] It turns out that there is already a group of states that do not tax gold and silver… “Summary of states that do not collect sales tax on bullion: Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Washington”


[DiddyKong] So use that site along with this site, , to monitor gold and silver taxation and legal tender activities

[DiddyKong] To further describe the use of gold and silver to back our digital world is a theory I have with all this in mind. I have no proof, so bare with me

[DiddyKong] In various states, and even nations of the world, have a group of bankers who want to move towards a sound money policy.

[DiddyKong] Well, that I can prove with the UPMA site

[DiddyKong] Moving on though….

[DiddyKong] discretely for fabricated reasons like “help profits for bullion and coin dealers” (lol), they get with a representative of a state, introduce legislation and pushed to get it passed

[DiddyKong] In the TN senate meeting video I watched concerning the bill, I saw the Senator state, “The bankers support this bill” as if that was a command for everyone to jump on board

[DiddyKong] Disgusting the amount of power bankers have over politicians, but at least I saw that use of power in that instance as a positive

[DiddyKong] At the same time, banks can start (or have been anyways) acquiring gold and silver and storing it in their reserves.

[DiddyKong] This is were speculation kicks in on my part…. The banks are preparing or have been preparing for a dollar crash

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong they see the writing on the wall it would appear

[DiddyKong] If a crash were to happen, it would be no problem for them to expedite a bill for gold and silver as legal tender and get to the making of silver and gold coins

[DiddyKong] Now, how long would that take you may be wondering?

[DiddyKong] Good old Utah got the bill for gold and silver to be untaxes AND legal tender to be law in just 1 1/2 months

[DiddyKong] For now, states have just been focused on half of similar bills, and that is the elimination of taxes

[DiddyKong] So imagine… crisis mode, just need to make gold and silver legal tender…. how long would that take? Much less than 1 1/2 months I would think

[DiddyKong] But currently, the problem we have with gold and silver prices is that they are undervalued and manipulated

[DiddyKong] Thats when we turn to China….. let them take into account the wealth of any one nation, how much gold reserves it has, adjust the price of gold to reflect the culmination of every nations wealth, then boom…. banks could create coins with parts of gold and silver in it for trade

[DiddyKong] So for example, gold hits $10,000 per ounce, just a very small percentage of that ounce of gold would equal todays $1 HAHAHAHA

[DiddyKong] So in a gist, regardless what the corrupt do, we are getting prepared, or we are prepared for the most part

[Vigilance] DiddyKong love the push-back from the States

[DiddyKong] Vigilance Oh yea!

[DiddyKong] And that all I have. I can finally get rid of all these tabs on my desktop lol.

[Vigilance] DiddyKong great info – thank you so much for sharing!

[DiddyKong] Vigilance np

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong such a relief to hear all this. side question, how does crypto currency play into this, if at all, why is it even a thing?

[Betsy Ross] DiddyKong Great post!

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady I think the crypto thing was more of a method to provide a currency without any backing. But at the same time, it is not supported by debt either. I think about it like exchanging your dollars for gold, but in a digital non-manipulate currency. My problem is, its digital. I need something in my hands.

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong that makes perfect sense..I have been hesitant on it for the same thought

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady and another thing about Crypto…. how viable would it be (me being a prepper) in a scenario when electricity is no more? Lol

[LuckyB] DK this digital currency .. they know everything you have how much you have what you purchase and you cannot hide any currency either correct

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong hahahaha not so much lol

[LuckyB] no making any money under the table

[DiddyKong] LuckyB I do know too much about the security of it all, but just hearing the term “digital” was enough for me to walk away

[LuckyB] run very fast another way to control the people

[DiddyKong] LuckyB Supposedly, how much money you have gets converted to bitcoin, nothing more, nothing less. So yea, kind of like the gold exchange example, just digital and not manipulated (supposed to be anyways)

[LuckyB] digital is another way of saying credits you have 500 credits each credit is 1 dollar

[DiddyKong] What I find funny is when ppl talk about gold and silver and being viable when the economy crash. Stating reasons like “you can’t eat gold and silver”. What I am saying, and having been saying is that why wait for an economic crash before making gold and silver legal tender?

[DiddyKong] Makes no sense.

[DiddyKong] An ounce of century old gold is still today ounce of gold. Nothing changes. It didn’t gain weight, it doesn’t float, and I sure don’t get super power from it like Meteorman lol

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong lol

[LuckyB] gold and silver and copper have been tradeable since before Christ

[DiddyKong] A like I said yesterday, if anything, the prices of gold and silver should be much, much higher. Back in the days, it was more for displaying wealth (jewelry, armor, statues). Now we actually have a technological use for it in satellites orbiting earth and other technology

[DiddyKong] Tear a dollar, and it is not a dollar any more… Gold, pff, you can melt in, make it into a bar, make a plane out of it for all I care, it still gold

[Betsy Ross] DiddyKong true

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong exactly, I’m hooked

[LuckyB] DK if we knew now what we should have known then when gold was 35 dollars an ounce we would be millionaires

[DiddyKong] I sound like an advocate for gold, but all I am saying is there is a huge fundamental difference in what is money and what is currency. Time to call the dollar and other currencies for what they are: A long, over drawn joke that is not funny anymore. Hasn’t been funny for a while

[DiddyKong] LuckyB aint that the truth HAHAHA

[LuckyB] i have neither bad enough the inernet making public what should be private bad enough

[DiddyKong] LuckyB internet is a blessing in my eyes. If all I had was MSM and newspapers… BAH……. I don’t want to imagine the little sheeple world I may be living HAHAHAHA

[TxBikerLady] DiddyKong they live amongst us and vote

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady HAHAHA…. I tell ppl all the time (and I know this is mean), “if you think control is good and that it means having two hands on a weapon instead of one, revoke all your voting privileges” lol

 [TxBikerLady] DiddyKong lol not mean at all…love it…it’s time to get real sheeple people lol

[DiddyKong] TxBikerLady I love how that rolls of the tongue “Sheeple People” HAHAHAHA


Deputy: Parliament delegation to Kurdistan distributed to three sections to follow up on things displaced

Thursday, 02 October 1 / Okrudolf 2014 13:23


The MP said in the House of Representatives Mohamed Salem, on Thursday, the House of Representatives delegation, headed by Saleem al-Jubouri to the Kurdistan region of Iraq split into three sections to follow up on matters of displaced people in the province.

And between Muhammad, who was a member of the delegation accompanying the President of the Parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, in his visit to the Kurdistan region, told all of Iraq [where] n "delegation distributed to Arbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk to follow up on the issues of the displaced.

He said the meeting Jubouri Yesterdays discuss several outstanding issues between the province and the federal government,

including the salaries of the staff of the provincial budget and file of the Peshmerga forces and ministries as well as discuss the performance of the Supreme Committee for relief and shelter for displaced people in the province of Kurdistan

and the importance of communication between the Parliament of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and the Parliament of the Federal Government.

Muhammad felt that he "will be resolving all outstanding problems between Erbil and Baghdad, noting that" the vote on the financial budget will be after the holiday of Eid al-Adha.

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, who is visiting the Kurdistan region of Iraq currently search on Thursday with the head of the provincial government Barzani political situation in the country and the crisis of displaced persons file.

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, met the President of the regional parliament, Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq, however parliamentarians, was during the meeting to talk about the federal budget, and the formation of the government and the salaries Moazvin in Kurdistan,

and also discussed the salaries of employees in the provinces of hot and discuss the file of displaced persons and the security ministries and after that it was agreed on a joint committee between the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament and the Kurdistan region to resolve outstanding issues.

It is said that al-Jubouri arrived yesterday Aaly the head of a parliamentary delegation to the Kurdistan region of Iraq to discuss the political files and files of displaced persons and their situation in the region…-10-23-57.html

10/01/2014 10:52
Researcher: Government must help in the proper use of funds "development" in a transparent and fair

BAGHDAD / obelisk: the writer considered specialized economic affairs, residing in Beirut, intelligent sincere Khalidi, the Development Fund for Iraq shall bear responsibility for the collection and spending of resources.

And raised in this regard, a set of questions, and she hopes to be up to the Iraqi media and posed publicly on the government and the House of Representatives.

She said in the report, which followed the "obelisk" The UN Security Council issued, on 22 May 2003, the day after the occupation of Iraq after a brief war began in March of the same year, his decision with the number 1483, the text of which, pursuant to Section VII of the Act United Nations,

to establish a Development Fund for Iraq (The Development Fund for Iraq) , to be disposed of from the fund under the guidance of the Coalition Provisional Authority, which occupied Iraq and in consultation with management, the interim Iraqi to achieve the goals set by paragraph 14 of the resolution,

which states «to be disposed of funds Fund transparently for the purposes of satisfying the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people and rebuild the economy and repair infrastructure, and continue to disarm Iraq and bridging costs of the civil administration, and to achieve the
objectives of the other state for the benefit of the Iraqi people ».

The decision overturned the new work «Oil for Food Programme» adopted by the United Nations and former students to transfer all remaining funds in which to fund new development.

As the text of the deposit all proceeds from export sales of crude oil and petroleum products and gas in this fund to be selected Iraqi government internationally recognized borders, to be deposited 5 percent of this revenue in the Compensation Fund, which was established under resolution 687 of 1991 and subsequent resolutions relevant .

She added: The Fund is managed resources and expenditures by the Coalition Provisional Authority in consultation with the Iraqi administration and the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq.

At the request of the Coalition Provisional Authority Find «Federal Reserve» in New York on behalf of an account of the Development Fund for Iraq account the CBI.

The conversion is part of the fund to the latter for the purposes of securing the most important expenditures needed by the country for the benefit of the Iraqi people .

To help the Iraqi government to ensure proper use of the fund in a transparent and fair through the Iraqi budget to meet all the obligations entrusted to it, in accordance with the objectives set by the Security Council resolution 1483,

the text of the final «to create an advisory board and international regulatory International Advisory & Monitoring Board consists of qualified representatives for each of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund chief and head of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, and the President of the World

Bank and a qualified representative for the Iraqi government ». That the Council shall, after consultation with the Iraqi government to appoint a maximum of five observers from the list of qualified and independent candidates nominated by the Iraqi government.

At each meeting of the Council of each member can be accompanied by a replacement is appointed in the same manner in which the appointment of the original members and two advisers maximum for each member .

Under articles 12 and 20 of resolution 1483 on «the Iraqi government to appoint external auditors subject to the approval of the Council on them and on the selection method and the functions and scope of work of the auditors and style».

The functions of the external auditors to ensure that the money spent by the fund were legally licensed and received by the related parties. The Council shall review the reports established by the external auditors and determines the adequacy and comprehensiveness of the audit and that it was according to international standards.

It also monitors the financial reporting and internal control systems established by the Iraqi government of topics that are material to the external audit, and advise them as to the suitability of these systems.

The Council may, when it is necessary under the best practices of international auditing, demand from the external auditors or independent public accountants, to audit covers all aspects of the terms of reference by the Council and in conformity with the objectives of resolution 1483,

and made ​​after consultation with the Iraqi government vertebrae functions of these auditors and the scope of their powers and the method to be followed in the audit according to international standards .

The Council should be published for public opinion all auditors’ reports and comments on them. It also publishes the minutes of its meetings and reports within 30 days after the end of the meeting .

After this review highlights the group are important questions to be asked, first, how much an individual of the Iraqi people or members of the Chamber of Deputies of the Iraqi flag to resolution 1483 and subsequent resolutions,

and know that all the resources of the state and all its expenses are not actually under the control of the Iraqi government but is in the account retains by the American Council of the Federal Reserve in New York for the benefit of the Iraqi government?

Second, if all the resources of the export of oil and petroleum products and gas to go to the expense of the fund, how is the sale of oil from multiple destinations in Iraq in the form of informal and do not reach the sales revenue to the fund?

the existence of the Council of supervisory from international destinations graduate and uses Bmedkqan international to monitor the spending of the Fund, and to know the fate of each amount enters it and come out of it,

how it passed dozens of cases of corruption and looting of public money and that I talked about Iraqi governments themselves, and what was the position of the Council of them, and what was the fate of funds Stolen?

Fourthly, if the publication of the minutes of meetings of the supervisory board and auditors’ reports of international condition, does this have already been publishing? Does briefed the Iraqis or the members of the Chamber of Deputies on the content of such records and reports?

Fifthly, the fund has been established pursuant to Section VII of the United Nations Act, what has become his fate after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII?…A7%D8%B3%D8%AA – – U.K. construction sector activity expanded at the fastest rate in eight months in September, fuelling optimism over the country’s economic outlook, industry data showed on Thursday.

In a report, market research firm Markit and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing Supply said that their U.K. construction purchasing managers’ index increased to a seasonally adjusted 64.2 last month from a reading of 64.0 in August. Economists had expected the index to fall to 63.5 in September.

Strong output growth was maintained across the U.K. construction sector in September, supported by sharp rises in housing, commercial and civil engineering activity.

Commenting on the report, Tim Moore, senior economist at Markit and author the report, said, “U.K. construction firms experienced a sustained and strong output recovery during September, in contrast to the weakening picture seen across the manufacturing sector at the end of this summer.”

GBP/USD was trading at 1.6184 from around 1.6188 ahead of the release of the data, while EUR/GBP was at 0.7806 from 0.7804 earlier.

Meanwhile, European stock markets remained broadly lower. London’s FTSE 100 shed 0.4%, the DJ Euro Stoxx 50 fell 0.7%, France’s CAC 40 dipped 0.5%, while Germany’s DAX retreated 0.5%. offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets.
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Deputies: the budget will reach the parliament after the Eid holiday

02/10/2014 11:01

Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: from Afattred to approve the House of Representatives before the middle of October the current budget year 2015, so that the disbursement of state institutions before the start of the new year,

but until today did not approve the current year budget of 2014, because of political differences which impacted negatively on the work of Parliament, The parliamentary elections that took place in the thirtieth of April,

and start a new Council of Representatives also had a role in the process of the delay in approving the budget, the center of the two deputies confirmed that the budget will reach parliament after the holiday.

MP says Saleh Sam’s "Tomorrow’s Press," that "there are several laws would be on the list of the work of the House of Representatives after the holiday, a special budget bill for 2014," adding that "the political blocs have confirmed their quest for approving the budget during the coming period."

He adds that "the incompatibility of the political blocs incarcerated conflicts in the work of the House of Representatives, has had a negative impact on projects that serve the citizen, and this is not what we want in the new Council of Representatives."

The failure of the former House of Representatives in approving the budget of 2014, which led to migrate to the new parliamentary session, which is waiting to hold an extraordinary session to discuss.

For its part, says MP Fatima Hamidi for "tomorrow’s Press," that "the confusion that happened in the 2014 budget is not justified, because of the rigidity of some political blocs positions toward the budget, which impact negatively on passing the draft budget for the current year."

Hamidi and expects that "the budget is the inclusion in the agenda of the House of Representatives after the holiday, for approval before the start of next month, so that the work of the House of Representatives to approve the budget in 2015, away from conflicts and political differences."

And the voice of the Council of Ministers, the voice on the fifteenth of January 2013, to approve a bill the federal budget for the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year of 2014,

and forwarded to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles (61 / I and item 80 / item II) of the Constitution, too late for the deadline more of a hundred days.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi parliament ended during the previous parliamentary session at the meeting, which was held in the twelfth of last March, the first reading of the budget bill’s fiscal 2014 current,

without being able to complete the second reading of the draft because of not being able to hold a full quorum as a result of political pressure, to leave the budget for the current parliamentary session, but to no avail.

Mullah: claim to interrogate al-Mutlaq, a desperate attempt to target the national project

2014/10/2 09:42:06 AM

Counting a member of the Political Bureau of the Alliance of Iraqi forces Haider Mulla, claim some of what he called Almtlonen within the political process, to question the prime Higher Committee to shelter and relief to the displaced Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, as a "desperate attempt to target the national project."

Mulla said in a press release, "as long as we warned of the risk of infiltration of some Almtlonen within the political process, as it tries to some hackers from weak people compromising national effort carried out by the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq,

in the most important file suffered by the Iraqi people in general and the people of the provinces affected are private, but a file displaced. "

"Instead of that, who does some of the Anhspoa Salahuddin province to provide a helping hand to their parents and to their families, took the initiative to attack the national effort carried out by the committee and its chairman, aid displaced persons in their desperate attempt to discredit the efforts of the Commission."

He pointed out that "the Iraqi coalition forces, confirms its support for the efforts of the relief to the displaced and its president, Saleh al-Mutlaq, and will address each attempts to obstruct the work of the Committee and assist the displaced families."

And Mullah condemn these practices cheap carried out by some who knew as long as adopting the culture and preachers of the sultans as he put it.

The MP for the existing Arab Mishan al-Jubouri confirmed "get parliamentary approval for an interrogation session of the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq in the eighteenth month of October next."الملا: المطالبة باستجواب المطلك محاولة بائسة لأستهداف المشروع الوطني#.VC1Dmul0yUk